This cunning prostatitis


  • Prostatitis. What is this disease?
  • Why Need Prostata?
  • Where prostatit is taken from?
  • First symptoms
  • Do not run the disease
  • Best Treatment - Prevention

  • This cunning prostatitis

    Prostatitis. What is this disease?

    Prostatitis - prostate fabric inflammation - the most frequent urological
    Disease in men aged 20-50 years. The big danger of prostatitis
    that it can lead to violations of sexual function and processes
    Education in the testicles of men's genital cells, that is, infertility. By
    statistics, prostatitis sick from 25 to 40% of men (by some
    Sources up to 80%) of the most able-bodied age (25-40 years).

    In 20% of young men, prostatitis proceeds absolutely asymptomatic, and this
    means that every fifth man does not even suspect that he
    It is necessary to turn to the doctor, despite the absence of pain or sexual

    Why Need Prostata?

    Or the prostate gland is part of the men's sexual system,
    generating a specific secret that feeds and protecting
    Spermatozoa. In addition, the prostate is an important body,
    participating in the development of the main male hormone - testosterone; she
    also provides a normal erection mechanism.

    located under the urinary bubble and covers the emerging of it
    urethra. When prostatitis occurs
    an increase in the size of the gland that begins to squeeze
    Ureyeing channel that causes a violation of the process

    Where prostatit is taken from?

    Often arises due to circulatory disorders in the field of small pelvis:
    For example, with a decrease in the load on the muscles, which is especially characteristic of
    office workers conducted almost all their time at the table or
    driving car. Prostate inflammation can also cause infections,
    sexually transmitted. At the same time, many of these infections
    long time does not show ourselves.

    Prostatitis also «help» and sex life features: sex
    Abstinence detail for prostate. Harmful practicing interrupted
    Sexual intercourse or artificial elongation of sexual intercourse. Besides,
    RThis cunning prostatitisProstatitis gifts can contribute to sexual tension without
    subsequent permission, which happens when watching erotic or pornography.

    First symptoms

    It begins with the fact that one day discomfort
    Sensations in the area of ​​the pelvis. As a rule, most men with whom
    This happens for the first time, do not take any action. About
    Three to five days, these sensations calm down, and the impression is,
    that everything went by itself. In fact, it can talk about,
    that the disease has passed into the chronic stage.

    A little worsen erection. But this is often considered to be a consequence
    Overwork. And only when the erection will deteriorate significantly, and
    The duration of intercourse will become indecent short, man
    Go to the doctor.

    Do not run the disease

    After a certain amount of time inflamed fabrics in
    prostate gland modified irretrievably and cease
    function correct.

    In a launched form
    Prostatitis leads to serious complications that create a lot
    problems not only by the man most, but also his partner, because when
    Prostatitis decreases libido and the erectile function is disturbed.

    But the most
    sad that about 40% suffering from the prostatitis men threatens
    infertility because the prostate gland can no longer produce
    enough qualitative secret to ensure
    Mobility spermatozoa.

    Do not think that
    Chronic prostatitis is synonymous with impotence: he burden the patient
    only in the stages of exacerbation. However, if you do not pay attention to
    chronic process, then this may entail very serious
    Consequences for men as for a man.

    Best Treatment - Prevention

    developed countries most men who have reached 45 years have necessarily
    regular prophylactic surveys from a urologist orThis cunning prostatitis
    Andrologist. Study of the prostate gland in these countries has become
    ordinary phenomenon. Our compatriots have a point: they go to
    Doctor only when «at all fit». And here is the result:
    Prostatitis in our country suffer from 40 to 60% of men reproductive

    However, with timely appeal to
    the prostatitis doctor is curable, and it can be avoided
    Putting for male health complications.

    A huge number of modern, effective methods and treatment schemes
    of this disease, which, however, should be selected by the doctor
    individually for each patient.

    That is why it is not necessary to engage
    self-medication and choose therapeutic drug on the advice of a neighbor: to
    Therapy brought the result, you need to start getting rid of it
    illness under the control of specialists. Each man deserves
    individual approach to the treatment of such a delicate disease as

    In order to get a good
    The result of treatment and its resistant effect is worth contacting good
    clinic, experienced doctors of which will help to cope with a cunning disease.
    Probably better take care of your health today to tomorrow
    stay healthy and happy man.

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