• Risk group
  • Symptoms of mastopathy
  • Treatment methods
  • How to palpate breasts?

  • Risk group

    According to various data, mastopathy suffer from 20 to 60%
    All women. Most often she worries young people. Peak morbidity
    falls on 20–30 years. Explains it is quite simple – Appearance
    Mastopathy is associated with hormonal imbalance.

    He is often
    combined with various gynecological difficulties – cystami
    ovaries, disruption of the menstrual cycle, moma or Mastopathyinfertility.
    Therefore, breastfeed problems are very often detected by gynecologists. Putting
    your diagnosis, they are looking for other manifestations of hormonal disorders. AND
    Very often, these searches lead to mastopathy detection.

    Mastopathy – this is a violation of the structure of the breast. It grows the connecting fabric and cysts appear.

    Symptoms of mastopathy

    Quite typical clinic – Breasts and hurts before starting menstruation.
    In some cases, a woman does not even know what Mastopathia suffers: that
    does not show itself. And revealed randomly and then tactics
    Most doctors – Loaning.

    That is, the doctors recommend their
    Patients Regular examination that must be carried out at less often
    once a year. If such preventive inspections do not show
    further development of the disease, then nothing to worry about.

    If the symptoms of mastopathy are expressed strongly – The chest hurts before each month, it gropes seals, it should be treated.

    Treatment methods

    every particular case they are their. Therapy is selected individually.
    Sometimes assigned to the reception of vitamins A and E, sometimes prescribed
    Certain biologically active additives.

    But most often treatment
    aims to normalize the hormonal background. This is achieved by S
    The help of contraceptive preparations containing clearly defined
    Number of hormones. They have a beneficial effect on some
    gynecological diseases and eliminate the cause of mastopathy. Her
    Symptoms can disappear or decrease after 2–3 months after
    start receiving contraceptives. If this did not happen, then the doctor must
    think about changing the drug – Probably the ratio of hormones
    It was not very true.

    Diet is very important when mastopathy.
    It was proved that during the disease adversely affects
    Coffee, cola and cocoa. These drinks should as much as possible
    appear in the diet of women. Here are some famous products,
    On the contrary, they are able to protect almost all diseases of dairy
    glands, in particular from mastopathy.

    A similar action has cabbage. It contains indoles – substances that have a beneficial effect on the hormonal background of women.

    Still very good there is more soy products – soy cottage cheese, soy flour, soy milk or soy meat.

    This is
    important. Mastopathy – Benignant tumor. But sometimes she can
    reborn in malignant. Considering such a danger, women
    must necessarily carry out self-examination of the mammary glands. Do
    it is necessary every month to 5–7th day of the menstrual cycle.

    How to palpate breasts?

    – That is, feeling – Passed with finger pads. Left gland
    It is necessary to palpate with the right hand, and the right gland – Leva.

    Milk gland must be divided into four parts, mentally
    Holding through the Nipple Center two perpendicular to each other lines.
    Special attention must be paid to the upper apparatus quadrant, which
    located closest to the armpit.

    Palpation should be started
    it is from him and move clockwise, feeling first outdoor
    half the chest, and then internal. The first is carried out superficial
    Palpation, then push enhances and study deeper
    Layers. At the same time, the fingers should make circular or crushing movements
    – hard to pressed on the chest.

    Conduct this procedure
    It is necessary to carefully, not in a hurry, methodically feeling every part. Then W
    Women will be a great opportunity to assess the condition of the mammary glands.

    Change compared with previous self-examination – reason for
    Appeals to the doctor. If the picture does not change, then everything is in order. Not
    need no extraordinary visits to mammologist. Enough planned

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