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  • How to determine mastopathy
  • Do not worry, it is treated!
  • Mastodinone® - Modern standard for mastopathy treatment

  • After all, the so-called PMS is a favorite cover of mastopathy. Our advice is necessarily, and in the very near future, consult your doctor!
    And now good news: Compared to other diseases of the breast, especially with oncological, mastopathy is not so terrible. It is quite successful, if you seek help. This, by the way, is another reason not to postpone the visit to the mammologist. Most often, the manifestation of the main signs of mastopathy is cyclical: they arise before menstruation for 10-7 days and are combined with premenstrual syndrome. Therefore, women consider these signs by the manifestation of PMS, without guessing the presence of a more dangerous state.

    How to determine mastopathy

    What is mastopathy? Mastopathy is a benign breast disease, which is manifested by the growth of breast tissues, pain, and sometimes allocations. Mastopathy - really the most common breast pathology. According to statistics, this ailment occurs in 60-90% of women, mainly reproductive age. The most characteristic symptoms of mastopathy:

    • pain in the mammary gland, pain when touching the chest;
    • feeling of increasing the volume of the mammary glands;
    • «Burning» and chest swelling.

    If you suspect your mastopathy, schedule a visit to the female consultation or a Cabinet of a mammologist in the near future.

    This is especially true if in addition to subjective sensations, you can confirm at least 3 points from the following:

    • Each woman has the right to know & Hellip;Your nearest relatives on the motherboard have benign and malignant diseases of the mammary glands;
    • You have endocrine diseases;
    • You regularly undergo stress;
    • You have an extra weight (with a violation of fat metabolism, especially in combination with type 2 diabetes and hypertension, the frequency of the hyperplastic processes of the mammary glands increases sharply);
    • You have more than 40 years.
    • You had abortions or spontaneous miscarriages in early pregnancy (sudden cessation of hormonal impact on the dairy glands is the background for their pathological changes);
    • You did not give birth up to 30 years;
    • You did not feed the baby with breasts after childbirth or fed too little (less than six months) or for too long (more than a year and a half);

    Do not worry, it is treated!

    Doctor awaits you a visual inspection and palpation, mammography or ultrasound of the mammary glands, an endocrinological examination and possibly survey of gastro–intestinal tract and liver. If the diagnosis «Mastopathy» will be confirmed, the doctor will appoint you treatment. The worst thing that can expect you – This surgical intervention or hormone therapy.

    But at the initial stages of the disease (and most often it happens) quite sparing methods, which include:

    • Special diet that limits the reception of such products like coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa or a complete refusal of their use, which can significantly reduce pain and a sense of voltage in lactic glands. It is also recommended that the food is rich in fiber and sufficient amount of liquid (1.5-2 liters per day).
    • Vitaminotherapy. Vitamins enhance the activity of active medicines, eliminate or weaken side effects, establish the activity of the nervous system, strengthen the immune system. For the treatment of mastopathy, vitamins A, E and groups B or complex polyvitamin preparations are most often used.
    • Negonal drug Mastodinon®. Today, he is an unconditional favorite in the prevention and treatment of mastopathy, since its effect is clinically proven, and good tolerability and low percentage of side effects makes it even without appointing a doctor, since his second «Specialty» Is PMS.

    Mastodinone® - Modern standard for mastopathy treatment

    As a reliable medical agent for the treatment and prevention of PMS and mastopathy among doctors and patients, a vegetable non-corporal drug has long established «Mastodinone» Companies «Bionorica » (Germany). The main advantage of this drug is that it acts comprehensively, affecting the cause of the disease: gently restores the disturbed natural balance of hormones, removes pain syndrome, prevents the development of pathological processes in lactic glands and reduces irritability and anxiety concomitant premenstrual syndrome, in other words, returns a woman psychological Comfort and normal well-being. Mastodinon Unlike numerous bodies, is a drug. In addition, it is important that «Mastodinone» does not contain synthetic hormones, its composition includes only natural vegetable extracts of vitex of sacred and other plants. Leading experts have accumulated extensive experience in its use, which indicates its good tolerance.Mastodinone also relieves pain in the lactic glands against the background of hormonal contraception or at the beginning of replacement hormone therapy, thus increasing the adaptation to the main drug.

    Mastodinone is appointed® 30 drops in a glass with water or 1 tablet 2 times a day. Symptoms of mastopathy and PMS disappear, as a rule, to the 2nd month of reception of the drug.

    At the end of the 3-month course of mastodinone®, Be sure to show the doctor again. As a rule, specified therapy is enough to hear: «You are absolutely healthy!»

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