«Tsarist disease»


    «Tsarist disease»

    & laquo; royal disease & raquo;Hemophilia is a disease when blood is not folded. The Bible says that blood is a man's soul... Imagine a reduced soul coagulation and you will remotely feel that hemophilia and especially hemophilic - not so simple as they may seem at first glance.

    Hemophilia is not a disease, but a lifestyle. Hemophilia is philosophy. Hemophilia is called royal disease, she suffered from the son of Nicholas II Tsarevich Alexey. This ailment of Tsarevich completely changed the course of Russian history. And what to say about ordinary mortals? If hemophilia is able to change the history of the whole empire, then you can assume how it changes the fate of ordinary people.

    Hemophilia - hereditary disease. Only men suffer. The patient gene can be transmitted from generation to generation on the female line and women do not ill. The sick father transfers the hemophilia of the daughter, who will not have external signs of illness. And the daughter will give her to his son, whose hemophilia will fully manifest. Very often, spontaneous mutations occur and the men are ill, in whose nature did not have relatives suffering from this ailment. It is very important to remember everyone. Trouble walks near and can touch everyone.

    One of the most severe tests for the relatives of the sick child is a diagnosis. There were cases when the diagnosis could not put for several months. The child is experiencing severe pain, and the cause doctors do not know. Not many doctors in our country have the concept of what hemophilia is.

    Mysterious coagulation

    Blood coagulation is a protective reaction of the body. Blood released from vessels is coagulated for 3 — 4 minutes. In this case, blood from the liquid state goes into the jelly-like. A clock is formed, blocking a damaged vessel and preventing the loss of a significant amount of blood.

    With hemophilia is dangerous not only injured. Even a bruise, which in a healthy person will manifest itself in the worst case of a bruise, in a patient hemophilia may have difficult consequences. Under the skin, inside the skin, integers can be formed between the muscles «Lake» blood. And if the knee is bruised, the blood can pour into the hollow of the joint. Then — Loss of mobility, severe pain. Such blood clusters — This is a place for reproduction of microbes. A man, sick hemophilia, lives in a constant alert for his whole tomorrow and should be very careful in everyday life.

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