Curvature of the nasal partition: what threatens and how to treat?


Curvature of the nasal partition: what threatens and how to treat?Nose of man — not just a hole in the skull, through which the air falls into the respiratory tract. This complex respiratory duty system performs very important functions. Passage of air through the nasal cavity ensures it warming, cooling. The secreted mucous membrane is secreted, moisturizes the air, purifies from dust and pathogens microbes. Special nerve endings in the nose allow a person to feel smells, filling the life with a special color of various flavors.

Why need a nasal partition?

Nasal septum — Vertical bone-cartoiling plate separating the nasal cavity into two equal parts — Right and left. Its main function — Distribution of air flow between parts of the nose and giving them a linear direction. Thanks to the nasal partition, when inhalation, the air passes into the middle and upper sinuses of the nose, where heats up, moisturizes, cleared and sent to the respiratory tract.

Newborn children have a straight and smooth nasal septum formed by a cartilage cloth, but interference in growth processes and ossification leads to distortion of an ideal form. Deviations may have a different degree, not to manifest themselves and not interfere with human life, or cause a disruption of nasal respiration and lead to serious consequences.

Why the nasal partition is twisted?

The peak of the detection of the curvature of the nasal partition is accounted for by the teenage period 13 — 18 years old with the active growth of the body and hormonal restructuring, affecting the nasal mucosa.

Often, the reason for the curvature of the nasal septum cannot be established, but doctors highlight the main groups of factors capable of leading.

  • The physiological causes associated with the uneven growth of the facial and brain part of the skull when the curvature of the nasal partition occurs due to the fact that it does not fit in the cavity «Loor in development» Nose.
  • Traumatic causes associated with a fracture and displacement of nasal bones, more often in adolescents and men leading an active lifestyle and distinguished by aggressive behavior.
  • Compensatory causes are characteristic of cases when the nasal partition changes the form due to pathological processes in the nose: hypertrophy of one of the nasal shells, growth of polyps and tumors. Even constant mortgage of one half of the nose can be given to the disease, when the nasal plate is deflected for the expansion of the narrowed nasal stroke.

What is fraught with the curvature of the nasal partition?

  1. Hope of nasal breathing. To disrupt air movement through the nose, not only the narrowing of the nasal stroke, but also compensatory growth of shells in «Spacious» Half. Moreover, the vortex motion of the air arising from the curvature of the nasal partition leads to irritation of the nerve endings, the edema of the mucous membrane and the allocation of a large amount of liquid secret. The wing of the nose is pressed to the twisted nasal nasal partition, literally embarrassed and sticks out that he stops breathing at all through the narrowed nose.
  2. The curvature of the nasal partition leads to a change in the nasal mucosa, its growth, the formation of polyps, atrophy of cilia, removing dust and nose microbes. Chronic rhinitis with constant nasal mortgage and periodic rhinar. Inflammation from the nasal mucosa can spread through Eustachiyev, the pipe on the middle ear, causing a sinusitis, fraught with the suppuration and a breakthrough of a pus under the brain shell.
  3. Breathing violation through the nose disrupts gas exchange in the lungs and leads to oxygen starvation of fabrics, first of all the brain, which is manifested by headaches, increased fatigue, weakening of memory, concentration of attention, decreased by the portability of physical exertion.
  4. Permanent breathing through the mouth is not natural for a person, the oral mucosa dries up, an unpleasant smell of mouth appears, the risk of sharp respiratory diseases is increasing, chronic pharyngitis develops, adenoiditis.
  5. The curvature of the nasal partition leads to violation of the perception of smells.
  6. In severe cases, with a long-term course of the disease, the development of bronchial asthma, the occurrence of the reflex spasms of the larynx and suffocation, convulsive seizures, violations by the body of the vision, heart, the menstrual cycle failures in women.

How is the curvature of the nasal partition?

  • The difficulty of nasal respiration, requiring constant use of vasoconstrictor droplets in the nose.
  • Chronic runny nose, the formation of crusts in the nose.
  • Smell from the mouth.
  • Increased sensitivity to smells and the development of allergic rhinitis, threatening to grow into asthma.
  • Frequent headaches.
  • Nasal bleeding.
  • Snore.
  • Memory deterioration, decline in attention concentration, diffraction.

How to treat the curvature of the nasal partition?

Curvature of the nasal partition: what threatens and how to treat?Immediately note that treatment is only required if, along with the fact of the curvature of the nasal partition, there are symptoms of a nasal respiratory impairment. Even significant deformations of the record may not cause the inconvenience to the patient.

Nasal washing, the use of vasoconducting and locally active hormonal droplets in the nose, for a while facilitates symptoms, but they are unable to fix the shape of the nasal partition. Treatment of the disease is exclusively surgical.

Operation is called «Setoplastic» and performed under local or general anesthesia, ordinary access through nasal moves or using endoscopic equipment and laser knife. The recovery period is short, already on 2-4 days after removing the nasal turtle breathing through the nose is completely restored.

Is it possible to warn the curvature of the nasal partition? Yes, if avoiding the injuries of the nose and in time to treat the diseases arising in its cavity. Other ways of prevention do not exist.

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