How to help your child defeat false croup


  • False croup: what happens
  • How can you help your child during an attack
  • Call the doctor immediately
  • What can the doctor help

  • False croup: what happens

    How to help your child defeat false croup

    False croup, or a bitter cough - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory throat and pharynx, most often caused by the preceding cold or other viral disease («True» develops during diphtheria).

    Constantly increasing air pollution is not the immediate cause of a false cereal, but leads to constant irritation of the respiratory tract, due to which many children develop a predisposition to inflammation. On a false croup, just like an asthma, can affect harsh weather changes.

    Important! Children from 3 to 10 years old can develop an acute form of epiglotte. At the same time, the mucous membrane of the larynx and respiratory tract is inflamed very quickly. Immediately call the doctor, because it is dangerous for the life of the child.

    Some medicine

    Since larynx suffers from this disease, the false croup is found in children mainly under the age of 8. At this time, the grinding is still relatively narrow, and with inflammation of the mucous membranes, it narrows so much that he can no longer pass the air.

    How can you help your child during an attack

    Right Pose

    If the child lies, the state of suffocation is only worsening, so it needs to be planted. You can take a small child and come up with him to the open window.

    Proper post office

    Put the baby's head higher than usual - so it will be easier for him to breathe. Best of all, the headrest is suitable for these purposes, and if necessary, you can use two pillows.

    Keep calm

    Keep calm if the baby begins to choke during a strong cough attack, and do everything to convey it calm. Take it on your hands, talk to him, turn on relaxing and soothing music. The child will be calmer, the easier it will breathe.

    Fresh air

    With a light fit, eat a baby in a blanket and open the window or go to the balcony or terrace. Cold wet fog or drizzling rain, however, are very unfavorable, and in this case, it is necessary to open warm water in the bathroom and put the child in the wet air.

    Wet air

    As prevention, you should take care that the air in the bedroom of the child was wet enough. For this, you can, for example, rave wet towels around the baby bed. If you use humidifiers, then you need to follow hygiene, so as not to create an additional load on the child's respiratory tract.

    More fluid

    Let's kid more fluid to achieve maximum mucus dilution. It is very important that the child drank more, especially after an attack, because due to the feeling of fear and strong voltage, the balance of fluid in the body changes, which in an extreme case can lead to a collection of circulatory system.

    Call the doctor immediately

    If you have not come across the attacks of false croup before, or if you have an impression that this attack is dangerous, call the doctor or take the child to the hospital. You must immediately call a doctor if:
    • suffocity progresses;
    • Breath is accompanied by recreation;
    • The child is very nervous;
    • Lips and nails are painted in blue;
    • Pulse becomes strong and rapid.

    What can the doctor help

    How to help your child defeat false croup

    At the first attack of a false cereal, you should show a child to a doctor. He will tell how to help him during an attack, and prescribe medicines.

    In the critical case, the doctor may prescribe a drug containing cortisone, quickly relieving inflammation in the respiratory tract. If the child is very afraid of suffering from this panic, then he can give a calming agent. The question of the possibility of using cortisone remains controversial, but in many cases it is impossible to do without it, as it helps quickly, although he has a lot of side effects. Remember that the responsible approach to Cortizu is more likely to help your child than hurts.

    Natural products in general and homeopathic preparations in particular possess a very specific effect. It is necessary to take into account many factors to choose the right tool. For long-term homeopathic treatment, the professional homeopathist pediatrician should be consulted. It is he who can determine what will help your child. Remember that a homeopathic agent may have to be changed during treatment, since the course of the disease may change.

    Acronitum D12 can be used with a false cruel in case of cough and loud breathing. It is especially effective if the attack of false cereal was caused by a cold and dry wind.

    If the measures taken do not lead to a clear improvement in the state of the child, hospitalization is necessary. In the hospital, with a strong suffocity, it is possible to introduce a plastic tube through the mouth or nose into the respiratory tract, which will help immediately overcome the suffocation. This is called intubirization.

    For further treatment of false cereals, the doctor discharges muciarase. In extreme cases, with an acute fit, your child can write cortisone candles.

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