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  • Meniery's disease
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  • Meniery's disease

    Menieret's disease is an unrealistic disease of the inner ear manifested by a hearing disorder and dizziness attacks.

    As an independent disease, Menielight's disease was described
    In 1861, the French Othiatrian Menierator, who connected
    manifestations of illness with the defeat of the inner ear.

    The age of patients ranges from 17 to 72 years, the development of the disease is mainly for the period of 30-50 years. Menielight's disease rarely develops in children and youthful age.

    The reason for this disease is finally not established. Existing
    Clinical and experimental data make it possible to believe that
    Disease manifestations are associated with increasing the number of labyrinth
    liquids (endolymphs), t.E. endolymphatic hydrops (or water
    labyrinth). A certain role is played by violation of vegetative innervation
    Vessels of the inner ear, which causes spasm or expansion
    vessels and increased permeability of their walls.

    Symptoms and Meniere Disease

    For Meniere disease, three main symptoms are characterized - hearing impairment, ear and dizziness attacks.

    • Hearing reduction is more often unilateral (for one ear). In patients in
      A long period of time is noted hearing acute fluctuations - periodic sharp deterioration in hearing and his sudden improvement. IN
      further rumor continues to deteriorate, right up to deafness.
    • The noise in the ears is enhanced before the attack, reaches the maximum during an attack, and after it is noticeably reduced.
    • What is Meniery's diseasePeriodically repeated bouts of dizziness, which
      accompanied by equilibrium disorder (patient can not walk,
      stand and even sit), nausea, vomiting, nistagm (fast
      involuntary eye movements), reinforced sweating, increase or
      decrease in blood pressure, pale skin. Dizziness
      more often manifested by the feeling of rotation or offset of surrounding items,
      less likely - feeling of falling, turning your own body.

    Dizziness attack can start without visible for the patient
    reasons sometimes even during sleep, but often its beginning is associated with
    mental or physical overwork, negative emotions,
    exposure to sharp sounds, unpleasant odors and t.D. Frequency
    The emergence of attacks is different: several attacks per week (very
    frequent); 1-2 times a month (frequent); 1-2 times a year (rare); 1 time in
    Several years (episodic). The duration of attacks - from several
    minutes to several days, most often 2-8 hours.

    After the attack for some time (5-48 hours) patients
    Weakness noted, reduced performance. Then their condition
    Fully normalizes, and patients feel almost healthy
    until the next attack.

    Menieral disease treatment

    During the attack - the patient laid into bed in a convenient for him
    position, T.E. In this, in which severity weakens
    vestibular disorders. Bright light and sharp sounds should be
    excluded. The harrant is put on the legs, on the shaven-occurring area -
    mustard pieces. 20% glucose intravenously introduced, intramuscularly - 2ml
    2.5% pipolphine solution or 1 ml 2.5% aminazine solution.

    For quick relief, the attack is used by a methanepanal blockade - a solution of novocaine and platiphyllin is introduced.

    In the intergenial period, a gentle diet with a reception restriction is assigned
    Liquids, sharp and salty dishes. Alcohol and smoking are excluded, and
    Also a long stay in the sun and swimming in deep water bodies.
    Of great importance in the prevention of the disease has the exclusion of stressful

    Positive results gives a special complex of medical physical education, various types of reflexotherapy.

    For the prevention and relief of attacks, medicinal
    Preparations that improve microcirculation and permeability of capillaries
    Inner ear: Bonin, Kinadril, Bonin, predict. These drugs
    reduce the frequency and intensity of dizziness, reduce the noise and ringing in
    ears improve ear.

    Also prescribed drugs that improve cerebral circulation: Cinnarizin, Cavinton. Complex conservative therapy is effective in 70-80%
    patients - stopping the attack and comes more or less
    Prolonged temporary recovery.But conservative treatment is not
    prevents further hearing deterioration.

    If conservative treatment is ineffective, applies
    surgery. Operations there are gentle (rumor cooling) and
    Destructive (with the destruction of the labyrinth).

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