Proper nose washing will get rid of a cold


  • Why wash nose?
  • Nasal wash testimony
  • Nasal washing means
  • Proper washing of nose
  • Contraindications for washing the nose

  • The proper washing of the nose will save from many problemsSurely you will not find a person who at least once did not come across the symptoms of rhinitis. Construction, itching in the nose, sneezing and mucous allocations, forcing constantly keeping a handkerchief at hand, deliver a lot of concern. The difficulty of breathing through the nose leads to the oxygen deficiency of the brain, weakness, breakdown, apathy, impairment of memory.

    Rinith may have a variety of reasons: viral and microbial infection, irritation of the nasal mucosa contained in the air impurities, allergies, violation of the tone of small blood vessels of the nasal region. The swelling of the nose of the nose makes it difficult to the outflow of mucus from the nasal sinuses and contributes to the development of sinusitis and frontitis.

    The spread of infection in hearing pipes connecting the nasopharynx with the inner ear leads to the development of Eustachirate and Otitis. For ARVI Rinitis often accompanies pharyngitis and laryngitis.

    How to deal with rhinitis and prevent complications? Washing the nose, as doctors irrigation therapy or nasal shower say.

    Why wash nose?

    Nose washing is widely used in folk and official medicine. Special place of hygiene of the upper respiratory tract is paid to Ayurveda — Ancient Indian Vedic Medicine System. Irrigation of the nasal and nasopharynk — An integral part of the morning hygienic procedures prescribed in Hatha Yoga and intended for cleansing the body and soul.

    To understand, realize the effectiveness of such a means like washing the nose, recall the structure of this part of the human body. The cavity of the nose is eliminated by a very tender, penetrated by a variety of blood vessels of the mucous. It contains a variety of cells, including cells that produce mucus and cages of flickering epithelium equipped with special hairs. Thanks to the oscillation of hairs from the nasal cavity, dust, chemicals and pathogenic microorganisms are removed with mucus. In ordinary life, we do not even notice and do not attach the importance to the work of the nose, although its importance is difficult to overestimate, because it protects us from infections transmitted by air-droplet.

    Proper washing of the nose can return it to life. Irrigation therapy improves nasal breathing, cleans the nose from accumulated mucus, dust, microbes and allergens, restores the normal operation of the mucous membrane, prevents the development of diseases and their complications, speeds up recovery.

    Nasal wash testimony

    • Prevention of infections transmitted by air-droplet, especially during epidemics, in autumn-winter time.
    • All ORVI, accompanied by symptoms of rhinitis.
    • Frontitis and hymorit — Inflammation of the incomplete sinus.
    • Allergic rhinitis or honey.
    • Vasomotor or Neurovegetual Rinith.
    • Silver atrophic rhinitis (ozen).

    Nasal washing means

    Nasal washing meansThan rinse nose? Today on pharmacy shelves you can find a lot of finished products for washing the nose, for example, Aquamaris, Doltin, Akwalor. All of them are solutions prepared on the basis of sea salt and contains other components in addition to conventional sodium chloride, which are beneficial on the nose mucosa state.

    At home you can prepare a means for the nasal soul yourself. Take 1/3 teaspoon sea salt purchased in a pharmacy, and dissolve in a glass of clean warm boiled water. Instead of sea salt, you can use the usual cooking, it will not be worse.

    Those who have no allergies to plant preparations, can be replaced by washing the nose with filtered bras of medicinal plants, such as chamomiles, calendula, hunter, turn. With an allergic rhine, this method is categorically noted, because it may be an impetus for the further development of the disease.

    Furacilin in tablets can be used for the preparation of fluid for the nasal soul. It is also sold in the pharmacy, it is necessary to dissolve it in warm boiled water.

    Proper washing of nose

    To bring the nasal souls to benefit, it needs to be done correctly. Otherwise, water contaminated by pathogenic microbes and toxic products will fall into the auditory pipes, in the incomplete sinus and the throat, will cause the development of complications.

    Pharmacy for washing the nose is often sold with devices for the procedure. At home you can do the little chairs for welding. It is even better to buy special chairs for washing a nose that use yoga. In addition, a fringe and a large syringe will be suitable.

    Attention! In order to safety, washing the nose under pressure is allowed only in adults. For children you need to use chairs.

    By the way, in the cabin — Doctor will offer qualified assistance — Washing the nose using a mechanical cuckoo.

    Technique of proper washing of nose at home

    • Type in chairs slightly warm solution for washing the nose.
    • Take the tank in the left hand, lean over the sink.
    • Turn the head to the left slightly, so that the left nostril is higher than the right.
    • Apply the aids of the kettle to the left nostril and start pouring the liquid. The solution, passing through one nasal stroke and occasionally occasionally, should be poured through another nostril.
    • Repeat the procedure on the other side.
    • Having viscous, clean in turn (it is important!) Right and left nasal move from liquid residues.
    • Do not go outside in summer for half an hour, in winter, about two o'clock.

    Contraindications for washing the nose

    • Acute otitis or inflammation of the inner ear.
    • Frequent nose bleeding.
    • Complete impassability of nasal moves. With a tight nasal congestion, it is recommended to first drip the throat droplets into the nose.
    • Availability of neoplasms in the nasal cavity.
    • Non-interity of the components of the solution.

    Nose washing — High Efficiency Preventive and Medical Procedure. Healthy people of the nasal souls are recommended twice a day, in the morning and evening, during the disease, wash the nose you need 3-4 times a day. Purification of the nasal mucosa contributes to a more complete effect of drugs used to treat rhinitis.

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