Treatment of arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases of the joints, which, in fact, is an inflammatory process. Our site talks about the symptoms of arthritis, its causes, methods of treatment and preventive measures.

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases of the joints, which, in fact, is an inflammatory process. Our site talks about the symptoms of arthritis, its causes, methods of treatment and preventive measures.

What is arthritis

Arthritis damaged hands
As already mentioned, arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joints. It entails the thinning of the articular cartilage, changes in ligaments and the articular capsule. In severe cases, leads to the deformation of the joint.
Very often arthritis amazes hands (phalange of fingers), foot, knee and elbow Sustaines. Women are sick arthritis more often men. This disease is even manifested in children. Each seventh resident of the planet «sign» With arthritis.

Causes of arthritis

X-ray brush hand damaged arthritis

  1. Infectious diseases. This is the most common cause. ORVI PERSONS, WALL YOU FIND RISK. It can also be attributed to diabetics, people who are ill with venereal diseases, tuberculosis. As a rule, the causative agent of arthritis is golden staphylococcus or streptococci.
  2. Injuries, bruises, operations. Arthritis is often the consequence of the injuries of the joints, frequent bruises or surgical interventions in the joint.
  3. Hereditary pathology joints. It is impossible to say that arthritis is inherited, but it is not necessary to deny the fact that the pathology of the structure of the joints is often laid genetically. In any case, if someone is sick in the family, you should pay more time to prevent.
  4. As factors provoking the appearance of arthritis, we can call overweight, supercooling, smoking, imminent immunity.

Symptoms and types of arthritis

Joints most often affected by arthritis
Since arthritis is an inflammatory disease, its symptoms are any signs of inflammation in the joint area:

  • swelling, red skin;
  • pain, especially after long immobility;
  • an increase in body temperature (with acute arthritis);
  • Stiffness in movements (happens during the exacerbations of chronic arthritis).

Arthritis is sharp when its course is accompanied by pain, swelling, high temperature, and chronic - when the course of arthritis is slow, begins with joint joints. It is difficult to say which one is more dangerous, because they are sharp easier to notice, and chronic can practically noticeably progress for years. Arthritis is also divided into infectious or purulent (arises due to bacterial infection), rheumatoid (the joint connective tissue is inflated, fine joints are affected), osteoarthritis (wipers are worn). Total currently distinguished up to 150 species of arthritis. By the way, spurs (bone growths), gout (bumps in the footsteps) - this is also a variety of arthritis.

Treatment of arthritis

Treatment of arthritis
As in the case of arthrosis, only timely, operational and integrated treatment will be able to prevent changes in the structure of the joint, save the patient from immobility and disability. Therefore, with the slightest discomfort in any joint, contact your rheumatologist. With early diagnosis and individually selected treatment arthritis it is possible to cure. So that arthritis treatment is successful, it is worth determining the cause and kind of arthritis. Therefore, the diagnosis of arthritis is a very important step to recovery.

Treatment includes:

  1. The use of antibiotics. If arthritis is infectious, then you will prescribe antibiotics.
  2. Anti-inflammatory treatment. In acute arthritis it is important to remove the inflammation of the joint. For this purpose, anticipable drugs, ointment, relieving inflammation and reduced pain (for example, diclofenac gel).
  3. By the way, woolen socks and mittens from genuine sheep or dog wool perfectly remove pain in the affected joint and fight inflammation.

  4. Restoration of cartilage fabric. As with Arthrosis, in the case of arthritis, slowly, but it is right to restore (or at least prevent further destruction) of cartilage tissue helps chondroprotectors (Teraflex, Arthron Chondrex).
  5. Mud, Warming, Ultrasound, Massage and Magnetotherapy. All these methods are selected purely individually!!!
  6. LFK. During remission, the doctor prescribes a special gymnastics, as a rule, is the exercises in the pose lying or classes in the pool. None of the exercises should call discomfort, and even more so pain.
  7. Medical diet. You can suspend the development of arthritis using a diet rich antioxidants and vitamin E. They are in abundance in vegetables and fruits, salmon and herring, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower, bran.
  8. Surgical intervention. Conducted in cases of particularly launched arthritis. As an option - the prosthetics of the joint, but this is essentially the extreme measures.
  9. Treatment of arthritis

  10. Treatment by people's methods. These are usually compresses and ointments, which includes mumens, blue clay, mustard, herbal fees. Recipes There are plenty of recipes, and the funds proposed by Wanges and healers-compatriots. Just before use, consult your doctor.
  11. My neighbor (a man for 50) was constantly tormented due to the arthritis of the knee joints. And once I saw him traveling on a bike. He boasted that she got a blue radioactive clay, made sickle-compresses from it for 2-3 hours - and the aggravation was gone. True, it cost the package of this clay about $ 100, although it is mined near Artemovsk (Ukraine) on a closed career. Already five years, as uncle Vova just flies. Only sometimes complains of «nagging» Joints. By the way, doctors offered only an operation ..

Patients with arthritis can not be lifted in gravity, run, jump, stand for a long time, make sharp movements. Need to perform stretching exercises, swim, make a daily charge without load.
With all this treatment implies constant observation by the doctor. If facilitated, this does not mean that arthritis is eradicated. Unfortunately, no panacea is found from this disease.

Prevention Arthritis

To avoid the development of arthritis, it is necessary:

  • in time to treat any infectious diseases. And we often transfer colds «on foot»;
  • Hard, play sports, to be less likely to hurt and not fall into the risk group;
  • 2-3 garlic teeth per day - excellent prevention of arthritis;
  • Do not allow weight oscillations in order to additionally do not load the joints;
  • Minimize the consumption of sugar and salt, alcohol. Quit smoking
  • Between the adoption of food to eat a piece of pineapple, a handful of blueberries or a drink of ginger tea.

Do not be ill!

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