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Arthrosis is a very common disease, in which the cartilage layer in the joint or between the vertebrae is slowly destroyed, as a result of which the joint «crustic», hurts, and in running cases limits your movements. Our site will tell you about arthrosis of the joints: informed - it means armed.

Arthrosis Justov
Arthrosis is a very common disease, in which the cartilage layer in the joint or between the vertebrae is slowly destroyed, as a result of which the joint «crustic», hurts, and in running cases limits your movements. Our site will tell you about arthrosis of the joints: informed - it means armed.
According to statistics, Arthrosis is sick about 15% of all residents of our planet. Most often, this disease is manifested after 30 years, and by 60 almost everyone suffers from the arthrosis! Women suffer twice as often than men. And if you think the crunch of knees or Pain B The hip joint is harmless and arise from the overwork - you are mistaken. Over time, pain will be strengthened, the mobility of the joint will be limited, and if you launch arthrosis, then the likelihood of complete immobility and disability is large. As you can see, the arthrosis does not joke. And the sooner to reveal it, the mortars of the consequences for you may turn into this disease.

Symptoms of Argroza

Arthrosis most often amazes the knee and hip joints
Arthrosis most often amazes the knee and hip joints. But, sometimes, arthrosis and shoulder, elbow joints and arthrosis, affecting the phalanges of the fingers. Almost all pianists suffer from the latter. The risk group includes athletes, workers associated with severe physical labor, people conducted in a standing or sitting position most of the day. If you feel about one of these categories, carefully read the list of arthrosis symptoms.

  1. Sustaining pain. Especially it manifests itself during walking on the stairs, with various loads on the sore joint.
  2. Crunch and lubrication in the joint. The crunch at first is not strong, but over time, in the absence of treatment, it will be heard and surrounding. Slabs in the joint manifests itself when heoclaimed.
  3. Appearance of swelling. This symptom is characteristic of another disease of the joints - Arthritis (slander inflammation). But in arthrosis, swelling occurs only with exacerbations and is accompanied by a novel, and not acute pain. She is pretty noticeable and gives considerable inconvenience.

Each of the listed symptoms cannot be ignored. Pain, crunch or swelling of the joint - reason to sign up for a doctor.

The reasons for the appearance of Argroza

Arthrosis of the knee joint on the early (left) and in late (right) stage of the disease

As in many other diseases, the reasons for the appearance of arthrosis a lot. Despite the fact that arthrosis is considered to be an age disease, he arises and young people arise. Call arthrosis can:

  • Joint injuries (such arthrosis is called post-traumatic);
  • hereditary factor;
  • long static load on the joint;
  • As mentioned, age changes in the structure of the articular cartilage;
  • overweight, which at times increases the burden on the joints, especially the joints of the lower extremities.
  • metabolic disease (diabetes, disease of the internal secretion glands), which leads to failures in the synthesis of cartilage tissue;
  • flatfoot - shifts the center of gravity and increases the burden on the joints;
  • Problems with the vessels of the lower extremities that complicate the power of the cartilage cloth.

It is possible that some other reasons for the appearance of arthrosis are found over the years. But at the moment, if you fall into «Group risk», Be sure to engage in the prevention of arthrosis!

Treatment of arthris

Massage and physiotheraces are in part of the treatment of arthrosis
I will immediately say the readers our site that it is impossible to cure arthrosis to the end. In our power only to suspend the course Diseases, Do not give the articular chiffs collapsed. The treatment of arthrosis should be only integrated, that is, to combine several species in itself. To determine the diagnosis, the doctor will send you to X-ray, and only having a picture on the hands, he will be able to set the stage of the disease and assign treatment. It is also necessary to identify the reason that caused the appearance of arthrosis, if possible, eliminate it and immediately proceed to treatment. So, what stages are included in the treatment of arthrosis of the joints.

  • Anesthetics. Most often, to the doctor are treated at the stage of the appearance of joint pain. Therefore, painkillers are usually assigned - analgesics.
  • Remove inflammation. If there is inflammation, swelling of the joint, it needs to be eliminated. Against anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.
  • Restore cartilaginous fabric. This is the main task of all treatment. Even if it fails to restore it, suspend degenerative processes are simply necessary. Drugs containing chondroprotectors are prescribed for this. An instant result should not be expected. Nevertheless, if we take preparations on an individually selected course for several months, the result will be obvious.

Diagnosis «Arthrosis» I put at 23. And made it far from the first doctor to which I turned. And traumatologist, and the surgeon clinic looked at me as a weakly lady, which walks on doctors from boredom. I was not at all fun, at work I was constantly dulling from the floor on the floor, and each step of the stairs brought unbearable pain. While I have crossed the thresholds of doctors, the pain intensified, and even climb even to the second floor it became unbearable torture. That with my knees and why they wildly hurt and crunch, I could not understand.
But, fortunately, the familiar doctor of my girlfriend (orthopedist) volunteered to help. He told that this is arthrosis, and that it is very serious. Save my knee joints to the whole world. Doctor attributed to me an anesthetic and containing Hondrite drug (Teraflex). Familiar Pharmacist advised to take advantage «Diculus Balm for Joints» And another gel containing a sabelnik. For two months I saw a tablet, lubricated the sore joints and did not part with wool knee pads. A month later, the pain is gone, the crunch decreased.
With Arthrosis I already live for 6 years, once every six months I drink two months teraflex, I try to strain less knees and eat a lot of jets (Babushkin Council). By the way, during pregnancy, the crunch disappeared at all, apparently, this feature of the body. I advise everyone to protect the joints and do not tolerate pain!

In the complex with three main stages of treatment are carried out physiotheraces (electrophoresis, acupuncture, relaxing massage, magnetotherapy). They are only conducted under the supervision of the doctor, according to the individual scheme and are prohibited at the moments of exacerbations.
In many clinics, you will be offered treatment of arthrosis by leeches that will effectively remove pain, joint inflammation.
For better recovery of cartilage, you need to go through the coupling course
For better recovery of cartilage, you need to go through the course of mud or radon baths. Thus, arthrosis is treated in the sanatoriums of Evpatoria, Sak, Pyatigorsk. If you buy a ticket to you not for your pocket, try at least break out at sea and swim more.
As the prevention of arthrosis and to unload tired joints during treatment, you will be prescribed a course of therapeutic physical education. The feature of the exercise is that they do not create a burden on the sore joint, are performed in the position lying, sitting or in the pool. At the same time, no exercise should cause pain in the joint.
A few words about people's methods. To cure arthrosis solely by people's ways is impossible, but as an addition to treatment in this way, you can use. Well affect the cartilaginous tissue of gels and ointments based on the saber, as well as Mumyoy.

My neighbor for several years due to the arrangement of the knee joints did not leave the apartment. And recently met her at the entrance. She walked and pretty confident. Told that his knees healed over the week. Bought internal fat on the market (for sale at butchers, not salty!), wrapped them sick knees, top with cellophane and wool handkerchief. Stand off the bed Neighbor could not be without any assistance for a long time, so it was a week (as it was said in the recommendations of the folk drugs) for her did not constitute. First, the pain was gone, and in a week she turned the bandage, and a thin film was left from the centimeter layer of inner fat - the whole fat had a knee. Literally immediately after this, the neighbor stood on his feet, and in a week he repeated wrap again, and now he goes to the nearest store itself.
I want to experience this recipe on yourself, but here you have a week with our turmoil rhythm of life almost unreal.

I would like to say that in particularly launched cases of arthrosis of the joints, when the joint becomes fixed, and the cartilage fabric is destroyed, resort to surgical intervention. In particularly severe cases, even the prosthetics of the joints. But better and cheaper to such a state of the joints do not run.

Prevention of Argroza

To prevent the appearance of arthrosis of the joints, it is necessary to minimize the static burden on the joints. Discard the permanent wearing of high heels, do not sit, putting the leg on the leg, alternate the position standing and sitting. Get rid of excess weight, if any. Slimming and joints will be delighted and lower limb vessels. Try not to lift severity. «Unload» Sustaines after a working day - Take the position of the lying, make a few times the exercise «bicycle». Summer leave and your joints - more float, make underwater gymnastics.
Do not be ill!

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