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Varicose veins - trouble is not only older, but also very young. How often it happens that a young woman acquires convex knotted veins on their feet, pain, and other trouble varicose. Today we will look at our site on the pages, how to recognize starting varicose veins, how to treat and brake its development.

Varicose veins - trouble not only elderly, but also very young people. How often it happens that a young woman acquires convex knotted veins on their feet, pain, and other trouble varicose.

Today we will look at our site on the pages, how to recognize starting varicose veins, how to treat and brake its development.

Signs of varicose veins

Signs of varicose veins
The initial signs of the varicose can be considered the appearance on the surface of the skin of small vessels. They appear small groups on the hips. This is especially noticeable when cellulite. By the way, cellulite is directly related to varicose veins. Cellulite Cellulite fat fiber makes it difficult for blood outflow from the lower extremities and increases the risk of developing varicose veins. Vascidences appearing on the skin doctors are called teleangectasis. These vascular meshes are formed by small vessels, which can be a simple cosmetic disadvantage, and can be a sign of the beginning of the varicose.

To find out if varicose veins do not threaten you, our site recommends consulting with your doctor. The doctor will advise the method to be treated with vascular meshes. Another sign of varicose veins can serve swelling legs. However, legs can eat and with other diseases (diseases of the kidneys, hearts, etc.), so first you need to exclude these Diseases. And finally, the most unpleasant and indicative symptom of varicose veins - pain in the legs. Pain usually appears in the afternoon, a field of heavy physical exertion. Sickness sick muscles, pain pulling and not very strong.

So, if you have these symptoms: vascular meshes, edema, pain in the legs - you should contact a doctor.

Medical treatment of varicose veins

Compression knitwear
There are many preparations effective in the initial stages of the treatment of varicose. These are the so-called venotonic drugs. They give a tangible result only in complex therapy (Detralex, Lioton-gel, Versoruta, Troksevazin and others). So, to strengthen the effect of ventilation, patients with varicose veins must constantly wear compression knitwear. These are special golf, stockings and tights. They gently compress the sore limb, without transmitting blood vessels. Thus, the veins receive an additional tone, and the disease is developing slower.

However, our site pays special attention to the fact that drug treatment cannot fully save you from varicose veins. It is only a decrease in venous insufficiency, the prevention of thrombophlebitis (which often complicates the life of people with launched varicose veins).

The doctor can advise the patient to undergo a course of lymphatic. This is a special massage performed manually or hardware. After lymphatic drainage, swelling decreases, the flow of blood and lymph is improved from the lower extremities. However, the effect of this procedure is temporary, short-lived, so it is impossible to refuse to receive veatonete and wearing a compression knitwear.

Folk remedies in the treatment of varicose

A good effect in the treatment of voicose gives shower
In addition to drug treatment, you can try to take advantage of folk remedies. So good effect gives shower. Gradually, for a few days you need to massate the legs of a jet of water from the shower. Every day, slightly reducing the temperature of the water, you will gradually go to the cold water - and it will give the most significant result. If it is difficult to water yourself with cold water, arrange yourself a contrast shower: for a few seconds, turn on the hot, and then cold water, and you need to finish the procedure. After such a shower, the legs should blush. Distribute them with a towel and lubricate the nutrient.

Foot baths help well. Note that during varicose veins you can not take hot baths.

So that the legs are not tired during the day, make the bath in the morning for such a recipe. Birch leaves, nettle and burdock (everyone is taken over 1 tablespoon) brewed 1 liter of boiling water and half an hour insist. Next, the resulting decoction must be diluted with warm water (so to bring to the body temperature), and you can take a bath. Keep your legs in the brand need not less than 20 minutes.

Tones the vessels of feet and baths from Melissa, souls, chamomile and nettle. Take 2 glasses of the mixture (all herbs mix in equal parts) and brew a liter of boiling water. After the decoction is enjoying, topping 2 liters of water, and keep your feet in a warm bath for 20 minutes.

Note that folk remedies cannot completely save you from varicose veins, but only suspend its development.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is one of the most effective non-surgical methods of treatment of varicose. The essence of the method is that the doctor introduces a special preparation in a varicose varicose vein. This medicine causes the destruction of the inner layer of veins, and then the vein itself gradually gluits and is solved for 1.5 years. Blood circulation begins to go on healthy veins. For treatment requires 3-6 sessions of sclerotherapy for each leg. After sessions of sclerotherapy, you will see the result only in 2-8 weeks, and all this time may be unpleasant phenomena: hematomas, tingling, pain. But over time it will pass, and the swollen veins will disappear. The doctor selects the drug individually for each patient, so the risk of side effects and complications is minimal. After high-quality sclerotherapy, the varicose veins varicose veins is very rare again.

If sclerotherapy is carried out using an ultrasound scanner, it is called echosclerotherapy. This method is better because the scanner allows the doctor to fully control the movements of the syringe in Vienna, and monitor the uniform distribution of the drug.

Foam-Form Sclerotherapy is a method in which a microfine formation is introduced into the affected vein. Micropine has closer contact with the walls of veins and this causes the higher efficiency of this method. Micropine displaces blood from veins - and therefore the vein gluits and ceases to function faster. In addition, blood displaced from veins does not dilute the drug, as with conventional sclerotherapy, as a result of which the medicine is more efficient.

Operations in varicose veins

Operations in varicose veins: up (left) and after (reference) operations
One of the most modern operational methods for the treatment of varicose varicose is considered an operation under ackurotic anesthesia. This variety of local anesthesia, based on a mixture of natural anesthetics. This method has many advantages: the patient leaves the clinic already 2 hours after the operation, there are almost no postoperative hematomas, there is no intoxication, which happens with general anesthesia. Vienna is removed radical, the effect is retained for many years.

Operations under general anesthesia are no less effective, with the only difference that patients are much easier to carry local anesthesia than common anesthesia.

Our site offers you to familiarize yourself with those surgical methods of treatment of varicose veins that are being offered today in modern clinics.

MiniFlebectomy - this operation is caused by local anesthesia. The doctor makes punctures through which varicosely extended veins tributaries. This operation can serve as a replacement of sclerotherapy in some cases. Patients are rapidly restored, no scars, and compression knitwear must be worn only 1-2 weeks.

Short stripping - this method implies the removal of not all veins, but only the affected area. The doctor defines the exact position of the patient of the vein, its length, then two small cuts are made through which varicose veins are removed. Operation is turned out short, soft feet fabrics are not cut - this allows the patient to quickly recover and do not experience pain after surgery.

Operations in varicose veins: up (left) and after (reference) operations
The endoscopic dissection method is now widely used. Simple words on the affected Vienna, a cut is made in which an endoscope is introduced. The doctor gets the opportunity to see the inside of the affected vein. Moving an endoscope, the doctor finds out the length of the varicose vein vein, and then cuts off it. The advantages of this method are that the doctor sees everything that does, this allows him to not be mistaken and minimize the injury that the patient inevitably receives during the operation. This is a very promising method for the treatment of varicose veins, as the consequence of such an operation is a gradual decrease in venous insufficiency and improved veins.

Intravascular laser coagulation - another small-traumatic method of treatment of varicose. Ultrasonic scanner controls the introduction to the vein of the light guide. Then the light guide moves to the point of the linen in the deep venous system. Include a laser, under the action of which boils Plasma blood, and the sick vein reliably closes and stops functioning. Our site would like to note that this operation is quite expensive, and for its implementation requires specially trained personnel.

Most often, varicose veins suffer from generation to generation. Doctors do not know exactly why the disease arises, but they believe that those who have grandmothers and moms sick varicose veins, should be especially careful about their feet. As preventive events, our site recommends running, swimming, making a massage shower, try not to gain extra weight, eat right and... Never lose heart!

Good luck!

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