How to bring down a high temperature in a child

All parents know that elevated temperature is a clear sign of disadvantage in the body of the kid. It is not necessary to scare this, but also it is impossible to ignore. To act competently, the main thing is to learn how to recognize what the temperature rise indicates. And most often the temperature rises against the background of infectious disease.

All parents know that elevated temperature is a clear sign of disadvantage in the body of the kid. It is not necessary to scare this, but also it is impossible to ignore. To act competently, the main thing is to learn how to recognize what the temperature rise indicates.

What does the temperature rise mean

How to bring down a high temperature in a child
Many factors answer the biochemistry of the process. The temperature rise is a change in the balance between the production of internal heat in the body and the return of this heat into the external environment. Directly the team on the increase in heat generation gives the center of thermal regulation of the brain, if there are certain substances in the blood - Chemotoxins. Having received the command to thermogenesis, muscles are connected to. Enhanced muscle contraction highlights a lot of heat. And so that the heat does not leave, the skin capillaries narrow. At the first stage there is an increase in heartbeat, because very intensive processes occur in the body. That is why doctors are wary of the temperature in children with heart disease.

Surely you have repeatedly heard that the temperature rise is a protective reaction of the body. A sharp rise in temperature in a child against the background of complete health usually becomes the first manifestation of infectious disease. But this is not the only reason, although very typical. The reason for increasing the temperature in the child can be stress, thermal blow. Sometimes the temperature may increase by psychosomatic reasons, that is, when an obsessive thought causes a certain response of the body. It happens when the child is concerned, for example, problems at school or kindergarten and hard looking for a reason to stay at home. Then parents can detect a short-term leap of temperature. The best treatment here will be an unpleasant situation for a child.

What temperature can be considered normal

How to bring down a high temperature in a child
It is known to all normal temperatures - 36.6?C. But keep in mind, dear parents that in infants the temperature can increase and up to 37.5?C without visible reasons. This is connected with a not yet established system of thermoregulation of a children's body. Although most often the reason is a banal overheating. The child is dressed too warm, and in the room or on the street too hot. But do not lose vigilance and measure the temperature after 30-40 minutes. If the temperature is not reduced, urgently cause a doctor, because in infants the disease develops very quickly.

For children older than the year, the thermometer indicators up to 36 are normal.nine?C. Temperature can be improved shortly after emotional excitation or after active games. If you assume that the reason for this is not needed to do. Temperature stabilizes Sam.

When the temperature does not knock down

Most often, the temperature rises against the background of infectious disease - ARVI, influenza and any bacterial and viral infections. In the first hours, and sometimes days, until the characteristic symptoms appear, the exact diagnosis is difficult to put even a doctor. But the immune system does not sleep and by increasing the temperature blocks the growth of viruses, which requires a temperature not higher than 37 for a comfortable existence?C. In addition, an interferon is produced at elevated blood temperature - the main enemy of viruses is produced. The amount of interferon increases gradually, therefore, with a non-complicated viral infection, recovery occurs, as a rule, by 3 or 4 days from the beginning of the disease. Generally accepted Temperature threshold - 38.five?C. If the testimony of the thermometer does not exceed these numbers, and the child has no chronic diseases, it is not necessary to reduce the temperature, it is enough to lay a child to bed and take measures that facilitate the painful condition - to offer a warm drink, if necessary, facilitate nasal breathing and T. D.

How to act at high temperature

How to bring down a high temperature in a child
It is important to monitor the general condition of the child. If the temperature is raised not much - to 39?C, and the child transfers the heat, our task to facilitate the return of heat. To do this, remove excess clothes if you use diaper, remove it. The skin should breathe, so leave on a child with natural fabric pajamas. Air temperature in the room where the sick child is, is of great importance. The room should not be hot, it is desirable that the temperature of the inhaled air does not exceed 18?C. If the apartment is too dry and hot air, do not do without ventilating. And the sick baby is just a downgrade from drafts. Calm the child and put it in the crib. Be sure to offer. A tea with honey, lime color or chamomile is best suitable as a drink. Mors, compotes, decoction of rosehip, dried fruits, non-carbonated mineral water. Focus on your child. Abundant drink is needed so that the child is playing. Along with then from the body will leave too much warm and toxins. Use tea with raspberries with caution, which helps to make particularly strong sweat. Before the use of raspberry child should give any other drink to be sure that there is something to sweat. These simple measures as a result turns out to be enough to normalize the temperature.

Otherwise you should act during the chills. The child has an abutment of hands and legs, skin color has acquired a shiny tint? This indicates the spasm of surface vessels of the skin. Scroll through the kid dry and soft towel and cover the blanket, give warm drink.

Regarding the effectiveness of various rubbing at home, the opinions of doctors are ambiguous. It is unacceptable to rub in vodka and alcohol, because, very quickly absorbing through the skin, the alcohol gets into the blood. If the child has no chill, you can try rubbing with a weak solution of vinegar or cool water. Only pens and legs are rubbing little children. Do not rub forcibly. If a child is discomfort, such procedures will bring more harm than good.

The use of antipyretic drugs in pediatrics

How to bring down a high temperature in a child
It should be especially noted that the use of drugs will not give the necessary effect, if we did not solve 2 main tasks - providing drinking mode and cool air indoor.

Reception of medicines to reduce the temperature is quite acquitted at temperatures above 39?C. And if a child has a heart problem or there are diseases of the nervous system and there is a risk of seizures, you should not wait 39?, knock the temperature as soon as the need arises.

Universal tool that is allowed to apply a doctor without a recipe is everyone known paracetamol. For the convenience of patients, paracetamol is produced in various forms - tablets, drops, syrups, capsules, powders, but most of all it is effective in candles. This drug must be in a home first aid kit. Analogs of paracetamol - Effergangan, Panadol, Calpol, Mexalen, Cefecon D. The dosage corresponding to age is indicated on the package. Remember, paracetamol applies only if necessary. It does not give planned. If, after receiving paracetamol, the temperature decreased quickly, then most likely, the child has ordinary ARVI. But if it was given paracetamol, and there is no effect, consult a doctor as soon as possible. And further. Paracetamol does not lechit! The drug only reduces the temperature, that is, removes the symptom of the disease. Treatment should appoint a doctor. Paracetamol We will facilitate the condition of the child, waiting for the doctor.

Other antipyretic funds - ibuprofen, analgin, aspirin without negotiation with the attending physician not recommended.

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