The use of folic acid

That is useful for folic acidhuman health, it is known for a long time. She is involved in the metabolism, DNA synthesis, in the creation of immune cells and in some other processes in our body. The last few years, vitamin B9 was seen as one of the substances, it is necessary for women during pregnancy.

A little history

Back in 1926 a scientist-microbiologistHe revealed some pregnant disorder called megaloblastic anemia. Further studies have shown that to cope with this problem helps to a certain substance that is found in the liver. Women who ate the liver, is almost completely got rid of anemia. In 1941, it was observed that the green leavesparsley and spinach also contain in their composition the substance. It is thanks to these plants folic acid got its present name, which comes from the Latin word "folium" and means "leaf".

The principle of action of vitamin B9

Vitamin b9, vitamins, prenatal vitamins, folic acid

Folic acid, getting into our bodies,It is converted into a substance called tetrahydrofolate - it is an integral part of the set of enzymes and has been actively involved in various biochemical processes. Thanks to tetrahydrofolate our body produces amino acids, which subsequently become an integral part of the protein.

Folic acid influenceswomen's reproductive health, as well as involved in the division of DNA and RNA molecules. That is why the lack of vitamin B9 may negatively affect the child in the womb, because the developing fetus cells divide very actively.

Additionally, folic acid contributesepinephrine and serotonin - substances which are necessary for proper operation of the nervous system. Vitamin B9 is also partly responsible for the secretion of gastric juices - and it is the main factor of good indigestion and appetite.

When to use folic acid

Vitamin b9, vitamins, prenatal vitamins, folic acid

Let's look at what the consequences for the unborn child can carry folic acid deficiency in pregnant women:

  • with a deficiency of vitamin B9 in the fetus may develop cerebral edema - hydrocephalus;
  • another disastrous consequence is anencephaly, ie the absence of a child's brain;
  • Folic acid deficiency can lead to such consequences as brain hernia and various delays in the development of the embryo;
  • lack of vitamin B9 is fraught mutations and manifestation of congenital malformations in the development of the spine and spinal cord;
  • among other things, a pregnant woman with an acute shortage in the body of folic acid may not tell the child to term and give birth to him dead.

Less dangerous consequences of this deficiency include:

  • anemic state;
  • anxiety and depression;
  • strong and long-toxicosis.

Norms of folic acid consumption

Vitamin b9, vitamins, prenatal vitamins, folic acid

It is believed that an adult shouldconsumed daily to 200 micrograms of vitamin B9, but for pregnant women daily dose is not less than 400 g substance. It should be noted that an overdose of the drug is difficult enough - it needs to exceed the rate of at least a hundred times. In all other cases, the amount of the vitamin, which is not absorbed by the body, a naturally derived.

There are times when the daily dose for pregnant women should be enhanced. Drinking large amounts of folic acid is necessary if:

  • woman suffering from a deficiency of vitamin B9;
  • pregnant has such problems as diabetes and epilepsy;
  • in a sort at the expectant mother has a genetic disease;
  • woman suffering from a strong toxicosis and violations of the stomach and intestines.

Products with high levels of folic acid

In order not to experience a deficiency of vitamin B9, our site encourages use these products in food:

    Vitamin b9, vitamins, prenatal vitamins, folic acid

  1. Bread and bakery products from wheat flour.
  2. Fresh herbs: parsley, spinach, lettuce, green onions.
  3. Green vegetables: cabbage, peas, green beans, soybeans, broccoli, avocados.
  4. Citrus fruits and fresh juices.
  5. Peaches, watermelon.
  6. Carrots, tomatoes.
  7. Liver.
  8. Nuts and sunflower seeds.
  9. Kashi: buckwheat, rice, oatmeal.
  10. Cheese and curd.
  11. Fish spawn.

As for vegetables, then their use is greatly reduced during heat treatment, so, if possible, vegetables and herbs should be eaten fresh.

Products containing vitamin B9

In cases where folic acid need notonly as a means of prevention and treatment of certain diseases, its content in food will be insufficient. People suffering from a deficiency of vitamin B9, and pregnant women are advised to use an additional amount of folic acid. In pharmacies, you can find a variety of drugs, having in its composition of the substance. Let's look at some of them:

  1. The simplest remedy - is folic acid tablets. One such tablet contains 1 mg vitamin.
  2. "Folacin" - folic acid preparation having a dosage of 5 mg of one tablet.
  3. "Folio" - a complex agent which includes folic acid, 0.4 mg and 0.2 mg of iodine.
  4. In addition to special preparations, vitamin B9 can be found in different multivitamin complexes"Eleven", "Vitrum prenatal", "Pregnavit", "Materna" and some others.

Note that black tea promotes fastthe removal of the substance from the body, and taking certain drugs requires an increase in the daily dose of folic acid. These medications include: "Almagel" and "Fosfalyugel" birth control pills, drugs for seizures and preparations based on zinc.

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