Gorner Syndrome, Symptoms and Treatment

Gorner Syndrome - Serious pathology, from which animals and people suffer. At the heart of the disease lies the disorder of the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. Sometimes this disease is also called oculosympoatic, because its consequences are reflected on the face and affect the eye area.

For the first time, the features of the disease at our smaller brothers described with. Bernard in 1852, and the specifics of the course of the disease in humans studied f. Gorner in 1869. In this regard, some medical sources talk about the ailment, calling him not otherwise as Bernard-Gorn syndrome.

Causes of the development of syndrome

Vegetative Disorder, Eyes, Vision, Nervous System, Gorner Syndrome

Doctors with confidence call a number of factors that are prerequisites for the appearance of disorders in the strict system of nerve cells and pulses, which they are sent throughout the body. The reasons for these quite a lot - MPsovtsov proposes to familiarize themselves with the main ones:

  1. Squeezing or damage to the chest and / or cervical chains of the sympathetic nervous system. Signs of the disease most often appear on the side where defeat.
  2. The destruction of the structures of the brain at the cellular level, the cause of which was the defeat of the core of the sub-speaking nerve.
  3. Cluster headache. Disorder is expressed by the strongest headaches that irradiate on the walls of the cranial box. It happened that people ended the life of suicide, only to get rid of themselves from suffering.
  4. Injury due to strong neck base injury.
  5. Injury as a result of operational intervention.
  6. Various tumors (in particular pancost tumor).
  7. Aneurysm Aorti. A large percentage of horn syndrome occurs against the background of this pathology.
  8. Inflammation in the middle of the ear.
  9. Tumor, the location of the localization of which has become a thyroid gland.
  10. Dislaiming aneurysm.
  11. Autoimmune disorders (sclerosis, for example).
  12. Voltage covered by star-shaped nerve due to the presence of an additional cervical rib.
  13. Blocade of nervous centers.
  14. Hereditary pathology that provokes the development of tumors throughout the body - neurofibromatosis of the first type.
  15. Serous Meningitis.

Classification of disease

Vegetative Disorder, Eyes, Vision, Nervous System, Gorner Syndrome

Visual examination of the patient with a suspicion of Gorner syndrome opens a list of diagnostic methods, with which the disease identifies the disease. To compile a detailed medical history, doctors adhere to the following scheme of action:

  1. Installing a solution from a group of M-cholinoblocators. With the help of the drug determine the ability of pupil to expand and narrow. The solution stimulates the pupil to the expansion. If the expected response is missing, it means, the eye is most likely struck by the horner syndrome or any other pathology. In any case, the diagnostic study does not end.
  2. Setting the reaction delay time. As already noted, the pupil is deprived of the ability to respond in a timely manner in a timely manner. Knowing the temporary framework of natural adaptation, doctors can compare them at the rate of patient's eye response.
  3. Conducting magnetic resonance tomography. Using MRI, the diagnostic will establish whether the formation (for example, a tumor) exists that could provoke the development of the Gorner syndrome.

Treatment of the disease

Vegetative Disorder, Eyes, Vision, Nervous System, Gorner Syndrome

Despite a number of essential cosmetic defects, Gorner syndrome can be considered a rather harmless disease. True, this statement is fair only in the case when pathology is an ideopotic, that is, the one that appeared by itself. In the remainder cases, quite certain and sufficiently serious heavy disorders may be hidden for the external clinical picture of the syndrome.

To improve the condition of the patient, modern medicine uses the following methods:

  1. Neurostimulation. To certain muscles or whole areas of the person, in whose area, the effects of pathology are localized, the electrodes are fixed and the affected fabrics are stimulated by short electrical pulses. As a result of this procedure, blood circulation is improved, there is a complete or partial restoration of the functions of the eyes and face.
  2. Plastic surgery. Surgical scalpel, with which the external defects corrected, is sometimes the only solution to the problem (provided if the quality of view is not reduced).
  3. Medical treatment course. The vital activity of damaged fabrics of the face is stimulated by special preparations. Selection of medicines is carried out in a strictly individual order.
  4. Kinesotherapy - therapeutic physical exertion. The methodology is based on the impact on the sensitivity and functionality of the affected areas with the help of direct tactile contact - massage.
  5. Treatment of the underlying disease, on the basis of which the disease of the sympathetic nervous system originated.

Prevention of pathology

Vegetative Disorder, Eyes, Vision, Nervous System, Gorner Syndrome

Gorner syndrome is notable for the fact that it does not have specific treatment and prevention measures, because it can be generated by other diseases - numerous systemic violations that themselves require the close attention of specialists. It turns out that the need to diagnose this syndrome is to detect and confirm a more serious illness, which can threaten the patient's life. At the same time, the Gorner Syndrome cannot be called ordinary pathology: the state is inherent in specific symptoms, which requires certain measures for diagnosis and treatment.

It is important to take care of the patient that it is impossible to foresee and prevent the development of pathology. What a person can take in the name of his own health? The answer is simple: when suspicious and disturbing metamorphoses appear, which are reflected in appearance, you need to immediately appeal to specialists. Remember that in most cases the horner syndrome plays the role of shirma that hides more serious diseases.

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