Treatment of cough in children

Cocky is called a heavy flowing infectious disease, which is transmitted by air-droplet, is characterized by an acute inflammatory response of the respiratory tract and the attacks of the strongest spastic cough, severe treatment. Traditionally, the infection is considered a typical childhood disease.

The causative agent of the disease is a short fixed wand with rounded ends. The microorganism is very sensitive to the effect of the external environment, so bapposov is performed immediately after the material fence. Borgetiell (pathogen) destroys ultraviolet irradiation and simple drying. Bacterium susceptible to erythromycin, levomycetin, tetracycline preparations, streptomycin.

The mechanism of action of infection

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Children of early and preschool children are most often sick. With the same success, the causative agent falls into the organism of an adult, but in this case the identification of the disease is complicated due to the lack of typical of the spasmodic cough cough.

Poklush - exclusively anthroponous infection. This means that only a person can be a source and carrier of the disease. The most dangerous for healthy people consider patients with the initial form of a cough. After contact with the diseased infected turns out 85-95% of the contingent.

Bordelandel multiplies in the fibrous epithelium of the respiratory tract, but it will not fall into the bloodstream. The vital activity of the bacteria inhibits the activity of ciliary epithelium cilia, provoking the inflammation of the mucous membrane and the increased development of the secrecy. The result of the inflammatory reaction becomes a violation of the integrity of the epithelium of the respiratory tract and its subsequent death. The most detrimental pertussis is reflected in the state of small bronchi and bronchioles, which are clogged with deformed cells and mucus with formed traffic jams.

Cockstand toxins not only annoy the respiratory tract regularly, but also have a strong impact on the central nervous system. Allergic mechanisms are a major role in the formation of spasmodic cough. The resistant focus of excitement in the CNS explains the cough attacks in response to a wide variety of stimuli, as well as disappearance muscles (small children may suffer from convulsion).

Previously overwhelmed by a coup man can get sick from the patient.

Symptoms of Cockles

Kids Diseases, Pocklush, Cocky, Pediatrics

It is carried out in a catarrhal (initial) period of a cough period based on epidemiological information (contact with the carrier of the disease, no vaccinations). This data is a reason for bacteriological analysis. A positive result of the study gives a doctor the right to consider the diagnosis of profus.

Treatment of the disease

Cockup in children can be practiced at home. The exceptions are children younger than one year and patients with a severe flow of pertussis - they are hospitalized.

If it is timely to start antibiotic therapy - it is at the initial stage of the disease - it is possible to avoid the development of the exhausting cough. However, in the period when typical attacks of the cough are already gaining momentum, antimicrobial preparations do not have a positive effect on the course and clinical picture of the disease. In this regard, in the lungs and moderate forms of the disease Antibiotics, As a rule, do not rush to prescribe. Antibiotics treatment inevitably, if the cough is complicated by secondary infections.

Kids Diseases, Pocklush, Cocky, Pediatrics

The causative agent of the Pellower reacts to such groups of antibiotics as macrolides, tetracyclines, chloramphenicol. Erythromycin and azithromycin are primarily used, since the drugs whose existing substance is levomycetin toxic, and the tetracycline number of medicines are not prescribed to children under 8 years. If a secondary microflora is present against the background of the main disease, antimicrobial preparations of penicillin rows and streptomycin are usually used.

In order to weaken and ultimately stop the course of the disease to the patient can recommend antiallergic drugs (Tuesegil, Supratin, Pipolfen), calcium-containing drugs in complicated cases - short glucocorticosteroid courses (prednisolone). To facilitate coughing seizures, and neuroleptic preparations are prescribed to reduce their amount (aminezine, suspension). To make a thick wet less viscous, for help refer to inhalation with chymotrypsin and chemical.

Very large in the fight against the coup has a mode, free access of fresh air into the room where the sick person is located. We must try to avoid those reasons that are potential base for an attack (for example, eliminate negative emotional stimuli).

When the cough begins to retreat, physiotics, vitamins and biogenic stimulants become relevant.

Prevention of Cockle

The main warning measures regarding the disease are in vaccinations. The specific immunoprophylaxis is the DC vaccine - perform it to all the non-pecked coulter children aged 3 months to 3 years. This event either completely protects the child from risk to get sick (about 80% of children), or a small patient transfers his light shape.

Memo from our site: What do parents need to know

Kids Diseases, Pocklush, Cocky, Pediatrics

  1. Coughs can cause the slightest physical effort, chewing, swallowing, sneezing, negative emotions. Positive attitude of the child, on the contrary, is the main key to quick recovery. Try to avoid moving games with a child.
  2. Try to protect the sick child from dust as much as much as possible, clean it only when there is no baby.
  3. Food offer often, small portions. Food should be easy to cheer. Chewing gum is categorically prohibited.
  4. Warm and dry air in the children's room - a guarantee that the child will hurt for a very long time, because such conditions only thicken the sputum, which is clogged by its respiratory tract, increase the number of cough attacks and increase the risk of developing complications - lung inflammation. Fresh, ideally wet, air is the right way to a speedy recovery. This means that you need to walk more often with the child, especially before bedtime. Effective walking near reservoirs.

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