Application Gedelix

The pharmaceutical industry produces many medicines, the action of which is aimed primary on the fight against coughing and other symptoms of infections of respiratory authorities. Among them are natural, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic preparations. And if you prefer precisely natural medicines, then you should pay attention to Gedelix.

General information about the drug

Bronchi, Gedelix, cough, cold, cough syrup

One of the main components of Gedelix is ​​the plant ivy. This is a liana that clings to support and crawls up. It feeds only with the help of the root system, and the suction cups only help him hold on weight. There are species that as if the rug is covered with horizontal surfaces. Leaves at Ivy Bottle-Green Color, they are smooth, harsh. Flowers have a minority, salad color, collected in the inflorescence baskets. Little berries are kept closer to the cold, similar to purple balls. Ivy is found not only in natural conditions, decorative species like to plant dackets on their land plots. They decorate at home, gazebos, fences. Still in the ancient times of decoctions from ivy, they were actively used to treat cough, gallbladder, liver, wound surface healing. For therapeutic purposes take sprigs with leaves and flower. In the raw materials there are glycosides, saponins, organic acids, vitamins E, A, pectins, tanning and resinous substances, flavonoids, iodine, other trace elements. Gedeliks in the form of a syrup or drops helps to free the respiratory tract from the sputum there, acts as a muscolitic, dilutes a viscous secret, relieves the muscles of the muscles of the respiratory system. Another drug shows antibacterial and antifungal agents. He is produced in Germany. Gedelix has long been popular in Europe. They were interested in Russia, conducted large-scale surveys among those who used in the treatment of diseases accompanied by different types of cough, ivy preparation. The survey results showed that there were no negative consequences after the treatment of Gedelix in patients. If this tool is included in the treatment in the first days of the disease, then positive results are soon stated. Therefore, the therapists and pediatricians of our country now consider Gedelix an effective means to treat cough, purification from mucus of respiratory organs.

In addition to the extract prepared from Ivy's leaves, the composition was introduced: anise oil Star (Fennel), glycerol, sorbitol solution, purified water, propylene glycol, glycerylhydroxyistarate macrogol. There are no alcohol, preservatives, artificial dyes.

When Gedelix is ​​shown

Bronchi, Gedelix, cough, cold, cough syrup

Drops are used only for internal use, fusing in bottles - droppers of 50 ml. The liquid is brown and spicy aroma. These drops have the same composition components. But here is the amount of extract from ivy leaf significantly more. Still in drops there is mint oil. The drops are contraindicated in those who suffer from bronchial asthma, is inclined to bronchospasm, or when identifying hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drug. Drops do not give children under two years. Drops more effectively dilute sputum, and kids still do not know how to flick well. And now about the dosage:

  • Children from two to four years old droplets give three times 16 drops per reception;
  • from four to ten years echoes three times on 21 drops;
  • Children from ten years old and adults need to abandon 31 drops three times a day.

This tool can be littered with water.

In most cases, cough fully passes in seven days to achieve a more persistent medical effect course can be extended for another three days.

This question is appropriate: whether it is possible to use pregnant women to use pregnant women and those who feed the baby breast? The effect of the drug on the development of the fetus and the course of pregnancy has not been studied. Therefore, the manufacturer does not recommend during the period of wear and breastfeeding women to resort to helping this means. But there are doctors who still consider it appropriate to appoint Gedelix to those women who have a tendency to serious bronchitis. In many cases, the reception of this drug helped them avoid treatment with antibiotics.

special instructions

Bronchi, Gedelix, cough, cold, cough syrup

If, in the days of the adherence of Gedelix, the patient's well-being (especially the child) does not improve, with an increase in temperature, the appearance of pus in the spurry, seizures, do not lose time and consult your doctor.

Perhaps need to clarify the diagnosis or change the tactics of treatment.

It should not be used with Gedelix to use drugs whose action is aimed at suppressing cough reflex, otherwise it will make it difficult to remove the sputum from the body.

It is important for suffering sugar diabetes that sorbitol is present in syrup.

Gedelix contains extractive substances, so the solution can change the taste or to poison. These phenomena do not indicate the deterioration of the effectiveness of the drug. The main thing is to pay attention to what the date is the drug. If the bottle is opened, then its contents must be used for six months.

The practice of using plants for the treatment of ailments has not lost its relevance and nowadays. In preparations created on the basis of phytosyrse, there are many advantages compared to the resulting synthesized way. Phytopreparations are gentle by the body, they have no side effects either such happen only in overdose. The main thing is to use them competently.

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