When OralSept® is used

Surely for each of us phrase «SORE THROAT» Causes a sad picture of seasonal colds, ORVI and other inflammatory diseases that suddenly violate our usual rhythm of life. Regardless of the reasons, pain in the oral cavity and in the throat often cause real suffering.

Today, pharmacies offer a number of drugs with anesthetic and antiseptic effect. But it often happens that drugs are either uncomfortable, or they can not get to the pain. However, OralSept® spray is different and ease of use. An additional advantage is its versatility - this is a local painkillers with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal effect.

Diseases of the throat, throat, oralsept, mouth cavity, spray

Our site will tell everything about this universal non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

OralSept® General Information

In one dose of a transparent yellow-green solution with a mint taste containing 0.255 mg of benzidamine, which is the main active substance. Total vial of 30 ml is designed for 176 doses. When you open a cardboard pack, where the medicine is placed together with the instructions, you will see a plastic opaque white bottle.

The peculiarity of the structure of the bottle is that the nozzle can be folded. Before irrigation, you only need to raise the nozzle at an angle of 90 degrees to the bottle, and after use - just fold.

Diseases of the throat, throat, oralsept, mouth cavity, spray

Diseases of the throat, throat, oralsept, mouth cavity, spray

Diseases of the throat, throat, oralsept, mouth cavity, spray

Easy to use ensures that the nozzle is not lost in the first-aid kit or bag, and you will not have irritation, again and again collecting «constructor».

When OralSept® is appointed?

Due to the fact that the composition of OralSept® includes a benzidamine, this spray can be prescribed with a large spectrum of diseases of the ENT organs and the oral cavity, as well as in dental diseases. So, the OralSept® spray is used in the following testimony:

  1. Famous trio - pharyngitis, tonsillitis and laryngitis. In the first case, it is inflammation of the mucous meal, in the second - almonds, in the third - voice ligaments.
  2. Inflammation of a different nature in the oral cavity. For example, gingivitis and periodontalosis (when the gums are inflamed), Glossite (when language tissues are inflamed). As for Stomatitis, it is known that this disease can be bacterial, viral and fungal nature. Therefore, the universality of OralSept® in this case is indispensable.
  3. Calculse inflammation of the salivary glands due to the formation of small stones in them. This diseases are most often found among schoolchildren.
  4. Surgical intervention and injury. For example, removal of almonds, fractures of jaws
  5. Thrush in the mouth. Here, spray performs in the therapy as a local antifungal agent.
  6. Also OralSept® helps to warn inflammatory processes after you cured or removed tooth.

Who should not use OralSept®?

Spray is contraindicated to people with increased sensitivity to benzidamin or other auxiliary substances. As we know, increased sensitivity to medical drugs occurs in allergy. If you know about your allergic reactions to any medicines, you must treat all new drugs carefully.

Children under 3 years old Also can not splash oralcept®, since clinical trials for patients of this age group did not conduct.

Carefully Apply spray in patients with increased sensitivity to acetylsalicylic acid and other NSAIDs. Also gently use the sprays should people with bronchial asthma, because the development of bronchospasm is not excluded.

And is it possible to pregnant?

Despite the fact that OralSept® is applied locally and practically not absorbed and does not have a general impact on organs and tissues, clinical trials, as influenced by OralSept® for pregnancy and lactation, were not conducted. It is also unknown, it penetrates or no benzidamine into breast milk. Responsibility for the use of OralSept® in pregnant women or nursing should take on the doctor who appointed spray.

Method of application and dosage

Spray is designed for local applications. Pressing absolutely always allocated a standard dose of medication - 0.17 ml, which is possible thanks to a special dispenser.

The amount of doses is determined by the age of the sick:

  • kids from 3 to 6 years old the amount of irrigation is determined by weight. Every 4 children's kilogram correspond to one dose (but at the same time a maximum of 4 doses). Splashing from two to six times a day;
  • Children from 6 to 12 years old are splashing 4 doses from two to six times a day;
  • Children over 12 years old and adults splashing 4-8 doses from two to six times a day.

Our site warns that for absolute accuracy of the dosage between each pressing should pass 5 seconds!

A course of treatment It depends on what exactly needs to be cured:

  • Inflammation in the oral cavity and pharynx are treated for 4-15 days;
  • Dental diseases and gum disease are treated with 6-25 days;
  • After surgical interventions and injuries, OralSept® use 4-7 days;

Before starting therapy, do not forget to consult with your doctor. With a debt of use, we also need to consult a doctor. And the MPsovtsov warns that it is impossible to splash over the recommended dosage.

OralSept® is released without prescription, but regardless of whether the drug is prescription or not, you should always consult with your doctor. Even it will definitely not be.

Side effects

Among these can be noted local reactions in the form of dryness, numbness in the mouth, burning (pass quickly). As well as allergic - reaction of hypersensitivity, itching or rash on the skin, urticaria, sensitivity to ultraviolet, swelling of quinque, anaphylactic reactions. Also manufacturers note possible laryingospasms. If you suddenly notice other side effects, consult a doctor!

Overdose? Unlikely

As for overdose, it is possible solely if the spray falls inside in a dose, which is several hundred times the therapeutic. For this you need to actually enjoy the contents of the bottle. What is unlikely, though? But if it happens, then the appearance of excitement, cramps, tremor. The victim can sick, his movements will lose coordination, and he himself will cut over. Such a large dose requires a speedy rinse of the stomach and other manipulations that only experts will be able to spend. So call an ambulance.

Our site draws your attention to discontinue treatment if you have noticed the reaction of hypersensitivity. Further actions will determine the doctor. If the ulcer loss of the mucous membrane has happened and the symptoms hold more than three days, you also need to consult a doctor.

special instructions

If you irrigated the throat more than recommended, rinse the mouth of the mouth. If accidentally fell into the eyes (which is very undesirable), also rinse them with water in large numbers.

When using the spray, you can safely led any vehicle. However, OralSept® does not affect any other activities requiring increased concentration.

Store the drug is necessary at temperatures up to 25 ° C inclusive and away from the ubiquitous children's hands.

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