Basnedova disease


Basnedova disease
Basedova disease (diffuse toxic goiter, or a graves disease) — autoimmune
The disease in which the thyroid gland increases and its increases
function. An autoimmune mechanism means that the immune system produces
Substances damaging their own cells. Immunity cells produce
protein stimulating thyroidocytes, as a result of which appears and grows
Toxic goiter.

Causes of Basned Disease

The causes of the Based disease can be hereditary predisposition and chronic
Foci infection in the body, especially chronic angins. Risk increases U
Sick diabetes patients, vitiligo, Addison disease. The development of the goiter maybe
be provoked by viral infections. The most susceptible to the disease
Women of young and middle age.

Symptoms of the Basned Disease

Diffuse toxic goiter has a negative impact on many systems and

  • Cardiovascular
  • nervous
  • eyes;
  • digestive
  • Paul
  • adrenal glands.

The course of the base disease

Basnedova disease
Sleep complaints, unstable mood, increased
sweating, soles of heartbeat, trembling in the fingers of hands, weight loss
Elevated appetite, constant feeling of heat. There is a dark skin coloring occurs,
The most pronounced in the region. Sometimes dense swelling in the area
Glands and Stop.

Iron increases, becomes noticeable. When palpation is usually
dense and painless. A characteristic symptom of the Basady Disease are changes from the eye.
Eyes shine, they are widely disclosed, flashing rare. Eye apple looks
Enlarged and emitted. Eyelids can be edema. There is a violation
food of the eyeball, there is a neuritis of the optic nerve, infectious
Inflammatory processes in conjunctiva and centuries.

Toxic goiter there are violations from the cardiovascular system.
The patient worries the rapid heartbeat, preserved even during sleep,
There are violations
Heart Rhythm.

Motoric gastrointestinal tract, nausea arise, less often vomiting, diarrhea.
Excess of thyroid hormones has toxic influence and leads to fat
dystrophy liver. On the part of the central nervous system, pain, insomnia, dizziness, alarming states are observed. Excessive thyroid function
glands leads to violation of other endocrine organs. Violated
work of the genital glands that women may be accompanied by violation
menstrual function and infertility, in men — Reduced potency. In Kore
adrenal glands decreases the production of hormones, which, in particular, violates the exchange
Glucose, leading to secondary diabetes mellitus.

Treatment of Basned Disease

The main method of treatment — conservative. Preparations are prescribed
The function of the thyroid gland — Tyreostatics (thiamazole, carbimazole, propicyl). IN
The beginning of the treatment is used by high doses, which are then reduced. Treatment
is carried out under the control of the level of hormones of the thyroid gland in the blood and
continues until complete elimination of symptoms of diffuse toxic goiter. For
Symptomatic treatment is used by beta-adrenoblays, immunocormers,

The absence of a positive effect from drug treatment is carried out
Surgical treatment of Basedova
Diseases. Conducts strokectomy — Thyroid Removal Operation.
Usually perform its partially or subtotal, leaving the area of ​​the gland that
Further can lead to its reuse.

Another one
The method may be treatment with radioactive iodine. It is appointed only
Patients of mature age and older. The treatment method is based on damage
radioactive iodine cells of thyroid gland.

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