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  • Danger of retinita
  • Reasons for retinita
  • Signs of retinita
  • Treatment of retinita

  • Retinit is inflammation of the retina. Mottility is one of the most complex and at the same time the most important structures of the eye. It is thanks to the retina that we can see. This is the only touch (that is, a sensitive) eye element. All other components perform a protective or nutrient function, and the retina is the only one who is responsible for their eyesight.

    Danger of retinita

    All about retireOf course, the inflammation of the retina is very serious and dangerous. First, during illness, vision is significantly reduced. But the most important thing is that the rapid inflammatory processes may end with the formation of scars. Scar, in fact, is a fragment «inanimate» fabric that is almost never absorbed.

    Formation of the scar in the retina, to put it mildly, an unpleasant phenomenon. It can cause loss of vision in the affected eye or «dropping out» defined fields. It all depends on the location of the site «omantic» fabrics. In the retina allocate the area of ​​the best vision, the so-called yellow stain zone. If the scar is pierced through it, then a person will never be able to clearly see the appropriate eye. Each view of the review will close the black shadow. Some items can be seen only what is called, the edge of the eye. Believed the scar formed outside the zone of the yellow spot, the situation will be reverse: some part of the periphery will be closed with a black spot, but it is worth focusing on the subject, and it will be visible quite clearly.

    In addition, in the inflammation of the retina there is another potential danger - hemorrhage. The more actively inflammation proceeds, the higher the probability of breaking vessels. Inflammatory «fire» may burn the walls of nearby small veins or arteries - first increase their permeability, and then the gap comes at all. In this case, the required blood rushes into the surrounding space - under the retina. Usually bleeding continues for a short time, but the formed blood clot is located in the inner layers of the retina and begins to give them away from each other. As a result, there is a real risk of complication - retinal detachment.

    Under the pressure of the blood cloth, the retina is stratified, which is lightningly manifested by impaired vision - the formation of a black strip, image distortion, or a sharp blindness occurs.

    Reasons for retinita

    The reason for the inflammation of the retina can be a variety of factors. This is, of course, infectious diseases. In this case, the retinit is caused by bacteria walking by the body, but it happens not so often and sometimes happens when sepsis - blood infect. Infection of retinal bacteria occurs during the injuries of the eyeball. Relatively easy to get into the body and get to the retina microbes can, if it is weakened by other ailments - allergies, chronic diseases.

    In addition to microbes cause inflammation, some metabolic disorders can also. Eye injury in itself can provoke retinit (as associated with the hit in the eye of microbes, and without them, in the latter case inflammation is easier).

    In addition, the retina inflammation may also be provoked by a light burn.

    Signs of retinita

    All about retireThe main and only symptom of the disease is visual impairment. The doctor using special equipment can easily examine the eye and reveal the mass of other signs of the retina inflammation, but the only thing that the patient complains - problems with vision. Retinit, as a rule, proceeds painlessly (at least at the beginning of the disease). But impairment of vision can wear the most diverse and fancy character. If the central part of the retina is covered with inflammation, then the vision is generally much reduced. In the center of the eye often stands black spot. In case the peripheral departments were subjected to inflammation, then the so-called concentric narrowing of the field of view occurs, a phenomenon occurs «Tunnel vision» - Only objects in the center are visible, and the edge of the eye can not see anything - a solid black, as if you look at the world through a long narrow tube.

    Very often there are simple light hallucinations - photopsy - these are flashes of light in front of the eyes that can take a variety of forms and very different in size. Flashing is often rounded, small diameter flashing in turn, or vice versa - in the form of one large non-moving source (something similar can be observed if you look at the sun for a long time, and then take a glance - for some time there is an orange disc). Metamorphycia is often mixed to photopsy - curvature, distortion of objects. The surrounding reality begins to swim, the items change the form.

    Another symptom is a violation of color. The inflamed retina cannot correctly interpret the colors and transmits a distorted information into the brain. So the world around the world while retrieves it is often radically changing painting. In most cases, these symptoms frighten the patient, as often develop on the background «Full health» and fell on it suddenly enough. The main thing is not to be panic! Retinal inflammation - severe illness requiring immediate hospitalization. With the appearance of the signs described above, it is necessary to urgently cause «ambulance» and try to move less on your own, best of all go and do not get up to the doctor's arrival to reduce the risk of retinal detachment.

    The specified complication manifests itself, as a rule, radical, even more sharp deterioration. The picture seems to be shifted, twisted, goes to the background. There is a feeling that the view of the sick eye is directed on the poor-quality screen in a cinema that begins and pegs in the wind. If you suspect a retinal detachment, you need to take the same actions in the case of retinit. However, it is fundamentally important here to take a horizontal position. On how quickly it is done, depend on the ability to restore vision on this eye. Best if about call «Emergency» And someone will take care of your transportation

    Treatment of retinita

    Treatment of retinitis is carried out only in the hospital. A wide variety of means are used as soon as possible «beat» inflammation and reduce swelling. In the first place are hormones (drops, ointments), anti-inflammatory (like paracetamol, aspirin, etc.), as well as vitamins and drugs that improve the nutrition of the retina (they allow affected cells to hold out until «Fire inflammation» will not fade; The less the retinal cells perish, the less likely the occurrence of the scar), and the case if inflammation is bacterial, antibiotics are applied. If inflammation proceeds especially hard, resort to the introduction of hormones under the eyeball.

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