Smoking and obstructive bronchitis


  • Chronic obstructive bronchitis
  • Symptoms and treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis

  • Chronic obstructive bronchitis

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - the new name of a very old disease, chronic obstructive bronchitis.

    Continuous poisoning of lungs smoke cigarettes, industrial emissions,
    Exhaust of cars, asphalt evaporation, etc. lead to
    long-term inflammation of the bronchi (bronchitis), to the loss of elasticity
    Light fabric (pneumosclerosis), partial destruction and blooming fabric
    Lights (emphysema). Eight million Russians are subject to this

    Hurried chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and ultimately
    Died from her, the great proletarian writer Maxim Gorky, big
    Russian actor Oleg Efremov and Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU Konstantin
    Ustinovich Chernenko. True, another 10 years ago there was no such disease -
    Diagnosis of chronic pneumonia, lung emphysema or chronic
    obstructive bronchitis. The only thing that ringed these completely different
    people - painful passion for smoking.

    Smoking and obstructive bronchitis
    Tobacocuria is one of the most insidious risk factors in
    Development of the disease, as a considerable period of time passes, sometimes
    more than ten - fifteen years before the clinical manifestations of chronic obstructive bronchitis will give the basis of the sick person to realize the pathogen

    Studies held in recent years especially actively allowed
    establish the fact that under the index of a smoking person exceeding the number
    120, the symptoms of chronic obstructive lung bronchitis will necessarily appear.

    The index of the smoking person is carried out as follows. Quantity
    Cigarettes smoked during the day multiplied by the number of months in
    year during which man smokes. If the result exceeds 120, then
    It is necessary to consider the symptoms - cough, the destruction of sputum, shortness of breath,
    as manifestations of bronchitis smoking man.

    Consider a specific example:
    Man smokes on day a pack (20) cigarettes and smokes all year round, his
    Index will be 20 x 12 = 240. This is a high indicator that
    allows the doctor to consider his patient as «maligning»

    It is also necessary to take into account the factor of passive smoking.
    Numerous studies found that passive smoking
    should be considered as a risk factor in the occurrence
    significant group of letters. Children are especially sensitive to
    Toxic and allergenic effects of tobacco smoke components.

    In families in which adults are smoking, children
    susceptible to respiratory diseases, acute infectious
    Diseases they acquire a protracted character, such children are significantly
    more often sick bronchial asthma.

    Symptoms and treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis

    The main clinical manifestations of chronic obstructive lung bronchitis are symptoms,
    Characteristic for chronic bronchitis: cough, increased products
    Bronchial Secretary and his branch of the respiratory tract with cough,
    dyspnea. As a result, gas exchange is broken, lungs cease to cope
    with the provision of an organism with oxygen, and the most serious and
    The most painful symptom of the disease - shortness of breath.

    Than chronic bronchitis differs from chronic obstructive bronchitis?
    The difference is the nature of violations of the ventilation function of the lungs.
    Chronic obstructive bronchitis is characterized by the fact that the cough and
    Wet selection joins shortness of breath. Dyspnea is a cardinal sign

    Treat such patients extremely difficult. Treatment does not give a momentum
    effect, efforts are required by the patient. The most important -
    It is necessary to stop smoking, and this seems impossible for many,
    causes irritation. But modern drugs with the desire of the patient
    follow the recommendations of the doctor allow to significantly improve it
    condition. First of all, these are anti-inflammatory inhalation and
    Bronchievous drugs. Physical workout play a big role
    and implementation of measures to prevent exacerbations.

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