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  • Quick and painless
  • How the beam acts
  • Who is shown Lasik-correction
  • Seven good reasons to remove glasses
  • Be aware: Why do we see bad?
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  • Candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the highest category Andrei Kovalev, helps to understand the possibilities of the newest technology.

    Quick and painless

    We turn eyes into a diamond!Laser correction today can be safely called the safest and efficient method of correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The essence of it is in evaporation (perverse) of the cornea layers, which is due to a special laser beam.

    The most popular method of laser correction of vision today is Lasik. It is held outpatient, under local drip anesthesia and lasts only 3-5 minutes (each eye). Painful feelings both during correction and after it – Minimal. Recovery period - from a few hours to days. That is, the next day after the correction, the patient gets good eyesight and can return to the usual way of life.

    How the beam acts

    It is known that the optical apparatus of the human eye (cornea, a crystal and a glassy body) has the smallest irregularities that cause image distortions (aberrations). The quality of the view after the correction directly depends on the accuracy and care of the elimination of these irregularities. The laser beam selectively adjusts only those areas of cornea that correct these distortion. As a result, absolutely all aberrations affect the quality of view are eliminated.

    Today, few lasers have such possibilities. The most modern ones are most individualized. Therefore, a person receives not only high visual sharpness (quantitative indicator in percent or «units»), but also the highest quality (clarity, brightness, contrast).

    Who is shown Lasik-correction

    Modern lasers make it possible to make correction when:

    • myopia - up to 12.0 D,
    • Falnodility - up to +7.0 D,
    • Astigmatism - up to 5.0 D.

    But! The possibility of using a particular method of correction in each particular case is determined by the doctor after careful and comprehensive surveys.

    Seven good reasons to remove glasses

    We turn eyes into a diamond!Our expert allocated 7 main points telling that laser correction – Very comfortable and necessary technique in modern life.

      Cause 1st. Laser Correction Safety. Today, using new technologies, laser correction has become an absolutely safe and guaranteed procedure.

      Cause 2nd. Fast achievement effect. After 12 hours your vision will improve and you can return to an ordinary lifestyle without any discomfort.

      Cause 3rd. Problems with glasses. With high myopia and / or astigmatism, glasses give a distorted picture of the surrounding world, and the frame narrows the field of view. Someone can not pick up quite comfortable frame, and someone just don't like how it looks in glasses.

      Cause 4th. The intolerance to contact lenses. Many people have allergies to the material of contact lenses, lenses storage solutions, protein sediments, inevitably accumulating on the surface of the lenses per day.

      Cause of the 5th. Risk associated with contact lenses. The infectious corneal ulcers are currently associated primarily with the long wearing of contact lenses. According to world statistics, the number of complications in people using contact lenses for a long time, significantly higher than those who have been made by laser correction.

      Cause 6th. Professional reasons. Many professions, especially related to physical labor, are associated with the difficulties of using glasses and contact lenses.

      Cause 7th. Lifestyle. Anyone who ever engaged in sports, and especially its views, knows how difficult it is, and often it is impossible to use glasses and contact lenses at this time.

    Stay in touch: Why do we see bad?

      We turn eyes into a diamond!Myopia (myopia). At myopia «Live lenses» - The cornea and lens - turn out to be too strong for the size of the eye, because of this, the image focuses before the retina. At the same time, the ability to see close to clearly, and remote objects - blurred. Indications: Until recently, we had to wear glasses with concave glasses or contact lenses to focus the image on the retina. Now doctors advise laser correction. In recent years, a completely new method of correction of myopia without glasses has appeared, without day lenses and without surgery. This night correction is vision using refractive therapy.

      Falcastness (hypermetropium). With farnicide, conversely, cornea and lens – too weak, so the image focuses behind the retina. At the same time, the most blurred images of close objects. Indications: Glasses with collecting convex lenses or contact lenses for focusing images on retina. In addition, modern laser correction allows you to accurately correct and limitedness.

      Astigmatism. The shape of the cornea can be compared with «Egg in profile», What gives a blurred, fuzzy image. Often, astigmatism is combined with other impaired eye optics, although it may occur independently. Indications: Special glasses (cylinders) or special (toric) Contact lenses gradually go to the past. Now, as proved by world experience, the most reliable way to improve vision in this case – Laser correction.

    by the way

    • The laser correction method is applied since 1988. More than 2.5 million people per year around the world restore the vision of exactly in this way.
    • 1 Laser pulse evaporates the cornea on 1/500 human hair thickness.
    • In the study of the cornea in the process of preparing for laser correction for 2.7 seconds, 9 thousand measurements are made.

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