How to prepare for the festive feast?


How to prepare for the festive feast?When choosing
Medicinal preparation for the treatment of a particular patient practitioner doctor
First of all, his enzyme composition should know,
The degree of activity of components, take into account the form, severity and
Reliability of pathological changes and motor disorders of organs
gastrointestinal tract. Our questions about the role of enzyme preparations in
Prevention and therapy of diseases of the digestive organs agreed to answer WITH.G.Burkov
— Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department
gastroenterology, ultrasound and
endoscopic research, deputy chief physician for clinical expert
work of FGBU «Polyclinic number 3» Office of the President of the Russian Federation.

— Sergey Gennadevich, in recent years, the number of patients with
Disorders of digestion. What do you think it is connected with?

— IN
Recent decades around the world there is a significant increase not only
the numbers of patients suffering from diseases of the digestive organs
Disps (various violations by origin and symptoms
digestion) is diagnosed in 75-90% of cases, but also healthy persons,
There are complaints on the symptoms of gastric or intestinal dyspepsia. Explanation
Multiple facts can be given: a change in lifestyle and character
Food, food use with various additives (flavors,
dyes, fillers and t.D.), increasing the number of persons who use, often
Abuse of alcoholic beverages, smokers. In addition, distribution
self-medication, including the use of drugs that can have
Negative impact on the function of the pancreas and intestinal microflora,
His motility and launches the mechanism of development of relative enzyme
insufficiency (when enzymes are produced enough, but they cannot

— Before the new year remains quite a bit, and in the run-up
New Year's holidays I would like to talk about traditional for Russia
feasts and their hidden threat to digestion. What's the harmful
acts on the pancreas?

— Good
It is known a detrimental effect on the pancreas of overeating, use
fatty food and especially any
Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, brandy).

It does not follow
Forget about toxic tobacco action. Abundant fatty food,
alcohol — Some of the main causes of damage to the pancreas, development
chronic pancreatitis, the appearance of symptoms of dyspepsia, and since those who want
«Sweet» eat and drink in the New Year
We have plenty of vacation, then «Problems S
digestion» These days are becoming more and more. It must be remembered that in the fabric
pancreas, in contrast to the liver tissue, there is no enzyme,
splitting alcohol, so toxic effects on the gland — most
Direct, and toxic dose of alcohol for pancreas 4 times lower than
For liver. It is impossible to underestimate
and negative effect of smoking. It is proved that acetic aldehyde formed when
disintegration of tobacco smoke, the strongest poison for the pancreas.

Therefore, when
The impact of all listed factors is not just
Symptoms of dyspepsia, and pancreatitis (primarily acute) very likely
(Unfortunately, confirms New Year's statistics).

— In the life of every person there are situations when inevitably festive
feast, and to keep out of the abundance of exquisite dishes is impossible. When healthy
Man can resort to the help of enzymes?

— Reception
enzyme preparations are recommended to improve food digestion not only
patients, but also to people with a normal function of the gastrointestinal tract, for example,
In the event of merors in nutrition in the festive feast, when edible changes

Travels, when changing the usual national cuisine, impaired reception mode
Food. Development of symptoms of gastric or intestinal dyspepsia (sensation of gravity,
Overflows in the opposite region, nausea, bloating, rumbling, transfusion in
intestine, challenge chairs) are also indications for receiving enzyme
drugs. In addition, the reception of enzyme preparations is shown to improve
digestion people having disorders of digestion due to lack of teeth,
Lifeline lifestyle, need to abide by bed. Especially
This applies to older patients.

— Sergey Gennadevich, how often it is necessary to take enzyme preparations, and in
what time — before, during or after eating?

— Today on pharmaceutical
The market has a large number of different enzyme preparations, but the greatest
Mezim uses popularity® Forte, the reception of which should be
Conjugate food, it is best to take 1-2 tablets inside
immediately before meals, it is also possible to eat or immediately after it (before
and after visiting guests or a restaurant accompanied by an abundant feast, and
especially — drinking alcoholic beverages). Drug medicinal
The remedy is better warm water (categorically impossible to drink tea, juice).

— Sergey Gennadevich, please advise how to enjoy
festive table and at the same time not pay
For this with his own well-being and good mood.

— The main thing -
rationality and moderation in food, drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition to
this, in the New Year holidays so that there is no «painfully hurt»,
accompany the feast of reception perfectly proven themselves enzyme

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