Gardnerellёz (bacterial vaginosis)


  • What it is?
  • The cause of the disease gardnerellezom
  • How to recognize
  • The dangerous
  • Diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis
  • Treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis

  • However, as soon as the balance is lost (goiter): some bacteria
    It becomes larger or smaller than normal; Women in the sex organs
    there is a disease.

    What it is?

    or bacterial vaginosis - just one of these diseases. Causes
    his little bacterium Gardnerella vaginalis, which normally lives
    in the urinary tract and vulva. Lever can be
    during sexual intercourse.

    If a woman has broken the microflora
    vagina, and it reduced the number of beneficial bacteria, start
    to proliferate is not very useful, including gardnerelly.
    Often there is a mixed infection with Gardnerella gonococci, trichomonas, chlamydia and mycoplasma.

    gardnerellezom only the fairer sex. According to
    medical statistics at present suffering from the disease to 20%
    of all women aged 18 to 50 years.

    The cause of the disease gardnerellezom

    Gardnerellёz (bacterial vaginosis)
    changes in vaginal microflora, and thus activate gardnerellas,
    can cause: douching, antibiotics, use
    contraception and treatment of vaginal suppositories, and pastes. Besides,
    bacterial activity increases when a woman is disturbed hormonal
    background, reduced immunity, as well as during times of stress.

    that bacterial vaginosis are more likely to occur in women,
    changing lovers like gloves, but he was found among odnolyubok
    relatively rare.

    How to recognize

    In 90% of men and 50%
    gardnerella women does not cause any discomfort. And because
    a person is a carrier of the bacteria, it can easily infect
    it your sexual partner.

    To suspect that she
    bacterial vaginosis, a woman may one very distinctive feature:
    the appearance of abundant grayish-white discharge from the external genitalia
    bodies that stink of rotten fish. Thus labia redden
    and swollen, the woman feels the itching and burning, especially during urination
    and sexual intercourse.

    Men gardnerella disease almost never causes. Only in a few cases (in most unlucky) can occur urethritis
    (Inflammation of the urethra). Then the man will appear
    grayish discharge with a specific fishy smell from the penis.
    Among other manifestations observed usual urethritis burning, itching or
    just discomfort when urinating.

    The dangerous

    doctors thought that bacterial vaginosis does not bring any harm. but
    Today he is considered a risk factor for uterine appendages inflammation, female
    infertility, premature birth, complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

    Diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis

    If you suspect bacterial vaginosis it is necessary to go to the doctor or dermatologist, venereal diseases. Only he can say for sure you are healthy or sick, and treated correctly.

    For the diagnosis of smear taken from the genitals to the research and make the bacteriological seeding.
    If you look under the microscope smear cells of the sick person, it is clear,
    they are covered with thick-gardnerellas microbes. It is worth to spend
    pH meter, normally in the vagina is acidic, while bacterial vaginosis -
    alkaline. The final diagnosis will help the reaction to isonitrile -
    substances that give secretions smell of rotten fish. Affected
    it is positive.

    Additionally, the physician may prescribe a blood test that, when bacterial vaginosis will reduce the number of white blood cells, although the same can occur with other diseases.

    Treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis

    treated with antibiotics and vitamins are administered simultaneously,
    immune stimulants and drugs that normalize microflora: laktobakterin
    and bifidobakterin. After completing the course of treatment will have to hand over a smear
    again. It is very important to treat not only the patient (patient), but also all
    her sexual partners.

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