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    Not gay thrushWeaker sex

    Statistics - Science strict, and she claims thatthree-quarters of women in the world suffered from thrush, and 40% of the fairer sex disease appeared again. In this case, the "weak" - not hackneyed definition, and the most accurate description of the state of health: recurrent candidiasis - a sure sign of lowered immunity.

    The fungus Candida (he and causes thrush)constantly living in the vagina without causing problems. Only under certain conditions it begins to multiply at lightning speed, leading to pain, itching and a white curd, which is so unpleasant to discover on his underwear.


    Thrush - punctual lady, comes strictly under theschedule: during menstruation, when conditions are favorable for the growth of fungi; during the period of ovulation in the formulation of the hormone progesterone, promotes the growth of fungi in general and Candida in particular; during pregnancy; when using hormonal drugs - whether contraceptives or steroids; spring and summer during the exacerbation of allergies; while the use of antibiotics that violate the usual relationship mikroobitateley our body.

    Abuse sweet, obesity, violationsthe digestive system (dysbiosis - an incorrect value for the different representatives of the fungal flora in the body), a passion for narrow synthetic panties and strongly stretch pants can also lead to thrush.

    The milk foam

    During his illness vaginal mucosacovered with a milky-white film consisting of a fungus sprouted and epithelial cells - the top of the mucous layer. The "lightweight" the case of thrush goes away, but after the first menstrual period (or under the influence of any of the above factors) returns. It passes back passes. This circle can be accessed only by contacting a doctor for advice, and passed the course of treatment.

    Young mothers is especially important to monitor their health: the fungus Candida can be transmitted and baby, newborn infection weakens the body and can lead to more serious infection diseases.

    In the "complex" case of the vaginal mucosa,affected thrush becomes similar to the old tree bark - and shows the erosion and cracks. It is clear that such "stuffing" of the pain does not stop, and sex becomes torture - for this thrush called "destroyer of family life." In this case, it is necessary to unconditionally and immediately go to the doctor and to save yourself and your sex life.

    What to do with this thrush?

    In order to part forever with thrush, it is necessary to follow the whole range of medical advice. At firstAt the time of treatment refrain from sexcontact (you do not want to fungus "pleased" and your partner?), or use a condom. But first convince him to undergo treatment for yeast to protect it from possible development balanoposthitis, and themselves - from re-infection. It suffices for 3 days to apply some antifungal cream. For example, "Mifungar" - it does not cause allergies and does not stain clothes.

    Secondly, Use of the sanitary innovation - samodezinfitsiruyuschimisya wipes, pads impregnated with an antimicrobial.

    Thirdly, Limit yourself to sweet.

    Fourth, Refuse perfume and antibacterial soap for washing away - it only promotes the growth of the fungus, it is best to use the usual children's soap.

    Fifthly, During illness do not take a bath and do not use sprays, creams, perfumes for the perineum - the funds also contribute to inflammation of the mucous membrane.

    At sixth, Use white toilet paper of good quality.

    Seventhly, Wear only cotton panties and change them every day, and dragging away from synthetics kombidressy send on vacation.

    And finally, the most important thing. For a complete and irrevocable cure thrush is necessary to use drugs, which are now a great many, and which will help you understand the gynecologist.

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