The six most popular cosmetic surgeries


  • Lift the skin of the forehead and around the eyebrows
  • Correction of the eyelids (blepharoplasty)
  • Facelifting (rhytidectomy)
  • Liposuction
  • the form of nose correction (rhinoplasty)
  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

  • Professionally executed
    surgery can radically change your image in the eyes of others and your
    own eyes. Acquired in a business confidence and high
    self-esteem will certainly affect all aspects of your life.

    But if the operation is called
    "Cosmetic" it does not mean that it is devoid of any risk. Of course,
    Some cosmetic procedures are more dangerous than others, but almost
    without exception, the operation could lead to complications of a
    kind. Infection monkeyThe six most popular cosmetic surgeriesobrazhivanie, paralysis and even death - that's possible
    the results of any, even the most innocuous and minor cosmetic
    operation. These undesirable effects occur cosmetic surgery
    no less frequently than complications after operations of any other type.

    The following describes the six most
    popular cosmetic surgeries. All of them can be a danger to
    health (from scarring to the paralysis of the facial muscles), or even life
    patient (when it comes to liposuction). To reduce the possibility of complications can
    the choice of an experienced and highly qualified cosmetic surgeon.

    Lift the skin of the forehead and around the eyebrows

    This cosmetic surgery
    wrinkles on the forehead, brow lifts, as well as the skin around the eyebrows,
    hanging over his eyes. This removes excess tissue and stretched the skin on
    forehead. The recovery period - from 7 to 10 days at home (or less,
    if the operation is performed with the endoscope, i.e. fewer
    cuts); wounds heal within two to three weeks. results of operations
    Reserved 5-10 years. Possible complications: the immobility of facial muscles,
    muscle relaxation, infection, scarring, asymmetry.

    Correction of the eyelids (blepharoplasty)

    The purpose of this operation -
    eliminate swelling eyelids and bags under the eyes by removing excess fat
    and the skin and muscle tissue. The recovery period - from 7 to 10 days in the home;
    during the first two to three days after the operation can not be read, for two
    weeks after surgery can not wear contact lenses; for several
    weeks is maintained swelling and bruising. operation results are saved on the
    some years; sometimes for life. Possible complications: temporary double vision
    and the loss of clarity of vision, infection, bleeding, swelling, dryness
    In eyes; inability to fully close your eyes; sagging lower eyelid requires
    further surgery; enduring blindness.

    Facelifting (rhytidectomy)

    This operation helps to return
    old form blurred facial features, including pull up saggy skin on
    cheeks and chin, to remove excess fat, muscle pull and tighten the skin.
    The recovery period - from 10 to 14 days in the home; hematoma
    stored for two to three weeks. operation results are stored for 5-10 years. possible
    complications: paralysis of facial muscles, infection, bleeding, scarring, radical
    - And not always desirable - to change the appearance.


    This operation is aimed at correcting the figures by
    removal of fat deposits. To do this, the excess fat is sucked through a special
    a tube connected to a vacuum device. With tumescent liposuction in the region,
    subject to operation anesthetic is first administered with saline.
    Using this technique to reduce swelling and bruising after
    operation. With ultrasonic liposuction fat liquefies under the influence of sound
    waves of a certain frequency, after which it was removed.

    The recovery period - from
    1 to 2 weeks at home; swelling and bruising are stored on
    one to six months. Subject diet and sports results
    transactions are stored for life. Possible complications: wrinkling or sagging
    skin, age spots, skin damage, excessive fluid loss,
    causing shock, infection, burns, cardiac arrest. medical practiceThe six most popular cosmetic surgeries
    there are cases where liposuction resulted in death.

    the form of nose correction (rhinoplasty)

    This operation is aimed at correcting
    shape of the nose or eliminate airway obstruction by cutting or
    changes in the shape of cartilage or bone. The recovery period - from 1 to 2 weeks at home
    conditions; complete healing takes a year or more. operation results are saved for all
    a life. possible
    complications, infection, damage to the small blood vessels, causing
    redness on the nose appear; the possible need for further operations.

    A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty


    This operation tightens
    saggy skin on her stomach. During the operation remove excess fat and skin, and have bent
    muscles. The recovery period - from 2 to 4 weeks at home; at
    4-6 weeks should not be actively engaged in sports and physical exercise
    activity; visible seams for 3 months - two years. Subject to
    diet and sports results of the operation are stored for life. possible
    complication: blood clots, infection, scarring; the second may be required

    Even though cosmetic surgery performed
    without a hitch, the result is not always in line with expectations
    To get the most accurate prediction of the results of operations
    using digital photography and specialized computer programs.
    The effectiveness of the operation largely depends on the professionalism and
    the experience of the surgeon, and
    a number of specific features: skin type, the ability to
    healing, overall health.

    Be sure to discuss with your surgeon,
    what do you expect from the surgery to avoid possible disappointment. Experienced and
    skilled surgeon will prepare the patient to ensure that the operations can result
    not justify his expectations.

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