How to remove the belly after cesarean sections

During pregnancy, I don't want to think about adversity. Even if a woman knows that she has to be promptly awarded, thoughts are still engaged in pressing problems. «Changing priorities» happens a few days after the birth of the baby. It is this moment for a woman very difficult - a little free time appeared on the thoughts about his own appearance.

During pregnancy, I don't want to think about adversity. All thoughts are spinning around the appearance of a baby on light, pleasant hassles, preparation for his arrival home from the hospital. Even if a woman knows that she has to be promptly awarded, thoughts are still engaged in pressing problems. Caring for appearance and its own health is carried out only in direct communication with the child. «Changing priorities» happens a few days after the birth of the baby. He was already transferred to the chamber to her mother, the contact was gradually improved, household trivia moved to the background. It is this transitional moment for a woman very difficult - a little free time appeared on the thoughts about his own appearance and condition after delivery.

Especially close attention is paid to the belly, which has a rather unsightly species. Yes, no other event will be compared with the joy of maternity, but sagging leather, stretching and not in a hurry to leave weight capable strongly spoil the mood.

During pregnancy, there is no particular opportunity to prevent stretch marks. Most of the little of the effective creams and lotions are made on a hormonal basis, therefore do not fit into use in pregnant women. So it remains for future moms as much as possible to moisturize the stomach and restrain himself when he begins to hide.

After childbirth, the situation does not change dramatically. Ahead of a long period of breastfeeding and hormonal creams again move away to the side. But the problem is not so large, as it seems a new mom. There are a lot of safe ways to strengthen the muscles of the front abdominal wall and getting rid of «Apruk».

Exercise stress

How to remove the belly after cesarean sections
The main problem with which women face after cesarean sections are temporary incapacity for any physical exertion. Maximum weight that is allowed to raise a young mother is her newborn baby. In addition, with difficulty standing out of a lying position, a woman does not immediately want to download the press or do other exercises loading abdominal muscles. First, it hurts. Cesarean section - Classical extension operation with dissemination of all the stomach layers up to the uterus. Therefore, the period of rehabilitation is elongated. Although many doctors note incomparably faster healing of postoperative scars after cesarean sections than after any other band. Maybe all thing in the hormone «happiness»?

One way or another, but physical activity should not be limited to getting off the bed. Swing press can be started no earlier than four months after surgery and, subject to the full viability of the seams. But the respiratory gymnastics and some exercises from yoga for beginners will help to avoid hypodynamics and hypotrophy abdominal muscles.

Loads are easier tolerated in a horizontal position, so before getting up in the morning from bed or after rest, lift alternately straightened legs. First a couple of times, then more. Turn on the side and repeat the exercise. If it is forced to alternate the thoracic and abdominal type of breathing, then to prepare for intensive training in the future will be much easier.

Bandage after cesarean sections

How to remove the belly after cesarean sections
No matter how hurts, from «Belly» Get rid of wanting as soon as possible. Considering the fact that muscle cut off during surgery, it can be assumed that the support that they was given throughout the pregnancy was significantly weakened. The skin does not have muscle cells, so it is not possible to decrease independently. So you need to help one to catch others. A miracle belt comes to the rescue - bandage. Women heard about him as good support for a growing tummy, which reduces the load on the spine and preventing the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Many have already managed to try.

This applies to the aesthetic side of the use of bandages. Doctors advise wearing bandages and patients who have suffered operations on the abdominal cavity. And it is connected with both care and seams and as the prevention of postoperative hernia.

Hernia is a loss between the muscles (dissected or integer) parts of the organ or fabric. As a result of this process, there is a compression of nerve endings and blood vessels, the soreness of hernia and other symptoms increases. Treatment In most cases, operational - muscle dissection, the right of the organ or tissue, the east of the muscles and their fixation.

Why is formed hernia? Due to excessive physical load or weakness of the muscular corset. In a woman, after the cesarean section in excess and the other. Therefore, the correct wearing of the bandage and becomes the main point of care for its own health and appearance for the first months after delivery.

What are bandages

Their choice is not distinguished by breadth, but we are important. If we compare postoperative bandages with postpartum, then there are no cardinal differences. Postpartum bandages can be in the form of underwear with an overwhelmed waist or just a belt. As well as postoperative. The difference in one - bandages for fixing the abdominal wall after the operation is significantly the tight and pressure can be stronger. After the seams are removed, and conclusion is made about their consistency, the need for a tight wearing of the bandage disappears, and the time comes for gradual (!) abdominal muscle development. But at this stage, it should not completely refuse to support - let it rarely, but the seams can diverge.

Choosing bandage

How to remove the belly after cesarean sections
Women usually «Bare» Between the two types: Bandage-panties and bandages in the form of a wide belt.

Bandage-panties are not very convenient for constant wearing, especially in the last trimester, - frequent visit to the Ladies room makes the process of dressing-undressing very long. In addition, its supporting properties are somewhat lower and after surgery such a bandage will be absolutely not functional.

Bandages are belts universal in wearing - you can wear it on clothes, and under the clothes, to shoot anyone. However, difficulties may occur with the choice of the right size. In the last trimester, the fruit begins to actively grow, the stomach increases quickly. If you bought a bandage on sixth month pregnancy, then there is a chance that at the beginning of the ninth month it will simply not go. The solution is simple - for the period of tooling, you buy antenatal bandage, and after surgery, you acquire a special postpartum or postoperative.

The correct wearing of the bandage is one of the important components of rapid rehabilitation after delivery. Given the fact that incision during the operation can pass both across the abdomen and along (it depends on the state of the woman and the emergence of childbirth), the correct way to fix and support the abdomen using a bandage should show a doctor. There is nothing complicated in this important process, and from the second and third time a woman will be able to cope without any assistance.


Training muscles of the abdominal press should be held «wisely» and gradually. Avoid unpleasant and painful sensations, as well as characteristic diseases, a young mother, who suffered a caesarean section, will help bandages. As the strength restoration and physical activity, the need for a band will disappear.

In trying to return the thin waist and the flat belly does not work the rule «the bigger, the better». Rather, on the contrary, it is important not to overdo it and remember that excessive load can lead to the discrepancy of the seams, and, it means that the second operation on excision of the edges of the failed scar. All would be nothing, the woman is able to endure a lot for beauty, but there is a more important reason why a young mother needs to be monitored, first of all, for his health - her newborn baby.

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