Tone of the uterus during pregnancy

The future mother in anticipation of his baby has to experience everything «Prelas» Pregnancy: nausea in the morning, swelling, cardinal change of gastronomic addictions and, of course, the tone of the uterus. Today, our site will tell, in what cases the tension of the body in which the baby develops is dangerous and how this danger is neutralized.

Sometimes women «pregnant» concerned about the new and drastic unpleasant feeling at the bottom of the abdomen. Soon the discomfort remains and the trace - it disappears by itself. However, if the painful feeling does not pass for a long time, it is better to reinforce it again and go for a consultation to the doctor. Perhaps this is hypertonus.

Reason for concern

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The uterus is formed from muscle tissue, and it can shrink from time to time and relax - this is normal. Voltage occurs in response to the nervousness of a pregnant woman, and just like a kind of training before childbirth. The doctor should be visited in case this condition delivers a future mother to a significant discomfort:

  1. The feeling of tension at the bottom of the abdomen and in the lower back is constant and does not depend on the change of mood.
  2. The tension in the uterus badly affects the well-being of a woman: it is difficult for her to fall asleep, it hurts, it is very worried about the unpleasant sensations.
  3. The tone is accompanied by other symptoms: discharge, pain.

Tonus may occur at the beginning of pregnancy and at its end, shortly before delivery. It feels his any woman, even absolutely healthy. But the suspicion of Hypertonus should not be easily imposed in any way! The price of such fromtenance is too high: the cuts of the uterus cause vascular spasms, and the baby begins to get less nutrients and oxygen from mom than it follows. This leads to slow growth and pathologies for the development of the fetus. The launched cases are tragic - spontaneous interruption of pregnancy (miscarriage in the early stages and Premature birth in later).

Causes of Hypertonus Mattik

Pregnancy, pain in pregnancy, gynecology, uterus hypertonus, pregnant health, uterus tone, threat during pregnancy

  1. Feelings similar to pulling pain in front of monthly in the lower abdomen. Their intensity varies from barely noticeable to painfully strong.
  2. Solid and tense belly.
  3. In some cases, together with the stomach «Net» sacrum.
  4. Catching pains lasting up to a few minutes. To the doctor appeal immediately!
  5. Blood selection are also a reason for applying for help from experts.

Treatment of Hypertonus

Pregnancy, pain in pregnancy, gynecology, uterus hypertonus, pregnant health, uterus tone, threat during pregnancy

Fortunately, the tone of the uterus is easily adjustable.

First of all, the tension of the uterus is removed using antispasmodics. If the future mother is very nervous, there may be a light sedative preparations for a short time.

The next step in solving the problem is to find out the cause of what is happening. If the hypertonus occurs on psychological soil, the patient is prescribed a course of spasmolitics, sedatives and psychological therapy. Deep psychological correction of a pregnant woman is not needed, but a group of psychological support, individual conversations with a psychologist and classes Preparation for birth Baby will definitely benefit.

In addition, the doctor will prescribe to pass common tests and examines the results of the study of blood clotting, it may be sent to an additional examination. Women who have suffered inconvenience to pregnancy in connection with the cycle impairment will have to pass blood for hormone analysis. If there is a need, the future mother will prescribe drugs that make blood less viscous. In case of violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, a diet is recommended to adhere to a diet, in complicated cases are treated for the help of a gastroenterologist.

How to help yourself yourself

Pregnancy, pain in pregnancy, gynecology, uterus hypertonus, pregnant health, uterus tone, threat during pregnancy

When the ultrasound and planned examinations of the attending physician prove that your health is in order, the pregnancy is developing normally and the child feels good, and the tone reminds itself with modest rare spasms, without causing your anxiety, learn how to cope with him on our own, without leaving home.

To hire an unpleasant feeling, you can drink 1 but-shop tablet or take advantage of rectal suppository with papaverine - it has a practically instant effect. It will not be superfluous to always have soothing preparations under hand, which includes Valerian extract or dyeing. If there is still a lot of time before delivery and you have no discharge, it will help to relax warm bath. Think that you usually pacify you - songs of your favorite group, reading or communicating with relatives? Take care what you like: so you can quickly reduce the level of negative emotions and quickly calm down, without resorting to medicines.

Recommends MirSovet readers to draw attention to the fact that. Your body should receive enough magnesium. The life in you increases the daily need for this microelegen 3 times and is 400 mg per day! Magnesium has a direct impact on the ability of the uterus to relax and, moreover, reduces the nervous excitability, which is very relevant for a pregnant woman. Magnesium is contained in nuts, green vegetables, bran bread, in buckwheat and oatmeal porridge.

Take the rule every day drink plenty of water (more than 1.5 liters). With it, you can avoid dehydration and constipation, which are very undesirable with an increased tone of the uterus.

In order not to be hypertonus, you need:

  • Right routine of the day;
  • moderate sports;
  • limited sexual life;
  • Careful intimate hygiene. For a pregnant woman, a very dangerous kind of urinary infectious diseases is very dangerous (candidiasis, cystitis);
  • Sufficient time to relax: In addition to the full night of eight or nine-hour sleep, you need to sleep or just relax in the afternoon;
  • Frequent air ventilation. Also be sure to find time for daily (whenever possible) calm walks in the fresh air.

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