Climetable tides in women


  • Change lifestyle
  • Fitness and deep breath
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Non-immunity treatments
  • Vitamin E

  • Change lifestyle

    Climetable tides in womenSo that menopausal tides were disturbed not so often, it is recommended to reconsider their habits and lifestyle. First you need to identify those factors that affect the strength and frequency of tides and, if possible, to exclude them. It can be the use of alcohol, and drinks containing caffeine, and excessive stay in the sun. Therefore, it is useful to wear free lightweight clothes, there are more fresh fruits and vegetables, and also exclude fried food from your diet. Tides aggravate stress, so you need to learn to relax. It is useful to master such equipment as meditation or yoga that help to deal with tension.

    Fitness and deep breath

    Fitness classes, if you do it regularly, also reduce the intensity of tides. For this, it is enough to train five times a week for half an hour. Reasonable loads have a positive effect on the body. Help control maps and deep breathing. Experts recommend regularly perform breathing exercises. Such classes need to be carried out twice a day for 15–20 minutes. This means that during the specified time you need to breathe with a frequency of 6–8 inhale exhale per minute.

    Hormonal therapy

    Climetable tides in womenIf, contrary to all efforts, the frequency and strength of the tides does not decrease, then it is necessary to seek advice from the gynecologist. The doctor will select the right treatment. It is possible that the course of hormone therapy will help. It is important to know that the medications are not cured from the tides, simply during their use of unpleasant symptoms decrease. Sometimes menopausal tides are completely disappearing during the reception of drugs, and after the cessation of treatment is renewed. To avoid this, the doctor can recommend a gradual rejection of the preparations taken. The most preferred form of treatment of tides is the hormonal therapy. Such treatment does not give immediate effect, its result is manifested only after a few months. The drug based on estrogen will select a doctor taking into account the symptoms of Klimaks and other problems of the urinary sphere.

    Non-immunity treatments

    If the woman estrogen is contraindicated, the doctors recommend non-immune drugs. Most often it is clonidine and progestin. Clonidine preparation Recommend to reduce blood pressure. This drug, due to its action, narrows blood vessels, because of which the tides are not so intense. Especially efficiently the use of this medication for those women who suffer from hypertension. The reception of Klonidina is usually accompanied by a feeling of dry mouth as a side effect. Also possible headache and light nausea. Progestins can be taken orally or administered intramuscularly. Sometimes as a side effect may develop abnormal menstruation. With oral taking medication, this risk is much lower. Reducing the intensity of tides usually occurs on the third month after the start of receiving the drug.

    Vitamin E reception

    Some doctors believe, relying on a number of studies conducted, that the reception of vitamin E also reduces the frequency and strength of menopause tides. But the uncontrolled reception of this vitamin can harm health. After all, vitamin E is able to accumulate in the body over time, and its overabundance leads to the development of certain diseases. Therefore, taking vitamin E follows only on the recommendation and under the control of the specialist.

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