Polio causative agent - Danger and Deceit


  • Signs and diagnosis of the disease
  • Vaccification ADC and poliomyelitis — Ways to protect
  • Immunization against poliomyelitis and DC
  • Recovery after polio

  • Polio causative agent & ndash; Danger and cunningDear parents! If the child complains about muscle pain in his hands and legs, if you have noticed a breach of the gait, and the baby stumble without end, if the body temperature rises and approached 39-40OC if he began to cough and sneeze — Be alert, perhaps you are faced with a polio causative agent, which penetrated the mucous membrane. The disease is caused by a virus that can be maintained for a very long time in water, to carry freeze, is very resistant to the effects of gastric juice and dies after half-hour boiling, as well as from the action of ultraviolet rays, hydrogen peroxide, manganese and chlorine. Understanding that the source of infection serves a person, it should be noted that the virus can be kept in the mucus of the carrier of the causative agent of infectious poliomyelitis, and during a conversation, sneezing, cough through the respiratory tract to easily move and settles on the mucous meal of a healthy person. In addition, the virus is able to stand out with the patient's feces, and then the infection may occur when eating crude infected water or not boiled milk, vegetables and fruits, which explains the fact that the pathogen is most active in the summer-autumn period.

    Signs and diagnosis of the disease

    The incubation period of the disease lasts 9-11 days, more often proceeds asymptomatic and detect the disease not immediately, but many symptoms, including pain in the muscles, disorder of chair and urine, paralysis of the muscles and violation of swallowing, suffocation and shortness of breath, increase temperature and blood pressure , indicate the presence in the body of this infection. Laboratory tests of mucus of nasopharynx, blood and feces come to the rescue. Identify the disease also helps the detection of high-level IgM, which indicates the presence of an infection in the body.

    Vaccification ADC and poliomyelitis — Ways to protect

    Vaccination of DC and polio & ndash; Ways to protectAmong the methods, as well as means of struggle and protecting against severe infectious disease,, of course, first of all, the prevention of poliomyelitis and the main element of prevention is definitely vaccination. Today, the vaccination of ADCs and from acute poliomyelitis are included in the national calendar of vaccinations and are mandatory according to the initiative of the World Health Organization. Thanks to the efforts and efforts of scientists around the world, the prevention of acute poliomyelitis is carried out by two types of vaccines, among them: inactivated and lively.

    Immunization against poliomyelitis and DC

    It is difficult to overestimate the importance of vaccinations in the modern world, when the viruses of various kinds and origin takes place at every step. According to Immunization as polio preventionNational Calendar from Breast Age is carried out vaccination of DC and Poliomyelitis. Such a cunning and very dangerous disease should be given to maximum parental attention, without passing the time of vaccine-philaxcies to avoid severe consequences after polio. Temperature and some deterioration of the child's well-being should not scare parents — This is a normal state that takes place in a few days. Sanitary and hygienic regime and mandatory insulation of the patient, disinfection in the apartment, compulsory frequent hand washing — These are the conditions that need to ensure after polio. Create a comfortable room temperature, regular ventilation, conduct physiotherapeutic procedures, course of therapeutic physical education. Such a set of events helps to achieve rapid recovery and recovery.

    Recovery after polio

    The disease is manifested in non-paralytic and paralytic form. Non-paralitic form flowing with catarral phenomena, coughing and rhinar, does not exclude recovery and complete recovery. Paralytic form after polio, the temperature in which rises to maximum digits is manifested by a persistent impaired of motor functions, lagging behind the growing hands or legs, the death of nerve cells and a decrease in the size of the spinal cord, and suggests long-term integrated therapy with massage, therapeutic physical education, as well as specifically Designed orthopedic apparatus.

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