Second pregnancy

At first glance, all the pregnancy of the same woman should be similar. But I judge by myself - giving birth to both children with a difference of 14 years, fully felt a huge difference. But whether it's aged, or in a large time interval after the first birth, but, despite the good health and the lack of serious problems, it turned out to be much more complicated.

At first glance, all the pregnancy of the same woman should be similar. But I judge by myself - giving birth to both children with a difference of 14 years, fully felt a huge difference. In the first pregnancy entered practically a teenager. And although at that time I turned 19 (not such a child), butterfly was still smelled, and the first 2 months went unnoticed. There is absolutely not paying attention to a small nausea, the former lifestyle was led, realizing her unusual position only when a small tummy appears. And only visiting consultation and becoming registered, I started a new life with a loaf of a growing baby - diligently fulfilling the recommendation of the doctor, regulating his food as far as possible, walk a lot and think positively. On my happiness (or youth took her?) All 9 months, despite the hot summer, I ran very much. Also quickly came the day X - waking up at 12 nights in a pool of the octolar waters, at 7 in the morning he had already held her mainnya.

Features of the second pregnancy

Second pregnancy
The second pregnancy, according to the doctors, was supposed to be easier (in my case, where it is easier). But whether it's aged (34 years), whether in a large time interval after the first birth, but, despite the good health and the lack of serious problems, it turned out to be much more difficult. Early toxicosis accompanied by a constant unobtrusive nausea and insanely annoyed, the tummy appeared almost immediately, in the first weeks, and at work everyone immediately guessed, although I, naive, was going to silence up to the last.

It turns out that it's all about the elasticity of the uterus - after the first birth, it is not able to cut until the previous sizes, so the stomach becomes noticeable earlier. The abdominal muscles are also not so strong, and the rush is emphasized much lower. But uterus does not prescribe the stomach, and problems with digestion, heartburn and other charms should not be. The urinary urges were frequent, and remained, I did not notice a special difference, although in the second pregnancy they should have been more - since the uterus does not press the stomach, it means that she sank to the lower back and the bladder. But with my back, I got saddown - I could not sit, nor could stand, so badly lens. And for the first time there was no hint of such pains. By the way, in such cases, bandage and special exercises helps.

As I said, relaxed by memories of a pleasant first pregnancy and light childbirth, I was not very frustrated because of the newest back, legs, a huge abdomen and waited for the appearance of the Son since the 36th week. The daughter was born on the 39th week, and the midwife assured me that the second child is usually born a little earlier than the first. But it was not there! I had to go 42 weeks. Contrary to expectations, the initial contractions lasted more than a day, I did not find myself places, wandered around the apartment, could not sleep, neither. Considered the fight and was upset - in the maternity hospital. When I finally got into the roar, he felt the beauty of the second birth, who had to pass quickly and easily. By no means! For a female body, a large gap in time after the first pregnancy is not very well tolerated. In this case, everything happens as for the first time. No wonder doctors in vainly advise not to tighten with the second child, a maximum of 3-5 years, this is the perfect difference in age both for kids and mother health.

Comparing both pregnancies, I can say that it was psychologically ready and consciously waited for the child only for the second time. Even at 20, the girl is not ready to become a mother, although her health is excellent. As it were, she did not look and did not want a child, her soul was still immature.

Pregnancy and work

Second pregnancy
Work during pregnancy - the topic is special and complex. Of course, at work there was any - and scandals with tears, and the evil envy of colleagues, and friendly support from people with whom he used to only greet. Permanent stuffing, drafts, smoking colleagues, nervous chief and computer do not add health and optimism to a future mommy, but no options. Persuaded yourself not to be nervous because of the error in the report or urgent calls, periodically drank sedative, went to the balcony to breathe air. All this is inevitable, and approach this question should be philosophically. But many other advantages are every morning and evening I ignored the minibus and went home halfdraws on foot through the park. There was a reason to buy different outfits - Well, how, in the office you need to look decent in any position. The benefit is now sold a huge number of beautiful things for pregnant women, and 14 years ago I had to go through all 9 months in several dresses stitched to order porn.


Second pregnancy
Attitude towards your own toddler health and health in an adult woman definitely more thoughtful and serious. Own experience An example: looking for the freshest and useful products, studying annotations to any vitamin complexes and collecting medicinal herbs, I even made aromatherapy until you started allergic to essential oils. The only bad habit of which could not refuse - a cup of natural coffee. But this is due to the specifics of work and low pressure. But I did not allow myself sweet and flour, but as I wanted ... 11 kg was scored with the first child, with the second 13 kg. Difference, as you can see, small. I think it depends on the complex and appetite. And also from the weight of the child: the daughter was born 2700 g, and son - 3300 g.

Do not really like sports, but age takes his own, and after 30 you have to keep yourself in shape. There was no opportunity to go to special courses, but I, as a decent pregnant, bought magazines and performed the exercises at home. Muscles must be kept in a tone, so it goes easier, and well-being better. Insanely wanted to practice yoga for pregnant women, but at home only the simplest asians are available, more intricate without sensitive leadership to do scary, you never know what.

Since I am not a big lover of discos and nightclubs, the scarcity of available entertainment is not particularly upset. In the first trimester went with his family to the sea, and returning to the city, it became happy to walk in the evenings, read a lot, listen to instrumental music and attend new restaurants.

The second pregnancy made me become a rebound, revise all your habits and life principles. Everything has changed - Methods of upbringing and minigration. I again felt myself a young girl, but with an invaluable luggage experience and knowledge. The path to this was complicated and stony, but it was worth it.

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