We live with hepatitis with


  • Do not give in panic
  • Having learned about the diagnosis, take care of loved ones
  • Tell your partner that you have hepatitis C
  • Control the disease
  • Protect the future child
  • Fully eliminate or strictly limit alcohol consumption
  • Do not take medications without a consultation with your doctor
  • Get diary
  • Win fatigue
  • Get rid of nausea
  • Fit right

    We live with hepatitis withDo not give in panic

    Yes, hepatitis with – serious illness, but this is not a death sentence. Unfortunately, the disease most likely never leaves your body. So learn to live with hepatitis. Try to think positively. According to statistics, most hepatitis C carriers with proper treatment from 20 to 40 years from the date of virus detection do not have any serious health problems caused by hepatitis.

    Having learned about the diagnosis, take care of loved ones

    Remember – Your blood can be dangerous for other people. So store toothbrushes, manicure, electric shaver, needles, tampons, gaskets, bandages in a separate package or drawer – any things that can get blood.

    Tell your partner that you have hepatitis C

    He must pass a survey and be sure to make vaccinations. Always protect during sexual intercourse. Wash your hands with soap after contact with your own blood or saliva. Any skin damage and open wounds immediately close the dressing. If your blood fell on some surface, thoroughly wipe it with a cleaning agent.

    Control the disease

    Treatment of hepatitis with even modern drugs long and very expensive. Before starting treatment, the doctor must warn about it! Moreover, numerous complications are possible in the process of treatment – from allergic reactions to the exacerbation of the disease itself. Therefore, check the liver condition at least once a year to determine whether the disease progresses. Tell the doctor of all accepted medications, herbs and food additives. Some of them, especially herbs, can be harmful to liver.

    Protect the future child

    Pregnant women must definitely inform their doctor about the disease to protect the future child. Visiting doctors, especially dentist, gynecologist and other specialists, warn them about your illness.

    Fully eliminate or strictly limit alcohol consumption

    It can apply even greater damage to your liver. Do not share with anyone who has already begun to eat.

    Do not take medications without a consultation with your doctor

    The activity of the virus may increase in response to the reception of immunization.

    Get diary

    Arrange contact with your doctor, get a diary and record the names of all accepted drugs, symptoms and side effects. Also fix your diet and reaction to it. The doctor will be much easier to help you if he has such a material in his hands.

    Win fatigue

    Your task – Find the perfect balance between rest and activity. During the day try to sleep a little – A pair of short respite will save you from fatigue at the end of the day. Do not plan too much affairs immediately.

    Get rid of nausea

    Divide all food on 6 receptions and eat little, but often. Try to determine the time when nausea is less worried, and plan meals for this hour.

    Fit right

    For patients with hepatitis developed therapeutic table number 5. Hepatitis can cause a loss of appetite. But to combat the disease you need energy, so it is important to obtain enough nutrients and prevent weight losses. And of course, in no case are not sitting on diet diet.

    Medical diet number 5
    Excludes: meat and fish broths, canned meat, sausage, sharp, sour dishes and spices, mushrooms, beans, beans, peas, sorrel, spinach fried vegetables, coffee, cocoa. You can not use raw sour apples, cranberries, red currants and gooseberries.
    Restricted: Fat – no more than 60 g per day, no more than 1 egg yolk per day.
    Allowed: stale wheat and rye bread, sweet and sour milk, non-meat soups with cereal, pasta and vegetables, boiled cookies and vegetables, low-fat boiled meat in small quantities. Recommended Fresh cottage cheese, boiled carrots with oil, Non-acid tomatoes, Non-china cabbage, sugar, jam, compotes, kissel, sauces without vinegar, boiled and baked nice fruits. Need to drink more liquid and avoid very cold dishes.

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