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  • About swine flu

    Pork flu is a disease caused by the type A virus, usually emerging in pigs.

    H1N1 is a variety of a virus (strain), which causes regular seasonal flu flashes in people.

    Sometimes an animal organism can be simultaneously infected with more than one virus, which allows the genes of these viruses to mix. This can lead to the emergence of a new type of influenza virus containing genes from different sources.

    Swine Flu and VaccinationThus, there has already been a lot of noise of the strain of influenza A / H1N1 - this is a new variety of virus, which contains genetic material of viruses, usually detected in viruses, affecting people, birds and pigs.Until now, the pine flu virus has not passed to people, but his last form has overcome the interspecific barrier and has gained the opportunity to spread among people.

    Name «swine flu» It appeared, as believed due to the fact that it was in pigs that several varieties of the influenza virus were mixed, and a new strain appeared, capable of not only to hit people, but also to be transmitted to man.

    The flu virus can be transmitted through sneezing and cough (airborne droplet). The smallest particles of the virus can last on the surface of the table, phones and other objects and, and if you enter the human body from fingers - in the mouth, nose or eyes.

    Reduce the risk of infection with influenza A / H1N1 helps simple rules of behavior and hygiene. For example, you need to wash your hands as often as possible with soap and wipe public items, such as door handles, phone tube, etc.D.

    Those who cares for people with signs of influenza, it is necessary to use a disposable mask for the face.

    Despite the fact that this is a new variety of virus, influenza symptoms caused by the strain of influenza A / H1N1 similar to the symptoms of the usual «Seasonal» Influenza.

    The temperature has a swine flu, the temperature rises, pain in the throat, runny nose, cough, head and muscular pain, in some cases vomiting and diarrhea are noted.

    Doctors do not recommend engaging. If a person, he noticed the listed influenza symptoms, he must stop going to work, use public transport and immediately call a doctor at home.

    In Russia, there are currently antiviral drugs from seasonal flu, which are able to help and in the fight against pork flu.

    Swine Influenza Prevention Vaccines

    One of the measures to help prevent porny influenza is vaccination.

    In Russia, these are registered four swine flu vaccines (A / H1N1):

    • Flu Vaccine Live Monovantic «Influirevir» (lyophilisate for the preparation of a solution for intranasal administration), developed and manufactured by FSUE «NGO «Microgen»;
    • Vaccine influenza inactivated subunit adsorbed monovalent «Pandelfly» (suspension for intramuscular administration) developed and manufactured by FSUE «NGO «Microgen»;
    • Vaccine Grippose Monovalent Inactivated Subunit Adjuvant «Monogrippol» (solution for intramuscular and subcutaneous administration), which was developed by LLC «Petrovax» and transferred for production under license St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums;
    • Vaccine Grippose Monovalent Inactivated Subunit Adjuvant «Monogrippol neo» (solution for intramuscular and subcutaneous administration), developed and manufactured by LLC «Petrovax».

    The first two are already launched into mass production.

    Live vaccine is designed to vaccinate people who do not have contraindications to its use. Inactivated vaccines are designed for people with contraindications for vaccination with live vaccines and children.

    Vaccine «Influirevir»

    Vaccine «Influirevir» Designed for instillation in nasal moves and is «alive» Vaccine - T.E. Contains one-piece, alive, but sharply weakened virus «pork» Influenza. The mechanism by which this vaccine provides immunity against infection - reproduction «Superless version» present «pork» Influenza in the body of a grafted man. Clinical trials completed so far only in adults have witnessed the efficiency and safety of this human health vaccine.

    This vaccine is designed 2-fold instillation in the nose with an interval of at least 10 days. In each package of vaccine three doses.

    Vaccination is very simple. In the box there are syringe, special nozzles for injection into the nose and one ampoule with a triple dose. The special spray head is put on the syringe in which the vaccine is gaining, and bursts into the nose.

    The main contraindications in the immunization of the living flu ppospoic vaccine are: increased sensitivity to chicken protein, reaction or post-specific complication for the previous introduction of seasonal anti-influenza vaccines, chronic diseases in the stage of aggravation and decompensation, immunodeficiency states (primary), immunosuppression (for example, when taking cytostatics, glucocorticoids and T.D.), malignant education, nasopharynx diseases in the stage of exacerbation, pregnancy and lactation, acute infectious and noncommunicable diseases, having surrounded by children's vacillating children up to 6 months. and persons with primary and severe secondary immunodeficiency state.

    Vaccine «Pandelfly»

    Swine Flu and VaccinationVaccine «Pandelfly» is an inactivated vaccine - t.E. There is no live virus there, but there are fragments of killed viruses «pork» flu capable of forming virus immunity. Vaccine is found intramuscularly. Security and efficiency «Pandelfly» Adults also confirmed by clinical trials.

    The main contraindications for immunization inactivated with influenza vaccine are: allergic reactions to chicken protein and vaccine components, acute fevering conditions or exacerbation of chronic disease, ORVI, acute intestinal diseases, reaction or post-specific complication for the previous introduction of seasonal anti-influenza vaccines. The decision to vaccinate pregnant women should be taken by a doctor individually, taking into account the risk of influenza infection and possible complications of influenza infection.

    Vaccines «Monogrippol» and «Monogrippol neo»

    Vaccines «Monogrippol» and «Monogrippol neo» Dentified for subcutaneous or intramuscular administration. Vaccine «Monogrippol» produced in ampoules, and «Monogrippol neo» - in syringe doses, i.e. already produced in the syringe.

    They differ primarily by the fact that antigens for vaccine «Monogrippol neo» grow not on chicken embryos, as is done for other vaccines, but on cell culture. So, the vaccination will be recommended and people with allergies on chicken protein.

    Should be remembered

    But before you decide on vaccination, you need to understand that it does not give one hundred percent warranty.

    Also do not forget that the one who has become a living vaccine, subject to weak immunity there are big chances of getting full swine flu.

    It should also be remembered that the vaccination of live vaccine cannot be carried out after the epidemic has already begun. After all, the chance is very great that, weakening the immune system with a specially weakened strain of the virus (which is contained in the vaccine), you picker and «wild» Virus from relatives, colleagues at work or public transport. And if you have not managed to pass «Vaccinous» influenza, then get the disease «According to the full program» and in a fairly heavy form.

    The problem is that vaccine «Seasonal» influenza does not protect «pork» flu, and the vaccine from the latter, in turn, does not protect a person from influenza «Seasonal».

    If you already made vaccinations from «Seasonal» flu, then you still need to vaccinate against the influenza virus a / n1n1. The fact is that the vaccine against «Seasonal» The flu includes three other relevant strains of flu and does not protect against influenza caused by the A / H1N1 virus. However, it must be remembered that the specified vaccinations should be carried out with an interval of at least one month and in accordance with the instructions.

    The article was prepared by Belokrysenko Oksana.

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