What to do if you are sick with flu?


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    What if you got sick with flu?

    Virus hosts

    Influenza - disease, has long been well known epidemics.

    From the moment of the virus getting into the body before the appearance of the first signs
    Diseases takes place only 1.5-2 days. Once in the body, flu virus through
    one or two minutes is embedded in the cells of the mucous membrane and multiply
    very fast. At the same time, toxins (poisons), poisoning literally
    All organism.

    The spread of influenza occurs airborne droplets. Source
    Infections is a patient with the flu, who is when coughing, sneezing,
    conversation dispels infection with the smallest droplets of saliva.

    it is appropriate to say that through a light adult man passes per day
    About 15 cubic meters of air. Viruses apply from the patient
    man during the usual conversation for one meter, with cough - two
    meter, with sneezing - up to three meters.

    The patient's hands are also an important factor in the spread of influenza.
    If patients with sneezing and cough cover the mouth with palm, viruses
    remain in their hands, household subjects, to which the patient touched that
    can lead to healthy people infection. Door handles, handrails in
    Public transport are perfect ways to transfer viruses.

    The sick person contributes to the spread of the disease, and therefore
    must show consciousness and reduce communication with
    other people, think about their safety, otherwise
    The population as a hurt, sick, so will be sick on.

    Population density in the city presents special requirements for culture
    life, which we have, unfortunately. And during the epidemic of us dense
    Ring surround sneezing and coughing. You can imagine how much
    people infect such a person who transfers flu «on foot», Before
    what he lies in bed.

    American scientists calculated that on the recovery after influenza
    the body spends so much energy that it costs him the year of life. From the poison of the influenza virus suffer the walls of blood vessels and
    Kapillyarov. The permeability of them rises, and they become similar to

    How not to get sick?

    You can protect against influenza by physical education and sports,
    Harding, walks in the fresh air, organizing reasonable mode
    Labor and recreation, rich vitamin food, using food
    Natural phytoncides that kill influenza viruses (onions, garlic).

    With the prophylactic goal you can use polyvitamins, ascorbic
    acid. But the most effective protection – Annual grafting
    Anti-bacon vaccine.

    If the influenza is oven

    But if you are sick, you should know clinical signs of influenza:
    The disease arises suddenly, the patient feels chills, rises
    Temperature, headache appears, general malaise, feeling
    Brokenness, lubrication in the whole body and severe weakness.

    • At the first signs of the disease, you should call a doctor to the house, comply with bed.What if you got sick with flu?
      • The patient isolate from others, to highlight it a separate dishes, which after eating it is necessary to boil.
      • Feed the patient follows easy food.
      • The patient's underwear should be washed separately.
      • The room where the patient is located regularly and conduct wet cleaning.
      • Without appointing a doctor to take any medication can not. Everything
        Medicinal preparations appointed by the doctor should be taken in strictly
        Installed manner.
      • When leaving for sick healthy person needs to wear
        four-layer gauze bandage, closing nose and mouth, which
        It is necessary to erase more often and stroke the hot iron.
      • During the raising the incidence of influenza, avoid, if possible, places of significant accumulation of people.
      • During the period of illness, give up traditional nasal headscarves from the fabric.
        Here viruses are warm, damp and cozy - this is an inexhaustible source of infection.
        Better use disposable paper scarves or napkins. If
        You still - a supporter of traditional nasal scarves, appropriate when
        rheore placing such scarves in small cellophane packages and only
        then put them in handbags and pockets.
      • Avoid supercooling the organism. Dress, respectively, the weather.
      • More Use products rich in vitamins.
      • Bring a healthy lifestyle.

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