Ebola Fever: Epidemic Features 2014


    Ebola Fever: Epidemic Features 2014The ninth of February this year was officially announced the beginning of the epidemic of the hemorrhagic fever of Ebola. Since in 1976, an Ebola virus was opened, the epidemic of this infection occurred in West Africa with enviable regularity, but the fact that the current outbreak plans to be the hardest, it became clear after two months after it began. The reason for excitement was not even the number of dead and infected, but the geographical dismissal of cases of the disease. Initially, fever was found in the largest administrative region, then she covered the whole south of the country and got to the capital of Guinea of ​​the city of Conakry. At the same time, cases of disease in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria were recorded. Later, Ebola's feverial patients were identified in China, the USA, Europe, the truth, they all arrived from West Africa.

    Special concern of specialists causes the rate of distribution of infection: March 26, the number of infected was 86 people who died 61 people; On June 19, 528 were infected, and the dead 171; July 28, these figures were equal to 1200 and 67- people. On August 20, the number of infected already amounted to 2,000 people, died from fever 1350 patients.

    The dynamics of these numbers really alarms, as it is very similar to the geometric progression. And since in the next few months, epidemiologists do not expect to reduce the activity of the epidemic process, it is terribly even to assume how dangerous the situation becomes.

    During the current epidemic, Ebola doctors have to deal with the most aggressive strain of the virus, Zaire, who kills 9 people from 10 infected. Specific drug from infection in 40 years of research and not found, those drugs that were created and tested on animals turned out to be ineffective.

    The carriers of infection are fruit bats, in contact with them and the use of their meat infects primates and people. Next, the infection spreads among people from patients to healthy with care and close communication, in contact with blood, with objects contaminated virus.

    Ebola Fever: Epidemic Features 2014Epidemiologists believe that the reasons for the outbreak of infection are in the absence of the population the habit of abiding the norms of hygiene, in the ritual traditions of peoples, in the fear of people before the disease and reluctance to contact the doctors at its first symptoms.

    Low-educated residents of rural villages are trying to hide from all the disease of the relative, try to care for him independently and infect the virus. The dead are also secretly secretly, but observing all the traditions: they wash the body and before the burial, they are near the deceased. The uneducation and ignorance of measures for the prevention of Ebola fever in the opinion of specialists is not less danger than the causative agent itself.

    The only way to prevent Ebola fever today is general-genus and nonspecific anti-epidemic events. There is no vaccine from the virus and medication from the terrible disease, which he causes, the main efforts of doctors are aimed at clarifying the population of protection measures from infection.

    Ebola Fever: Epidemic Features 2014

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