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  • Professor, Corresponding Member Raen, General
    Director of Moscow N «Compensation Center» Vyacheslav Iosifovich Kondrashin.

    Question number 1. What to choose a good massage?

    Locating, Or, as it is also called,
    Hygienic massage is aimed at caring for the body, removal of fatigue or
    Emotional tension, on the prevention of various diseases. He
    may be shared and local, manual or hardware, carried out in
    different places: from the Russian bath to the medical center. It can be
    Combine and with morning charging, and with classes in the gym.

    Massotherapy -
    Effective tool of healing of various diseases, consequences
    injuries, restoring the capacity of the body after operations. This kind
    Massage is usually combined with elements of manual therapy, medical
    Physical education, physiotherapy. It is best to do in
    specialMassage that will make you beautifulMedical centers.

    Sports massage directed
    To prepare an athlete to competitions, helps to warn injuries
    and diseases of the joints, ligaments, muscles, spine.

    Question # 2. What is the purpose of the gynecological massage?

    Gynecological massage refers to therapeutic effects. It reduces
    Pain in the organs of a small pelvis. With it, you can increase the tone of the uterus and
    its contractile abilities, eliminate the spikes, correct the wrong
    the position of the uterus and get rid of colitis that often appear after
    Rodov. Unfortunately, our gynecologists practically do not use them,
    because few of them have a special training.

    Question number 3. How often do you need to make a massage?

    The course of the general recreation massage usually ranges from 8 to 15
    Sessions. A woman who follows me, after such a course you need
    do one session every 7-10 days. This is enough to
    keep oneself in shape.

    Question number 4. And when the massage does not bring anything but harm?

    There is a whole list of contraindications. This includes oncological
    diseases, thrombophlebitis and thrombosis of vessels, sharp gynecological
    Diseases - adnexitis, colpit. It is not useful to make massage for diseases
    blood, arthritis in the stage of exacerbation, fungal and mine
    Skin diseases.

    Question number 5. How to distinguish a professional among many others without yet proceeding to the procedure?

    First of all, it is necessary to ask if there is a relevant license
    massage therapist or at the center where it works. This especially applies to those,
    who leads private practice. If in the sauna or on the beach, making
    Locating massage, you begin to bend the body using the techniques
    Manual therapy - this is a reason for anxiety.

    Manual massage - very
    Complex treatment. Sometimes the diagnosis requires X-ray
    Pictures or Computer Studies. You are unlikely to take them with you in
    sauna. So do not save on a massage, it is better to contact
    professional institution or to a specialist who is already
    Conducted. Very good if your acquaintances have already had
    massage therapist because the license itself is not one hundred percent

    In addition, a professional will definitely hold his
    Diagnostics, even if you came to him with the appointment from the doctor. He
    Must say everything yourself and check. After all, it happens that the patient
    Complaints to your feet, and the problem is in the lower back. Therapeutic massage usually
    not all the body is done, but a problem. The patient should know that
    If it has a stop hurts, it is massaged and she, and the shin. If sores
    Skin, massage and her thigh.

    Question number 6. How should a professional massage therapist look like, what he should have «


    First of all, he is always fine. Briefly shine nails,
    No burrs, abrasion, scratches. No perverse, hours and bracelets, then
    There is a whole thing that may damage the skin of the patient. Clothing - clean,
    comfortable, short-sleeved, more often is a medical bathrobe. Second
    a prerequisite - the professional must have a special
    a massage table. Even those who leave for the house. Offer to you massage
    In bed or on the dinner table there will be only unqualified

    In addition, the professional always has a set of creams,
    Outflows, oils, from which after the test on allergies he will choose the necessary tool for you. Another important point:
    During the session, a massage therapist will never start you all the body. If
    the back is massaged, then the legs must be covered, and vice versa. When
    Some part of the body is already resting after the massage, it should be warm
    HOW - for example, preheated by a diaper. This allows
    save heat and feel comfortable. After the session you do not
    There must be bruises on the body, whatever the receptions
    masseur. Some declare: «Oh, what strong hands at my
    Masseur, back all in bruises!». And this is a testimony
    Unqualified work.

    Question number 7. And what requirements are presented to patients?

    Massage must be done no earlier than an hour after eating. Front
    Session You need to remove all the jewelry, it is advisable to remove
    makeup. After massage, you need to relax 15-20 minutes or do everything very
    slowly. You can turn your head, but it is normal. Necessary
    Sit, looked in warm, drink herbal tea. Sometimes pulls B
    sleep that is also good. If you can sleep, sleep. Jump,
    to wear a coat and immediately run to the street do not need, it is harmful.

    Massage that will make you beautiful

    Question number 8. What should a woman feel during massage?

    Heat that spills over her body. Woman should realize that
    Her muscles not only stroke, but also capture, kneads over them
    work, and in a certain sequence. About grades
    masseur says what he has a working technique when one
    smoothly follows from another not only on one session, but also for
    Total massage courses.

    Question number 9. Some discomfort or painful massage may be accompanied by?

    The common massage is usually no. At the end of the session
    Normal feeling - ease and relaxation. Some say that
    The body is in them «Ring», others - that it broke, or, on the contrary, in
    Tone. It all depends on what purpose a massage therapist puts.
    During or after therapeutic massage, the patient may experience
    discomfort, and sometimes pain. However, by the third-fourth session they
    disappear if the treatment technique was chosen correctly. Concerning
    anti-cellulite massage, then there should not be any pain
    sensations. Masseur hands simple «Flying», slide over the patient in
    gentle-sliding pace. The same applies to the anti-varic and venous

    Question number 10. What should be the duration of massage?

    It depends on the so-called massage units. You can one hand
    massage, and can and all body. The weight is also taken into account. Than a patient
    fuller, the longer it takes. If a woman weighs 65-70
    kilogram, then a common massage, without the elements of therapeutic, all of her
    Bodies are made for 35-40 minutes. Separate areas during therapeutic
    Massage also occupy a little time: back - 15 minutes, collar
    Zone - 20, hands and legs - 15-20 minutes.

    Most more for Russian
    Classic massage time - one hour. During this time a professional
    It will be time to do everything. Here Thai massage lasts from two to two
    half hours. His principle - work on energy lines. He
    It also implies all sorts of exercises from yoga, deflection, stretching
    Spine. Interestingly, if with other types of massage patient
    Fully or partially naked, then during therapeutic Thai massage
    It is completely dressed. In a sports suit in which it is convenient to beast.

    Question number 11. Is it possible to lose weight by massage?

    If you are promised to remove a 10-centimeter cellulite layer from the hips or
    Lose weight by 10-15 kilograms - it's funny. Only cream and massage
    It is impossible to achieve this. During massage procedures enhances
    Circulatory, oxygen muscle nutrition, the metabolism is improved. IN
    result you lose weight from the strength kilogram on one and a half - two. Lose weight
    only due to massage, without a combination with a special power system,

    If you sharply discard weight, you need a massage first of all
    In order for certain parts of the body - neck, chest or axillary
    Wpadina - did not score. The skin will be tightened in constant work. That
    also concerns the anti-cellulite massage. It is done on special
    Methods for special creams and oils. And here you can achieve weight loss
    only together with a diet. In my practice there were cases when people
    lost 5-7 kilograms for a month with such a combination.

    Question number 12. Is it worth changing massages and try different techniques?

    Your massage therapist is like your gynecologist or psychotherapist. therefore,
    If you find a specialist who suits you, do not need to rush,
    go to one person. He knows your body, can help you better

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