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  • Symptoms of cachexia
  • Treatment of cachexia

  • Cachexia is the exhaustion of the body, which is characterized by a general weakness, a sharp strong weight loss, a decrease in the activity of physiological processes, as well as a change in the mental state of the patient.

    Symptoms of cachexia

    We learn more about CachexiaSymptoms of cachexia are sharply pronounced weakness, disability, a sharp weight loss, often accompanied by signs of dehydration of the body. Weight loss can reach 50% or more. Subcutaneous fiber decrease sharply or disappears at all, there are signs of hypovitaminosis (vitamin failure). As a result, the skin of patients becomes a flabby, wrinkled, pale or acquires an earthly gray shade. There are also trophic changes in hair and nails, stomatitis can develop, characterized by the emergence of strong constipation. In patients, sexual function decreases, women may have amenorrhea, (since the patient decreases the volume of circulating blood). Often decreases glomerious filtering in the kidneys. Hypoproteinemia, hypoalbuminemia, as well as iron-centament or B12 deficient anemia.

    Cachexcia often observed mental disorders. At the beginning of its development, asthenia appears, in which irritable weakness arises, tearfulness, subdepressive mood. With the development of cachexia and asthenia, the adynamic component begins to a greater extent. With exacerbations of the underlying disease, which caused cachexia, it may not rarely arise to dimming the consciousness in the form of aimation, the twilight permanent of consciousness, severe or rudimentary forms of delirium, which are replaced by anxious and twarm, apathetic stupor, pseudo-paralytic syndrome. Despite the favorable outcome of the main disease that caused cachexia, there is always long-term asthenia. In some cases, it is combined with different intensity manifestations of psychoorganic syndrome.

    Treatment of cachexia

    Treatment of patients with cachexias is aimed primarily on the main disease, but necessarily includes the necessary measures to restore the nutrition of patients, as well as a thorough overall care for them. In the diet, proteins and fats must be included, vitamins, and it is desirable to use easily used products. With the symptoms of disturbed digestion and suction of food are prescribed Polyfenimensional preparations such as festal, pancreatin, etc. To bring patients with cachexesium from a heavy state of parenterally administer glucose, electrolytes, vitamins, protein hydrolyzates, amino acid mixes. Anabolic steroids are used according to indications. In psychogenic anorexia, treatment prescribes and holds a psychiatrist; Can be used to increase appetite.

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