Considerability of relatives of alcoholics


  • What is the copendion of relatives of alcoholics
  • Is there a way out of this

  • Relatives of a man suffering from alcohol
    dependence, very often torments the question - and is it unnoticed for
    herself drinking something to plunder or pour into the food so that
    and forever lost interest in the taste of alcohol? Actually, such funds
    there is, but their use is prohibited by the Criminal Code, since they have one
    An unpleasant side effect - along with interest in alcohol, they take
    life because are poisons. And other equally effective
    drugs medicine has not yet invented.

    In addition, in any
    Their case would have to plug-pour every day to
    maintain the desired level of blood medication. The thing is that
    Alcoholism, as a disease, has one very unpleasant
    feature - while the patient himself does not want to get rid of the addiction
    To the bottle, nobody can help him, even the most qualified

    Moreover, on the background of daily stress from staying near
    with a very drinking close man, his relatives develop
    Such a state as co-dependence).

    What is the copendion of relatives of alcoholics

    This word
    and the concept for the Russian ear new and unusual. Indeed, in our
    country it appeared relatively recently, although abroad, mainly
    In the United States, talking about television and write since the 70s of the last century.

    Distract from strict definitions, briefly the essence of the phenomenon can be explained
    as follows: Alcoholic depends on alcohol, and its close -
    From the alcoholic itself. Most often, spouses suffer from advantage
    and children. They try to constantly control the behavior of a drink,
    «dedicate their life to salvation», giving up this idea with fanaticism
    and frenzy, without a rest. In fact, such behavior is only
    exacerbates the situation and does not contribute to the formation of an alcoholic
    Motivation for treatment.

    Coupling is different from ordinary care and concern for loved ones
    It is its pathological character, irrationality
    and the impulsivity of actions coined, decreased by an emotional background
    (sometimes it is characterized as «Emotional recess») as for
    Alcoholic, for co-dependent characteristic of the negation of the problem,
    self-deception, delusion. In the case of long-term comparison can
    Forming and physical (or rather, psychosomatic) diseases.

    Considerability of relatives of alcoholics
    In the opinion of the majority of foreign and domestic
    specialists - low self-esteem. Sources it can be somewhat -
    most often it is formed in people who themselves have significant
    Problems in childhood (unfavorable family, alcoholism of one or both
    parents, physical and psychological trauma received at school
    And on the street). Often the source of violence that contributes to incarnation
    self-esteem, becomes for your loved ones and drinking itself. In this case
    may be formed so-called «vicious circle», break
    without qualified medical and psychological assistance from the outside
    Practically unreal.

    If you try to imagine
    Capacity in the form of a graph, it turns out a sinusoid, then the outgoing
    in negative emotions (soup, beatings, scandals), then rising
    in positive (sober gaps, when an alcoholic is trying to smooth
    and somehow compensate for physical and psychological damage caused
    His loved ones).

    The most interesting thing is that co-dependent can
    make yourself sessions of desperate self-criticism, but if the criticism comes
    From outside, there are splashes of unmotivated irritability or even
    Aggression. They also have a paradoxical reaction to praise or
    compliments - people are learned adequately take them, happens
    Only the deepening of guilt.

    Co-dependent strive to control
    and paint the behavior of all family members, believing that they know better,
    How to act in one situation or another.

    such a model of behavior pushes a drinking at all to the thought of treatment,
    on the contrary, he feels and understands what is almost always, in any
    Situations will be able to thread forgiveness in one way or another. Tying
    Certain positive glasses, alcoholic necessarily disrupts and will lead
    in the breakdown of their coined loved ones. Continue like this can enough
    long - depending on the state of health of the drinking, as well as stock
    patience and physical health of his relatives. Outcomes can also
    differ, but they all have a negative shade.

    any disease of pathological dependence - whether it is alcoholism,
    addiction or gambling - destroy not only the identity of the very
    Patient. The whole life of the dependent is busy with thoughts about alcohol, drawn
    «dose» or slot machines. Gradually occurs mirror
    reflection of the disease in relatives, and wife, mother, girlfriend, sister or
    Brother starts intrusive trying to put the patient's behavior
    control, and in all spheres of life.

    Is there a way out of this

    There is. It is also complicated and the help of a psychotherapist will need,
    And the whole family will be involved in the treatment. However,
    A qualified specialist is able to cope with such a situation.
    Help can also provide specialized programs «Anonymous
    Alcoholians», aimed at work with relatives of drinking.

    easier not to enter a similar situation than to get out of it, for sure
    just like any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. And, again,
    Compected competent psychotherapeutic assistance. If you turn
    for her at an early stage, there is an opportunity not only to prevent
    disaster in the family, but also under the guidance of the doctor, develop
    Right tactics of behavior. Joint efforts of all family members can
    Create in the family such an atmosphere when a person drinking is really
    Wanted to get rid of a detrimental habit.

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