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  • Causes of Development of Internet Dependencies
  • Assistance in Internet addiction

  • Internet dependence is very similar to narcotic dependence and alcoholism. If you look at the person more closely, you can see that it is not interested in an even account anything except network communication. Earned money is spent on the payment of traffic or on the improvement of the computer, the virtual communication with success replaces the real, the person literally cares in front of his eyes.

    Causes of Development of Internet Dependencies

    Help dependent on the InternetInternet addiction is usually a symptom of a hidden problem, which is present in the family even before the Internet entered the life of spouses. This problem may include:

    • Lack of support from family and friends
    • Sexy dissatisfaction
    • Financial difficulties
    • Insufficient communication in the real world
    • Disagreements in family relationships

    Of course, everyday difficulties and psychological problems increase the risk of Internet-dependence. But, you see, not everyone becomes a player. Anonymous communication in the Internet chats does not oblige anything, and therefore becomes the most attractive than the daily life.

    Over time, certain stereotypes appear in dependent, the habits and routines of the day are changing. There is a replacement of a real environment virtual. Internet abuse leads to social self-insulation, financial disadvantage, to loss of family, work, study, interests. Harm to physical health in the form of a weakening of the immune system, insomnia, depressive states, problems with the musculoskeletal system and various eye diseases. In addition, Internet addiction can provoke any other dependence, for example, drug addiction or alcoholism. Internet addiction as any other dependence is soil for subsequent.

    Assistance in Internet addiction

    Help dependent on the InternetAs a rule, relatives suffer from the Internet dependence. They are first beginning «beat alarm» and face the most important problem of the Internet-dependent - its denial. Extremely rarely, the playman recognizes himself a dependent person, and therefore he refuses any help.

    It is possible to modify a person for treatment only if it is recognized by the addiction, it is impossible to independently exit the situation, and these players recognize extremely rarely. They are ready to make a dozen as an excuse of their behavior «reasonable» Arguments.

    If you carefully look into the psychological portrait of the player, you will see a person unable to take responsibility for his life on himself, a man with low self-esteem.

    So what can help relatives? What is in their forces in the conditions of an unequal struggle against the all-consuming evil of the Internet? Only qualified psychotherapeutic assistance will help overcome the Internet dependency. The task of relatives is to convince her. And for this:

    • Do not attempt to ignore the problem. «By itself» exactly nothing stupid
    • Do not accuse yourself or others what it happened
    • In no case do not remove from the man who fell into trouble
    • Do not attempt to socially isolate the player
    • Do not weaken control. On the contrary, strengthen it, for example, in part on spending money from the family budget
    • Try to spend more time together
    • Try not to blame, avoid scandals, do not put ultimatum
    • Do not try to solve the problem without the participation of specialists, in order not to increase the abyss between you
    • Let me understand that you are ready to help

    Following these rules of communication with a dependent person, you gradually convince him to appeal to medical care. And it was the most difficult stage. The rest - leave for psychotherapists.

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