Alzheimer's disease


  • What is Alzheimer's disease?
  • Alzheimer's disease treatment

  • What Alzheimer's disease?

    The disease is based on a complex of disorders in the brain,
    leading to the progressive death of nerve cells. With absence
    Treatment The disease steadily progresses and leads to the destruction of all
    mental functions.

    Alzheimer's disease
    develops gradually, gradually. The first manifestation of the disease
    are memory violations and attention. New information is absorbed all
    worse. Man becomes forgetful, scattered, current events in his
    experiences are replaced by revivalAlzheimer's diseaseAnonya about the past.
    The rule, already in the early stages of the disease, the orientation in
    of time. Violates the idea of ​​the time sequence
    events. In other cases, the disease begins with changes in nature
    elderly man. It becomes rude, selfish, apathetic,
    Erasing previous personality features. Finally, first
    The manifestations of Alzheimer's disease can be nonsense or hallucinations, and
    Also protracted depressions.

    On the
    An early stage of Alzheimer's disease patients rarely fall to the doctor,
    Especially if there are no mental violations. Usually,
    Relatives of the patient consider memory violations and changes
    character as manifestations of natural aging.

    Meanwhile treatment,
    Started at the early stage of Alzheimer's disease, most effectively. IN
    currently there are methods of neuropsychological and
    instrumental examination allowing to put the right
    The diagnosis is already in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

    Further progression of Alzheimer's disease Symptoms of dementia
    become apparent. Violates orientation in time, space,
    Environmental atmosphere. Patients do not know the date, month and year can
    get lost in a familiar place, do not always understand where they are, not
    recognize familiar and loved ones. Gradually violated orientation and in
    Self person. Patients can not call their age, forget
    Key facts of life. Often observed «Shift in the past»: they
    consider themselves with children or young people, argue that they are long
    Dead parents are alive.

    Usual skills are disturbed: patients are losing
    the ability to use household appliances cannot independently
    Dressed, wash. Conscious actions are replaced by stereotypical
    wandering and meaningless collecting things. In the far stages
    Alzheimer's disease Patients completely lose the ability to exist
    Without assistance, speech and motor activity
    limited to meaningless cries and stereotypical movements in
    limits bed.

    Alzheimer's disease treatment

    Currently, drugs are developed, the effectiveness of which in the treatment
    Alzheimer's disease is confirmed by clinical trials.

    these drugs makes it largely to delay the process
    progression of illness, extend the life of patients, partly
    Compensate already disturbed mental functions, improve processes
    thinking and social functioning of patients and facilitate care for
    Nimi. The effectiveness of treatment increases significantly when appointing
    Preparations at the stage of initial or moderate dementia (dementia).

    Important and the fact that therapy should go under constant medical control
    with regular evaluation of the effectiveness and tolerance of drugs.

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