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  • The health of the future mother
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  • Carefully – PMS!
  • Nursing mothers
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  • All advantages of hormonal contraception

  • What are hormonal contraceptivesWe conducted a survey among the readers of the portal of Medcroup, which showed,
    that 29% of women do not have sufficient information about the comprehensive advantages of contraceptives
    new class, which may be due to
    prejudice on the degree of safety of hormonal drugs or
    Negative experience in the use of outdated means capable of causing side effects. Only
    10% of the survey participants noted
    The advantage of hormonal drugs as a decrease in monthly blood loss in menstruation and risk of development of anemia, and only 7% are sure that hormonal
    Contraception does not affect the ability of conception in the future. At the same time, the main
    Feature of modern contraception — This is primarily improved health

    The health of the future mother

    Statistics show:
    The higher the level of consumption of hormonal contraceptives in the country
    women reproductive age, the lower the percentage of unwanted
    Pregnancies and abortion.

    Oral hormonal contraceptives are one of the most
    effective ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy. For the last
    Years of European specialists have changed a view of contraception: accent
    shifted from the prevention of unwanted pregnancy for preparations for the desired
    Maternity. Indeed, the use of hormonal contraceptives allows
    woman to avoid negative experience, keep health, and choose the most
    Suitable time to conceive a child. And after the abolition of a hormonal contraceptive
    Pregnancy may occur within 2 weeks.

    But that's not all — Modern contraceptives of the new
    generations help keep not only health, but also take care of the figure and
    Good health, improve the condition of the skin and hair, normalize
    menstrual cycle and get rid of PMS symptoms.

    Save Figure

    The hormonal contraceptives of the old generation are capable of calling
    Side Effects: Disruption of digestion, swelling and gradation in weight (up to 2
    kg per month). The problem of swelling is in violation of water balance and delay
    Fluids in the body. «Wine» This was a synthetic progestagen, which, in
    The difference from the real progesterone, did not contribute to the removal of excess fluid
    From the body.

    Hormonal contraceptive new generation — based Chrospirenone (Manufacturer Gideon
    Richter) — contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body that
    Prevents the development of swelling, and as a result, an increase in body weight. Same
    Brospirenone favorably affects the scalp and hair skin, contributing
    Getting rid of acne and seborrhea.

    Carefully — PMS!

    Even so harmless condition as PMS is capable of noticeable
    Detect the well-being, working capacity and mood of a woman. Cope
    The listed symptoms will help hormonal contraceptives created on the basis of
    Component Desogestrel, capable
    normalize menstrual cycle and reduce blood loss.

    Nursing mothers

    As you know, nursing mom is able to get pregnant if not
    will be protected. Especially for nursing mothers Gideon Richter designed
    Another hormonal contraceptive based on Desogestrel, which does not include estrogens. Desogestrel ne
    affects the quality and amount of breast milk, and in some cases the drug
    Created to improve lactation. Prescribe this contraceptive after 4-6 weeks after
    delivery (with the resumption of sexual life).

    Hurry up for 72 hours

    Our review of oral hormonal contraceptives would be incomplete
    without a drug emergency contraception created on the basis Levonorgestrel .
    This tool is recommended for 72 hours after unprotected

    All advantages of hormonal contraception

    The use of oral hormonal contraceptives allows harmonization
    work of the reproductive system: normalize the menstrual cycle, get rid of
    Symptoms of PMS and excess blood loss, improve overall health and
    prepare for scheduled pregnancy.

    Currently there are contraceptives for any case:
    from emergency contraception to preparations addressed to nursing mothers; from
    contraceptives that help young women get rid of acne and PMS to
    drugs with a pronounced therapeutic effect.

    To take advantage of modern medicine,
    need to take the first step — contact a female health specialist and
    Ask to help with the choice of a suitable hormonal contraceptive.

    More about the features of female contraception you can
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