Hemorrhagic stroke: life continues!


  • Hemorrhagic
    Stroke: forecast
  • Hemorrhagic
    Stroke: Rehabilitation

  • Hemorrhagic stroke: life continues!
    Stroke or hemorrhage in the brain — Heavy Disease,
    which more often than other acute violations of cerebral circulation leads to death
    or deep disability. According to various data from 30 to 60% of patients with extensive hemorrhage in the brain
    fall into whom and
    dying, and only one of their survivors returns to normal life. Nevertheless
    less, life continues even after stroke, and to restore the patient and
    His relatives are required non-lawnity and a lot of power.

    stroke usually occurs due to a sharp increase in blood pressure in humans,
    suffering from hypertension. Thinned, lost their elasticity
    due to constant overload, the arteries of the brain can not withstand and
    break, releasing blood beyond the limits of the vascular bed. Brain fabrics are impregnated
    Blood, swell, are inflamed, destroy and forever lose their functions. IN
    depending on the site in which hemorrhage in the brain occurred, the symptoms of the disease can
    be very different. But in general, the hemorrhagic brain stroke is characterized by motor,
    speech, behavioral, emotional and mental disorders with which
    have to fight at the stage of rehabilitation.

    Stroke: forecast

    Unfortunately, in 75% of cases of stroke or hemorrhage in the brain — becomes
    The cause of significant violations. However, the human brain is quite complex and flexible
    Structure capable of gradual continuing for several years
    After hemorrhagic
    stroke recovery. It is proved that the affected neurons are capable
    partially returned to «Former activities», And some lost functions
    Take others «Healthy» Bridges of brain. It is believed that the process
    Returning to normal life after the brain disaster begins with
    The first weeks of recovery and ends after about a year and a half. Maximum
    effectively use this time — it means to return the patient the ability to
    independent life, adapt it in society and professionally.

    Perhaps the most important thing for the patient after hemorrhage in the brain
    is the question of the causes of hemorrhagic
    stroke, because the forecast depends entirely on their elimination. Competent
    selected therapy of hypertensive disease — Best Prevention Repeated
    Hemorrhage. Pathology of brain vessels, or rather arteriovenous
    malformations should be identified and cured, otherwise re-, and this time
    deadly catastrophe not avoid.

    Stroke: Rehabilitation

    Restoration after transferred stroke or hemorrhage in the brain
    It is aimed primarily on achieving the optimal level of social
    Adaptation, ways to train patient Self-service skills, restoration
    Communicative abilities, physical and psychological adaptation to
    Consequences of stroke. the main objective
    Rehabilitation — Return a person's ability to live independently
    , And in the name
    All efforts of medical workers should be combined to achieve this goal,
    relatives and patient.

    1. Elimination
      Motor disorders
      After hemorrhage in the brain. Weakness, paralysis, violation
      Coordination of movements lead to difficulties in walking. In the fight against these problems
      use special techniques to overcome muscle spasticity, passive and
      Active Medical Gymnastics, Massage, Physiotherapeutic Procedures, Methods
      Forced therapy. Not only the efforts of the patient are needed, but also permanent
      Supervision, help relatives and specialists, motivation for further
      Continuation of classes. To restore sustainable body positions are used
      Various simulators and functional electrotherapy.
    2. After hemorrhagic stroke
      Glotania Restoration — The most important task
      , Since it
      Violation leads to food in the respiratory tract, which becomes the cause
      Development of heavy pneumonia. Like n
      Strange, swallowing the patient in this case teaches a speech therapist using
      stimulating and deterrent techniques with manual stretching, pressing and
      Tapping. A special diet is assigned, constant control is carried out
    3. Recovery
      Self-service skills. After stroke and hemorrhage in the patient's brain
      re-train personal hygiene, dressing skills and meals, then — more
      complex integrated actions, such as cooking, homemade
      economy, the ability to write, call on the phone, use simple household
      devices. The life of the patient various devices and
      devices helping him to return confidence in their own.
    4. Recovery
      After hemorrhagic
      stroke is associated with the return of the patient's ability to
      reproduction and understanding. These questions are engaged in speech therapist and relatives
    5. Hemorrhagic
      The brain stroke and its consequences lead to violation of behavior and psychological disorders.
      The patient often becomes aggressive, gravily, emotionally labile, sharp
      Mood oscillations, addiction to depression — Frequent phenomena after hemorrhagic stroke. Recovery
      Patient's psyche is used not only by word treatment, but also various
      Physiotherapeutic stimulation methods.

    In the individual rehabilitation program after hemorrhage in the brain
    May include: kinesiotherapy, electronotimulation, dynamic
    proprio-correction, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, stimulation effect on
    Stop support zones, color therapy and other techniques. Every patient requires
    individual approach and qualified help of specialists, but
    regret, not all patients in Russia, who suffered a hemorrhagic brain stroke can
    count on this help. Most often they remain one on one with their
    suffering and can rely mainly to help and patience of relatives.
    Therefore, it is especially important for those who will take care and help the patient, get
    maximum care information to return a loved one to the same

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