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    All paralysis, regardless of the causes are divided into spastic and sluggish. The first are characteristic of damage to the spinal cord on the cervical and chest, as well as for most patients with children's cerebral paralysis, which are sometimes called spasters. Second - to disrupt the spinal cord and «horse tail» At the lumbar level, for the effects of poliomyelitis and strokes in the brain. Paraliances are also divided into paresis (partial) and spheres (full). So, the lower paraplegia means full of paralysis of the legs, and the tetrapireps - partial paralysis of the hands and legs.

    Spasty is an excessively high muscle tone phenomenon and involuntary movements. Spasms appear in the muscles that in a healthy person are under the control of consciousness, t. E. Managed brain. Immediately after injury or disease, the spinal cord is in a state of spinal shock, and the nerve impulses through the injured or the stewed plot do not pass. Temple reflexes are absent. As shock weaken, they are restored, the truth is more often in a distorted form, and only when the spinal cord is damaged at the level of the cervical and chest departments, since there is no dowel of the spinal cord as such.

    Spastic paralysis In a healthy person, with any skin irritation - a circuit, burn, pulling the hairs, the signal from sensitive nerve and spinal cord fibers enter the brain, and he gives an order to eliminate an unpleasant feeling. Another thing when the spinal cord is interrupted and the pain impulse reaches only to the obstacle. He dares up and down on the fenced area, causing overexcitation, growth of muscle tone and uncontrolled movements.

    Some other nature has spasticity and athettos (uncontrolled sharp movements of the body and limbs, as well as involuntary facial expressions) in individuals suffering from children's central paralysis. High muscle tone causes characteristic postures that do not allow to stand up on his feet, and a distorted facial exposes more moral suffering. Strong exhausting spask from spinal stories and cerebrals does not allow to focus or, on the contrary, relax and sleep. Temporarily can be eliminated or at least weakened by deep heating and loosening, skillful medical physical education and an even more skillful surface massage (an inexperienced massage therapist can only increase tone). Therefore, someone from family members must learn from a professional to make a massage properly to a specific patient.

    Irritation, causing an increase in muscle tone, are internal and external. The spinal from the experience is not difficult to determine where they do. For example, periodic annoying twitching one leg can be caused by loss in groin. The crack in the berry fold is the cause of a strong tone with tremor (large trembling) in both feet. Close footwear, pin in pants, bladder overflow, accumulation of gases in the intestine and accumulation of solid feces in the rectum is also able to cause tremor. Leg involuntarily will double when dropping hot or cold water. Often the tone grows when cooling, with squeezing with orthopedic devices and due to the monotonous position of the body. In any case, spasy is information about some kind of disorder. You need to learn to analyze it, starting with the search for the most ordinary reasons, and skillfully use it.

    In addition to using spastics for information purposes, it should be borne in mind that a moderately elevated tone gives many people with disabilities the opportunity to be able to walk without apparatuses, including spastic.

    Increased tone holds legs from weight loss, which has cosmetic and, it means, psychological importance for young guys and especially girls. Here, spastic paralysis has an advantage over slimmed - it is no secret that the spinal spots with lumbar injuries are shy for atrophied legs and because of this, refuse to swim in swimming and intimate proximity. Persons with sluggish paralysis must be careful, because when falling from a carriage or crutch, they have more chances to break the leg more. Finally, I note that Spacy promotes a rather sustainable erection that, as it is not difficult to guess, it is especially welcomed by young people and is used for appointment for good.

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