Treatment of multiple sclerosis


  • Exacerbations of multiple sclerosis
  • Symptomatic treatment of multiple sclerosis
  • Rehabilitation with multiple sclerosis
  • Alternative treatments
  • Vitamins and fatty acids
  • Diet
  • Removal of mercury dental seals
  • Acupuncture (acupuncture)
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Hyperbaric oxygenation

  • So far, there are no techniques that cure multiple sclerosis, but there are quite effective treatment methods for various manifestations.

    Exacerbations of multiple sclerosis

    Standard treatment with serious exacerbations is the use of corticosteroids – hormones that have a powerful anti-inflammatory action. They reduce inflammation in the zone of the destruction of the nervous fiber, allowing you to more quickly normalize the disturbed functions and cut, thereby, the duration of exacerbation. Most preferable is methylprednisolone treatment.

    Preparations affecting multiple sclerosis

    Some of the drugs recently allowed for use in multiple sclerosis, reduce the frequency and severity of exacerbations, reducing the number of newly formed foci damage detected during surveys. Their influence on the progression of disability is not quite clear.

    These drugs are some types of beta interferons and acetate.

    Symptomatic treatment of multiple sclerosis

    For many symptoms of multiple sclerosis, apply various treatment methods. But it must be remembered that the selection of drugs should be carried out together with a physician competent in this field (neurologist or other specialists, such as a urologist, gynecologist).

    Rehabilitation with multiple sclerosis

    Treatment of multiple sclerosisAlthough the function lost due to multiple sclerosis is impossible to restore in full, each patient should strive to improve its condition. After each exacerbation, it is necessary to conduct rehabilitation treatment. In periods of non-encryption, patients should receive supportive therapy to achieve and maintain optimal physical form. To do this, physiotherapy can also be used, stretching and coordination exercises, classes with speechopmed, etc. For better compensation, it may be necessary to change lifestyle (both social and professional).

    Information on new methods of treatment and scientific research

    Your doctor, a neurologist or local Society of Sclerosis will tell you when new new, with a proven efficiency, treatment methods, and proven from a medical point of view, will appear. Currently, there are many different studies on multiple sclerosis. Sclerosis societies worldwide closely contact each other and any new information about the results of research, services or new treatment opportunities quickly becomes well-known.

    Critically refer to reports of new methods of treatment, which often appear in various popular or non-specialized publications. Before passing any course of treatment, be sure to consult your attending physician.

    Alternative treatments

    Given that there is no scientifically substantiated way to cure multiple sclerosis, there are many alternative approaches and techniques for the treatment of the disease. Almost all of them relate to non-traditional treatment methods, and often they are even scientifically not reasonable, recommended without any preceding generally accepted scientific research by non-people or enthusiastic lovers.

    Some of the alternative methods of treatment are relatively harmless and even to some extent useful, as they make patients with more cautious and sensible about the possibility of full cure of multiple sclerosis in such ways. Some of the most exotic methods of the road and are even dangerous, so hope for a miracle should elap common sense. Many new techniques and drugs are irresponsible advertised in printing and media. Before considering the possibility of passing any course of alternative treatment, you must give it an objective assessment, this can help you with information from the local Society of sclerosis or medical professionals.

    Vitamins and fatty acids

    Adequate use of vitamins is recommended to all patients with multiple sclerosis, but there are no scientific evidence that elevated or even megadoses of vitamins, one or the combination of their combination favorably affect the course of the disease. Several clinical studies have shown that a diet with an excess of polyunsaturated fatty acids (contained in fish oil) has some effect manifested in slowing the progression of the disease and reduce severity and duration of exacerbations, without affecting their frequency.


    There is no scientific evidence that multiple sclerosis occurs due to the defective nutrition or shortage of any food components. A balanced diet, which includes low-fat animal products and high tissue content, is recommended to most people and should be part of general measures carried out in order to stabilize the state of the patient with multiple sclerosis. In this regard, the diet is especially acceptable, such as a low-live diet, since the possibility of some effect when applied is not excluded. The use of other diets, such as non-charled and gluten-free, raw food, diet with a reduced protein and fructose content and other liquid diets, a scarerose diet, did not reveal any positive effect on the course of multiple sclerosis, although their supporters and lead many personal examples. Many of these diets roads. With uncontrolled application, they can change the normal balance of nutrients and be dangerous to health.

    Removal of mercury dental seals

    Removal of amalgam dental seals (consisting of mercury and silver) is based on a non-confirmed assumption that multiple sclerosis may arise due to mercury poisoning, released from amalgam seals and damaging immune system. There is no data that the removal of these seals does in any way affect the course of multiple sclerosis.

    Acupuncture (acupuncture)

    There is no evidence that acupuncture favorably affects the course of the disease or its manifestation. However, it can be effective in muscle or pains.

    Yoga and meditation

    Yoga and meditation can be quite significant and pleasant methods of treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis, increase them «the quality of life», Improve the physical and spiritual state of the body. There are many organizations that conduct classes specifically for people with physical restrictions. To obtain the necessary recommendations, contact your local sclerosis.

    Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO)

    Breathing with oxygen supplied under high pressure in order to slow down the progression of multiple sclerosis and reduce the severity of its manifestations, was popular in the 80s of the last century. Tests conducted independently of each other in the United States, Great Britain, Canada and the Netherlands unequivocally demonstrated that HBO does not have any positive effect on the course and severity of disease manifestations.

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