Treatment of Cooperosis

We all love to look at the stars and asterisks, dream and make wishes. But the asterisks are not always so attractive and desirable. There are vascular stars (they are also called «Wine spots», And in scientific - cooperosis). Here they deliver their owners and holders a lot of sorrowful minutes.

We all love to look at the stars and asterisks, dream and make wishes. But the asterisks are not always so attractive and desirable. There are vascular stars (they are also called «Wine spots», And in scientific - cooperosis). Here they deliver their owners and holders a lot of sorrowful minutes. Where does this come from «Star» problem and how to solve it - our site will tell.

What the «the beast» such?

Treatment of Cooperosis
You approached the mirror and saw light red, bluish-red threads in the chin area, cheeks or, worse than the scattering of vascular grosses-stars on the wings of the nose or even on the legs? We sympathize with you - this Cuperoz came to you unnoticed. This vascular skin disease is just a manifestation of Grozny disease Telangictasia (local excessive expansion of capillaries and small vessels). In our case, of course, everything is not deadly, but meanwhile very unpleasant.

The occurrence of vascular meshes occurs as follows: the walls of individual capillaries are stretched, increasing at the same time 3-5 times, plots with impaired blood circulation and stagnation of blood are formed. How to distinguish cooperosis from other similar problems? If you push your finger to the affected skin, then the redness will disappear when pressure stops - the capillaries appear again through the skin. In the future, the red skin becomes a permanent satellite, the vessels are becoming more fragile.

Cooperoz - the enemy of both women and men. The latter, however, are not so painful react to the problem. He is a big threat to the owners of thin light and sensitive skin. Darkness to live much easier. Last role is played by sex hormones.

Causes of occurrence

Treatment of Cooperosis
Why is it, and others are lucky more? There may be several reasons:

And this reason is dominant. If your parents have cooperosis, then doctors give 90% of the probability that you are subject to him.

Ultra-violet rays.
They cause fragility of vessels, and exchange processes brake.

Temperature differences.
They are very negative effect on sensitive skin. Long stay in the sun, strong wind and cold also affect not the best.

Chronic diseases of internal organs, weakened immunity.
Sick stomach and liver are able to cause many diseases, including such insidious as cooperosis.

Emotional experiences are accompanied by an increase in pressure, as a result of which the work of blood vessels is disturbed, they stop working in the same mode, and the walls of the capillaries are destroyed.

Yes, Cuperoz is no exception to tolerate this bad habit!

Various alcoholic beverages, and especially strong and red wine, render vasodilatory action.

Acute and hot food, coffee, bitter and hot chocolate.
These products have a strong stimulating effect on blood circulation.

Some cosmetics.
If the skin is dry and sensitive, you should not use alcohol-containing and drying agents, «rude» scrubs, chemical peels and t. NS.

At least one of the reasons, but there is in your life. So, you are subject to «attack» starfish. Best friend in this case - prevention.


Treatment of Cooperosis
First try your hand in the difficult struggle.

  1. Take care of the skin! No soap, no drying agents. Only soft cleansing gels, tonic and creams. Use cosmetics containing green tea, chestnut, juniper, rutin, ginko biloba, grape seed oil and t. NS. Never go out in the sun and in strules without sunscreen and moisturizing creams.
  2. Do not wash hot water, only warm or cool, and even better - a contrasting shower.
  3. Nobody canceled gymnastics! It prevents not only blood stagnation in capillaries, but also double chin, mimic wrinkles and other impending «Nevzgodi».
  4. Take vitamins E, R, K, C, but in what proportions - with this to the doctor. Vitamins in large numbers are not treated, and ... right - cripples. You can drink Vitamin complexes, there the dose of vitamins does not exceed the permissible!
  5. And vegetables, fruits, citrus, green tea and infusion of rosehip will help your body full of vitamins, which help your body fight with many reels.

Well, if the problem still appeared - you need to get rid of it.

Treatment of Cooperosis

Treatment of Cooperosis
Do not self-medicate, go to a dermatologist. Today, cosmetology has a variety of treatment methods, everything is only depends on the severity of the disease. In this case, advise:

This method is already outdated, but so far it is used by some cosmetology. Our site does not recommend using them. And all due to the fact that there are ugly scars on the place of cavity by the Hair Electrode. Since the current hurts healthy fabrics during the treatment of problem areas.

Ozone therapy.
Therapy, with which problem capillaries are destroyed by an ozone mixture, it causes the freezing effect. Introduce a mixture with a thin needle. Separate burst vessels disappear. The most important advantage of the procedure - there are no scars.

Laser therapy.
This method is good if Cuperoz came too far. When the foci of the disease has not yet spread, you do not advise you to use them. Laser therapy accompany the scars, hematomas and burns.

Leather cleaning.
In no case do not clean the face of themselves! This procedure for Cooperose requires a beautician intervention. No chemical and mechanical peels, only gentle cleaning. Enzyme (enzyme) peeling, which affects the skin very gently, but at the same time therapeutic drugs penetrate deep into the pores. Well, the inflammation after cleaning is removed by hardware irrigation by couples of anti-inflammatory plant extracts.

Today, the most effective and focusing method. It is based on high-intensity light pulses. Photorejuvenation perfectly eliminates copery, pigment spots, extended pores, acne, small wrinkles and many other.

The method will help both at the initial stage of the disease, so well affect the launched problem.

The coverage area is not only a face, but also a decolla zone, as well as legs, which are also subject to Cooperoz. As for the consequences, except for redness of the skin on the face and bruises on the feet you do not threaten. Yes, and these troubles will soon disappear.

To secure the resulting effect, our site strongly advises not to stop! Get off the vessel-fixing drugs and vitamins, spend several courses of mesotherapy. Take care of your skin carefully - and she «Answer» you health and beauty!

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