What is hepatitis e


  • Hepatitis E
  • Hepatitis E, diagnosis and treatment

  • Hepatitis E

    Previously (before the detection of hepatitis E virus) is a disease,
    Together with hepatitis C, D, G, was part of the group of so-called hepatitis

    Mechanism of infection fecal-oral, that is
    The disease is transmitted from a sick person who highlights the virus
    with feces. As a rule, the virus falls into our body with contaminated
    water, less likely - entered through dirty hands.

    What is hepatitis e
    Dish virus
    hepatitis e predominantly young people 15-29 years. Especially
    This form of hepatitis in countries with hot climates and bad
    Water supply.

    Forecast in most cases favorable. Exception is women in the last three months of pregnancy.

    From the moment of infection before the start of the disease passes from 14 to 50 days.

    E begins gradually with disorder of digestion, the deterioration of the general
    Wellness, less often with a short temperature lift. Across
    Jaundice appears for some time - yellowing mucous membranes,
    Scler (Protein Eye Shell) and Sometimes - Skin. In contrast to hepatitis
    A, with the advent of jaundice, the health of the patients does not improve. After 2-4
    Weeks from the beginning of the disease there is a reverse development of symptoms
    and recovery.

    Unlike other varieties of viral
    hepatitis, with a heavy form of hepatitis E there is a pronounced
    Liver and kidney lesion. When hepatitis e more often than with hepatitis A,
    There are medium-stage and heavy forms of the disease.

    For hepatitis
    E Typically, the difficult course of women in the second half
    Pregnancy. At the same time, the death of the mother comes in 40% of cases, and death
    fruit - almost always.

    For this form of hepatitis, the chronic course and virusia is not characteristic.

    Hepatitis E, diagnosis and treatment

    The diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis E is engaged in an infectious.

    Assume presence
    Hepatitis E is possible when combining the symptoms of acute hepatitis
    with features of infection (stay 2-8 weeks before the disease
    In a specific hepatitis E region, the use of raw water there,
    The presence of such diseases among others).

    put on the basis of laboratory signs, in particular, there is no lack
    in serum blood markers hepatitis A and in. Specific marker,
    confirming the diagnosis of hepatitis E, are antibodies to hepatitis virus
    E class IGM (anti-nonV IGM) detected using an enzyme immunoassay
    Analysis of IFA in blood serum.

    Antiviral treatment for
    hepatitis E is not prescribed. There is no need for this - through
    A month and a half comes full recovery. Human organism
    Silen enough to get rid of the virus without the help of treatment.

    Doctors prescribe symptomatic therapy to eliminate the head
    Pains, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms. In addition, recommend
    Avoid drinking alcohol, which can weaken already
    Damaged liver.

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