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  • One wave of his hands - and time stops. You can not move either hand or leg. Reality disappears. A strange stupor is called a simple word - Trans. And this is not only a consequence of hypnosis. It is no less - direct access to other worlds.

    Hypnosis has long ceased to be something mysterious and supernatural. Glass balls before eyes, standard phrase «sleep!» And other tricks «Charger» from the underground associations of the 50s of the last century smoothly moved to the public life of the day of the present. In more inconspicuous form, but with the same effective impact. Hypnosis elements can now be found at every step. That «sins» And street scammers, and customers of advertising shields. Who and why manipulates our consciousness?

    In short, you can cure

    Mystery of hypnosis seeks every second. But by professionals become units. «Penetrate the consciousness of another person - this is the most real gift», - Says Nikolai Koshelev, a psychotherapist, a hypnotist with a 15-year experience. Suggestion he fucked at the time when she realized that the word could be cured by man. After all, the word is of great strength, and most importantly - to be able to use it correctly. «Classic hypnosis has long been no longer used in modern medicine. Mirror items for fixing attention and other «quirks» went to the past, - Nikolai notes, - the Erickson method is now the most relevant in psychotherapy».

    What is Erickson hypnosis

    Hypnosis is differentModern Erickson hypnosis is, first of all, the strategy of indirect suggestions and non-verbal impact.
    Simply put, one voice can be driven by a person in trance, and he will not notice this at all. Because the softness, persuasiveness and calm speech are creating wonders. You will not even notice how pleasant relaxation comes, reality will distort, and the chaos in the head will change the amazing order of thoughts. You will not offer a team voice «fall asleep at the expense of three» Or convince that you can't move. In classical forms of hypnosis, all teams are issued for a rarity strange, which does not require objection to the tone.
    The Erickson method of entry into a changed state is such an amazing form of hypnosis at which it is possible to control what is happening, and simply exempted from its psychological problems or physical ailments. Overcome the effects of chronic stress, get rid of phobias and fears, alcohol addiction, smoking, excess weight, addiction…
    The founder of the Milton Erickson method was even able to increase his breast to his patient. From zero to second sizes, here it is the true power of suggestion!

    Hypnosis Gypsy ordinary

    As for the famous «Milk, let me yield, happiness will be you!», then this is an example of the most elementary, but also a very effective form of hypnosis. Well, who did not happen? It is worth a gypsy just to look carefully, and you already fall into some strange stupor. AND… Methodically start to give a woman, from head to legs bought in a shawl, all money and jewels. Gypsies from nature are endowed with a gift of suggestion, besides, their unique abilities are developing with age.

    In order not to get caught on the tricks, you should immediately take your eyes from their permeating glance. Black eyes and monotonous speech may hypnotize up to 75% of the population. Gypsies are mostly asked by the sacrifice right hand - to pay. But not all of them masters read fate with palm. Just body contact is the fastest way to managing a person. The victim becomes managed, and «Hunters» Remove their benefits.

    Hypnosis is not always deception

    Consciousness management in our society has long reached the limit norm. The sound and video orders are capable of producing in the consciousness of man those settings that, at first glance, contradict the facts. Consequently, society can be easily developed in the right direction, because these suggestions act on most people. Carefully look at the billboards. Specialist will tell you that without «Secret» Consciousness management technologies clearly did not happen.
    But you should not perceive hypnosis as synonym for deception. In the experienced hands of a psychotherapist, he is harmless and has a healing effect. First of all, it includes changes in psyche, because in the trane, attention is focused on the problem that is worried about a person, and it is gradually a way to solve it.

    Here are such methods of psychotherapists and achieve the necessary effect, at the same time comprehending the true secrets of a person. However, there is a definite group of people for whom the Look fixation and soothing monotonous speech - an empty sound. They are about 30% in society. Enter them into a trance state - the task is not from the lungs. The reason for this is the absolute control of consciousness. That in our time, you see, very good quality.

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