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  • To experience the strength of the bee bite will not be born. And very
    Even in vain, Igor Korkuleko, one of the few in Russia
    Specialists who are engaged in apitherapy (bees treatment).

    Live pharmacy

    On the miraculous power of the bee poison was known in the ancient
    Egypt. Mention of amazing pederal results are found
    and in the work of hippocrat. Thanks to the healing bite, gout got rid of gout
    Franksky King Karl Great and Legendary Ivan in the VIII century
    Grozny, and beekeepers for a long time were the first of the doctors.

    Doctor-apitherapovt Igor Tikhonovich Korkulenko nothing surprising in this
    does not see. Bee poison - Live pharmacy. In it and proteins, and enzymes, and
    Amino acids. Being a powerful immunostimulator, a unique means
    Doctors many ailments, which are based on a relaxationHealing stingName

    Body and soul balsam

    The list of diseases in which the bee sting helps is impressive:
    Chronic bronchitis, trophic ulcers, varicose veins,
    prostate adenoma, baldness, prostatitis, dysfunction
    ovaries and evaluating for this reason, myoma,
    Endo Metriosis. Bee poison normalizes metabolism, regulates fat
    exchange, increases immunity. CUEK OF APITERAPII - Treatment of Psoriasis. After
    several pchelotherapy courses are almost incurable in terms of
    traditional medicine skin disease either disappears completely or
    significantly reduces the sphere of its influence.

    Regulars of the office of apitherapy -pacaters with rich «Room list»
    cold illness. Bee bites such people replace
    anti-happose vaccination, turning into a reliable barrier for
    Penetration of viral infections and strengthening weakened organism.
    But, perhaps, the most effective bee poison in the treatment of radiculites,
    Osteochondrosis and joint diseases (no coincidence of the bee poison
    Composition of many anti-toll ointments). After passing the course of apitherapy,
    yesterday «Radiculiters» completely forget about their suffering. On the

    Bite in salvation

    At first glance, the method of treatment with bees resembles an acupuncture:
    The bee sting containing 0.15 mg of poison affects certain
    Points and body zones responsible for the state of a particular organ.
    Only unlike treatment with needles that should get into strictly
    a certain point, the bee is enough to leave the sting only in the surrounding it

    For the suspension on the first session, the patient put one bee in the most
    safe place - between the blades, gradually bringing their number to
    10-16 pieces per session. Each disease has its own number of bees and its own
    scheme. As a rule, the course of treatment includes 10-15 sessions,
    Repeating every other day (bee poison operates 24 hours).

    For greater effect, the courses of beeotherapy repeat, and the refined place
    It is warm up with a special bamboo stick, in order to disperse faster
    Entered the blood poison. They say the bee bites are quite easy (in
    depending on the threshold of pain sensitivity) is transferred. After 2-3
    day from them there is no trace. According to Corkoulenko, some of his
    Patients become real bees addicts, receiving from
    painful bites great pleasure.

    Allergies please do not disturb

    But foreigners of our Russian bees, they say, tolerate bad.
    After the first session of Yugoslav, the French, Koreans, Vietnamese issue
    The strongest allergies. Igor Tikhonovich never ceases to be surprised: how
    The same sophisticated people!

    However, among the Russians allergies now have enough, and therefore without
    Special check (which is produced by blood tests) on sessions
    Dr. Corkulento does not take anyone. In addition to allergies
    Correction for apitapia are chronic malignant
    Tumors, Heavy Infections, Tuberculosis, Acute Liver Diseases,
    kidneys, anemia, hypertension and diabetes. Apithethetics and
    For the treatment of kids. Maly – Too gentle patients.

    Mandatory allergy inspection regularly passes and all medical
    Personnel Cabinet Pcheotherapy. In local employees, work is harmful:
    No, no yes and breaks off during a session on «will» From the buzzing microly
    Nuclear bee.

    The bee is a pity!

    As a rule, three types of bees are used in apitapia – Carpathian,
    Transcaucasian and Midrug Russian. However, from the use of Central Russian
    Corkoulenko's bees refused – Very evil! Carpathians – completely different
    business. According to Igor Tikhonovich, working with these gentle bees –
    pure pleasure. Future winged «Lekari» Every year pass
    Strombing sanitary control and regularly replenished with new.

    Life of a medical bee is short-lived. Leaving the sting (which, in essence,
    is a continuation of the bee intestine) in the human body,
    Unhappy bee after 15-20 minutes dies from... Peritonitis. They say,
    In honor of the small insect, putting life to the altar
    human health, even there is a monument – In Japan, where the pedele
    Enjoy great popularity.

    There was a time when there were a lot of people who wanted to have a bees poison and we.
    Apitherapy Bum in Russia fell on the 50-60s of the past
    century. Today, there are no trace from the past popularity. Igor
    Corkoulenko does not mind. The time will come when tired of treatment
    Alien «Chemistry» People will remember the old good traditions of their
    distant ancestors. And they will not hurt.

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