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  • Chronic illness — Chronic parent care
  • Diet with pyelonephritis in children
  • Pyelonephritis Prevention in Children — Caring for the future of the child

  • Chronic pyelonephritis in childrenChronic pyelonephritis, as well as the acute process proceeds with signs of inflammation of the renal parenchyma, can be formed as an independent disease, and against the background of various anomalies of the urogenital system or as a complication of a number of infectious diseases. The development of chronic pyelonephritis in children is often facilitated by the transferred pneumonia and flu. The disease begins with the introduction into the renal fabric of pathogens penetrating from the urethra and bladder, as well as when transferring the pathogen on the blood vessels from the foci of inflammation in the body, for example, from nasopharynx with an angina or tonsillitis, oral cavity during caries or periodontal disease.

    For several years, pyelonephritis is able to flow hidden, without manifesting bright symptoms, and discovered in the study of urine in case of a small pain in the area of ​​the lower back, headache and high temperature up to 39-40s accompanied by fever. Older children describe this condition as a back pain, amplifying during physical exertion, and the coming relief in thermal procedures complains of general weakness, frequent urge to urination, pain, burning and urinary incontinence. Girls and boys are sick with the same frequency, but still the disease occurs more often in girls. This is explained by the anatomical structure of the genital organs and the impaired hygienic techniques during the washed, especially the kids when the infectious agent from the anal region easily penetrates the urinary tract. In older children, the causative agent spreads from the mucous genital organs.

    Chronic illness — Chronic parent care

    Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis in children: chronic parent careParents of kids and schoolchildren with inflammatory kidney diseases need to have additional knowledge luggage on this problem, since sometimes momentary help is required and there is no time to wait for the arrival of a doctor or brigade «Ambulance». Pediatricians should advise moms and dads and teach them to identify the symptoms of both a chronic and acute inflammatory process. With prolonged course of the disease, periods of exacerbation may be observed and if timely not proceed to treatment, the pathological process may begin to gradually destroy the renal tissue, to disturb the excretory function of the kidneys, as a result of which the body poisoning is possible by nitrogen slags, the beginning of dangerous Uremia. Patients should be under the constant supervision of a non-organist specialist or a urologist, strictly observing the recommendations and diet when pyelonephritis in children.

    Diet with pyelonephritis in children

    The great importance of the food diet in the treatment of kidney disease is proven by experimentally and implies a complete exception of fried, sharp and canned products. Along with drugs, the prescription of physiotherapy, as well as medicinal fees and teas, which have a diuretic property, such as rosehip fruits, parsley, dill, celery. The renal blood flow significantly improves St. Johsum, Oats, Asparagus, sage, plantain. The treatment of chronic pyelonephritis in children is necessarily accompanied by the elimination of predisposing factors, bedding and abundant drinking of cranberry and cruising horses, fruit compotes and juices, kefir, consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially apricots, melons, zucchini.

    Pyelonephritis Prevention in Children — Caring for the future of the child

    Kidney — This is a vital greater organ, the future of kids depends on the work, so you should take care of the kids from possible infection. Prevention of the disease — This is the identification of risk groups by urinary tract infection, which most often happens in premature and artificially fed infants, with systemic and immune diseases, with urolithiasis and abnormalities for the development of kidney and urinary tract. In the prevention of pyelonephritis in children, the vitamin complexes are recommended, the fight against infection, a gentle diet without irritant products, an increase in liquid volume by 50% compared with the age norm. After antibacterial therapy, you can assign drugs of antiseptic and diuretic drugs, as well as alkaline mineral water such as Essentuki and Smirnovskaya.

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