In a child pneumonia


  • Threatening factors
  • Call a doctor
  • Treat home or hospital?

  • As a rule, infection falls into the lungs when inhaling the pathogens
    pneumonia, but there are cases when the disease is transmitted through blood if
    In the body there is a purulent inflammatory process, for example, after
    However, microbes or viruses, falling into the lungs, not always «turn» in
    disease. If the body is strong, this does not happen. For development
    There must be a suitable background, that is, the kid will get sick if
    act provoking factors. It's not just supercooling —
    There are many other moments that contribute to the emergence

    Threatening factors

    • weakened immunity;
    • unfavorable environmental situation;
    • smokers in the family;
    • defective nutrition;
    • Low-favorable domestic conditions for the child's life;
    • supercooling;
    • transferred sharp respiratory diseases;
    • Undicted bronchitis.

    The cause of inflammation of the lungs can be inhalation of harmful vapors (for example,
    gasoline) or hitting the foreign bodies in the respiratory path (for example,
    Piece of food).

    The incidence of pneumonia is also characterized by seasonality. Most often
    inflammation of the lungs are sick in the cold season (in winter, in the fall and
    spring). The wet legs and frequent bronchitis are affected, and, of course,
    ORZ epidemic, ORVI.

    Call a doctor

    In a child pneumonia
    If the child holds a high body temperature (38 °C and higher) more
    2-3 days — this reason to suspect the inflammation of the lungs. For comparison: when
    acute respiratory diseases in 2-3 days body temperature
    Reduced Sama. However, the so-called atypical pneumonia happens:
    When in young children, this disease proceeds without

    Basic symptoms:

    • dry cough, with time passed into wet;
    • chest pain;
    • Pallor, weakness, malaise;
    • rapid breathing and heartbeat;
    • lack of appetite.

    If a child has a high body temperature and listed
    Above the symptoms, be sure to call a doctor. The specialist will identify changes
    In the lungs, characteristic of pneumonia: weakened and hard breath,
    wheezing. But even the most experienced doctor will be able to put the final
    Diagnosis only after mild radiography and obtaining results
    Treatment of General Blood Analysis.
    A good specialist will always resort to the help of X-ray at the beginning and end
    Diseases. Parents should not worry: the dose of radiation, which
    gets a child, very small and can not harm him.

    If it is not diagnosed on time and not start treating inflammation
    lungs, it is fraught with very serious consequences, for example, abscess
    lungs. In this case, the condition of the child deteriorates sharply.

    Treat home or hospital?

    Pneumonia — Cusary disease. Therefore, it is necessary to be alert,
    Especially when it comes to children under three years. After all, the younger child,
    the greater the probability of severe disease. To avoid
    complications, babies, as a rule, are hospitalized. Show in hospital
    And older child, if he is in serious condition: general intoxication
    the body, vomiting, long holds high body temperature and t.D.

    If a child has older than three years, pneumonia proceeds not very hard,
    The district doctor may assign the treatment of the house under the condition of strict
    fulfillment of all recommendations. Parents have to trace to
    The child received the child on time, in full, the necessary
    Procedures (warming compresses, abundant drink and t.D.). At
    Adequate treatment condition should improve in 10-14 days.

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