Diet Maya Plisetskaya

This diet is perhaps one of the most categorical. It is impossible, it is impossible and still can not eat a lot, often ... and in general, it is very harmful to eat. So considers the great ballerina Maya Plisetskaya.

Somewhere partly the famous dancer, definitely, rights. By her tough diet, one can say one thing, almost everything is prohibited. «Do not eat» - such a slogan of her diet. But despite its all its rigidity, the result of the diet is just awesome. A person can get rid of the whole ten kilograms in just 14 days! Do not believe? MirSet will tell you how to easily lose extra kilograms and how in the future it is not to return the lost.

About principle

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It turns out that in fact the Maya Plisetskaya did not completely develop the menu of this diet. Yes, and just think where the elegant ballerina can appear as much ten extra kilograms? She has solid workouts, sets and from anywhere else? Yes, and the ballerin has it, a couple of extra kilograms may well «clutch» And to Hudyshkam. And here, the famous ballerina has established its checkered rule - do not eat. Rather, you can eat, but it is necessary to do it so that the body remains a little hungry. According to her, you should always keep the body in this state and not give reason to relax.

At the heart of the diet from Maya Plisetsk, which the doctors of nutritionists have been modified specifically for dancers and those who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms once and for all, dominates the refusal of protein food. Namely from meat, eggs and milk products. For elegant muscles, the ballerina does not need an extra protein, as well as such a strong allergen as milk. And it turns out that if the body does not get protein at all - weight loss goes rapidly.

Prohibited products

Diet, Maya Plisetskaya diet, healthy food, beautiful figure, weight loss, diet

Products that can be eaten:

  • any fresh fruit;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • Broccoli cabbage can be eaten without restrictions;
  • barley;
  • Oats;
  • lentil;
  • rice;
  • spinach;
  • All kinds of cabbage;
  • Fish low-fat.

All vegetables can be boiled, so baked in the oven, grieve in a pan, but without adding a large amount of oil. Salt content should be minimal. Oil can be added only one tablespoon and that, only olive and exclusively cold pressed. This dosage is designed for one day.

Fish can only eat white and not fat. This category includes a cod, pike and lememon. This fish is advisable to eat only in boiled form. Fat fish need to be left for later when you adhere to healthy food after a diet.

All types of croup, such as rice (brown), barley and lentils are boiled in water, without adding salt.

If you really want a tasty, you can pamper yourself in such a way: to add a bit of a little chopped dill in Pitch, and sprinkle fish with lemon juice. That's all the joys of life!

By the way, all kinds of nuts, as well as dried fruits are also not allowed!

Menu diet

A diet from the famous dancer must adhere to the crescent. For breakfast to eat oatmeal. Dinner Vegetable Supchik, welded only on vegetable broth. Sava add vegetables or stewed vegetables. For dinner, you can eat or boiled lentils, or a little rice with white fish (100 grams), add to the main dish you can a little vegetable salad.

During the snacks, only green vegetables are allowed: zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers, peas.

About security

Diet, Maya Plisetskaya diet, healthy food, beautiful figure, weight loss, diet

Many women ask nutritionists the same question: «Will a diet safe for people who lead a normal lifestyle, and their body is not used to daily physical exertion». Nutritionist responders that if he strongly limit the body in ordinary calories, he will experience the strongest stress. It may lead to the body's metabolism will decrease. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that when short diets stick, the body immediately loses no fat, and water, and then muscle mass. And it is very bad.

When all proteins and carbohydrates are cleaned sharply from the daily diet - it is very harmful and can even lead to states close to fainting.

When a person is undernourished, especially when the body misses the sweet, man becomes irritable and evil. According to scientists from the United States, which carried out experiments on volunteers, any diet, including from Maya Plisetsk, leads to the appearance of stress. Therefore, choose to you, dear women - or be slim and angry, or be swallow, but happy.

And always, in case of refusing to most of the usual products, the body, experiencing stress, loses extra kilograms that are visually noticeable - the disgusting flabby skin is not the best indicator. In compliance with the diet must be physical education. It should be in habit, as well as healthy eating.

Come out of the diet correctly

Diet, Maya Plisetskaya diet, healthy food, beautiful figure, weight loss, diet

Need to go out of the diet correctly. Gradually enter into a daily diet one by one «Previously prohibited product». Perfectly, this process of gradual exit must be from two weeks to three, but at least ten days.

Must continue physical activity. Move more, do exercises, load muscles, breathe fresh air - this is a prerequisite for diet.

It is very important to save the result obtained during the diet. In addition to exercise, it is necessary to try not to increase the volume of the consistent portion. Still, the motto should be the same: «Be hungry always». This applies not only to the observance of the diet, but also to exit it and in ordinary life.

Your main motto in ordinary life should be:

  1. Control over the number of eaten food.
  2. Permanent self-discipline.
  3. Move Active Lifestyle: Walking and Physical Activity.

These simple rules will help you to stay always in excellent physical form, be healthy, slim and attractive for many years.

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